Monday Mindspacing Vol. 23

1) I almost got a portobello burger with Rashan once at this place we know has GREAT meat burgers and Rashan seemed so disappointed with me.  LOL!  I went with the regular meat (bison I think) and it was delish.  Also now I know to get all my veggie curiosity out with my classmates & Stace.  Rashan is not interested!
2) Conversation between me and Rah after I saw a Metallica concert clip. 
J: How do you headbang for an entire concert w/o getting a headache?!
R: You take drugs.
J: (Coyly & fake innocently) Over the counter drugs?
R: Yeah! ... if your drug dealer has a counter. 
J: Lolololol.
3) I've decided over-reliance on trends is what makes music not stand up to time.  (I know this is not a newsflash so SHUT UP RASHAN.)  A lot of 70s music sounds HORRENDOUS today.  Poor T-pain.  And new/"modern" jazz just sucks.  I can't tell you why.
4) After tasting too much subpar orange juice (probably my favorite beverage) I have now decided I will only drink Tropicana.  It's too delicious to settle for less.  And please don't ever try to give me grocery store brand.  None of it passes muster.
5) Guess who's already in the Christmas spirit?  MEEEEEE!!  You guys know how much I love Christmas!  If I feel sad in April?  Out comes the Christmas music!  Dani tweeted about her irritation with early Christmas decorations & it had the opposite effect on me... I got excited!!  Ya girl was singing Christmas carols in the shower Friday and listening to her Christmas Faves list on the way down to Daytona!!  And it's 76 degrees outside!  Lol!  Florida and its non-observance of appropriate seasonal temperatures slay me!  As long as it's not 90 I'm going to take my blessings as they come!  Praise Jesus!
6) Most bizarre conversation ever with my classmates Friday night.  My mom's coming and going to cook for everyone so I told them we will definitely have dressing.  Insert perplexed faces.  So we said white people call it stuffing, black people call it dressing.  Then David asked, "What do you call that stuff you put on salad?"  Lololol.  Dressing.  And what?
7) Wow... we passed some country stuff headed to Daytona on back roads.  Ummm... 90% of Florida's lakefront trailer parks are along Rt. 20.  I made up that stat but it's probably true.  S.naque Shaque?  Really?  Why would you choose to spell it like that?  Need a car?  CarBoyz has the hook up for you.  Road name.  LaTesha Terrace.
8) Rashan got freaked out by BillyMays commercials twice when we were in Daytona.  HILARIOUS.  He yells at the tv, "THIS IS WRONG!!"  LOL!  Why?  Dead men can't hock car paint sticks?  MichaelJackson is still making money!
9) After watching pieces about the Iowa caucuses twice in a week... I'm pretty creeped out by the fact that the process still occurring in 2009... Very strange to me.  Not even an old 1970 voting machine, you gather in your corner & I'll gather in mine and we'll cross-recruit... .... ....
10) Why are Cracker Barrels so far off the beaten path?  Like you see the sign from the highway, get off on the exit, can still see the sign but have to make 8 turns, a u-turn and stand on your leg inside your car while singing I'm a Little Teapot to find it.  WHYYYYYYYYYY???  SO irritating.
11) I'm over GQ... so much so that I'm 3 months behind in reading it.  We've discussed my issues with it.  But let's just say I'm glad I only have one issue remaining in this subscription.
12) When Rashan's here he moves my stuff, leaves on lights, uses my computer when I want to use it, always has the tv on (I think it's white noise to him & straight up noise to me) but even when he's irritating me I never want him to leave and it never gets any easier.  I'm sure I'm becoming a broken record but he was here 5 days this time and I was still like, you're leaving already? :(
13) I saw my first gator in person this weekend!  It was in Lake Alice on campus w/about 8 huge turtles.  Really cool!  There are no gates but the gators appear to keep their distance b/c I had to walk right up to the lake to see it.  I won't be doing this regularly but it was pretty cool.


Rashan Jamal said...

1. I don't care if you go veggie, as long as you don't expect me to. LOL
2. I crack myself up.
3.Way to stop me before I said my smart comment.
4. Tropicana is the best, I used to like Minute Maid, but not as much as Trop
5. You were so excited when i said, go ahead and turn on the Christmas music. LOL
6. As soon as I said that, I was like, maybe I shouldn't have introduced race, but that's what it was. LOL
7. So many funny signs on the way there, not so many on the way home. Snaque Shaque was hilarious
8. IT's WRONG!!! LOL - I thought it was a spoof or something. Is he just gonna selling products for years to come. Is there gonna be a Billy Mays retrospective? It's unnatural!
9. Hey, Iowa is okay with me. They started Barack on the road to the Presidency!
10. Extra...
11. Even though it comes to my house, I still never read it.
12. LOL @ white noise. That's an apt description. I hate leaving you too, babe!
13. It was a lot less scary than I thought it would be. One day, we got to hit up that bat house.

Not So Anonymous said...

Haha at the Dressing...Alyssa just asked me yesterday why it's called dressing when it's bread.

I LOVE christmas too!!! I love the winter holiday season altogether!

I've only seen cracker barrels right on the freeway,hmmm.

You did what?? I'm from Florida and I'm not that comfy with gators to the point I would walk right up to the lake...you're a champ.

pserendipity said...

The ONLY competition Tropicana has is Simply Orange. Any other kind of orange juice is just a sad attempt to create the heavenly goodness that is Tropicana Pure Premium.

I love Christmas, too. I am super geeked about Thanksgiving. Not because it's Thanksgiving, but because its the official Christmas jump off!!!!

Adei von K said...

that Metallica convo is funny! LOL!

I'm not amused with the uber early Christmas message. Can we get to Thanksgiving first? Veterans' Day? Sheesh! I think it's the commercials that are bothering me. I WANT THE MUSIC!

You know Sna.que Sha.que is the most culture those people will ever see in their dirty lives.

I haven't read GQ since I was forced to buy the MJ one and then it showed up in my mailbox a week later (late). I never got my GI Jo one either. I'm over you. GQ.
We need a new mag to read! No more instyle and no more QG!!

Ladynay said...

The convo about dressing/stuffing was TOO FUNNY!

Jameil said...

rj... if i go, you will have to be meatless sometimes! of course you crack yourself up. i know you.. 4. i can't stand minute maid in those little bottles-- THE.WORST. 5. i really was!! 6. lolol. it had to be that. 7. yeah we went the way of less civilization on the way home. 8. it's fine! 9. still weird. 10. what i do? 11. you could at least look @ the pics!!! geez! 12. come back to me! 13. i know! he was just sitting there!

nsa... lol! that's funny! goooo Christmas! yay!! they're deceptively off the highway. haven't you noticed how you have to make at least 3 turns from the main road before you're actually at the restaurant? if there weren't so many other people around i probably wouldn't have. but i felt pretty certain they would get eaten first should it come to that.

pseren... i've had simply orange but don't remember it well. those other orange juices don't cut it, tho!! i'm pretty excited about thanksgiving in its own right! lol

adei.. lol. yay Christmas!!! none of it bothers me... but I don't watch tv either so... That Shaque is waque. GQ is garbage.

lady... lol!

Sha Boogie said...

wow..totally thought i was the only person that sang Christmas songs year round!! lol

Jameil said...

score!! partner in crime!!