Monday Mindspacing Vol. 22

*Day 2 of daily posting...

1) After badgering from Rashan I bought some margarita mix... after I bought it I looked at the label: 0% juice. *shudder* That's disgusting. I only buy 100% juice but I have this drink "product." I gave it to him when he came here.
2) Every time I try to get my Netflix queue down, I end up adding more films! At this rate I will need to watch 750 films every year for the rest of my life.... and that ain't happenin. I think I'll watch 365 next year, though.
3) I'm going through serious "When Harry Met Sally" withdrawal. I haven't seen it since January or February and I usually watch at least once a month. I heard someone say "He's never gonna leave her" in a movie and I wanted to go watch it IMMEDIATELY. But since I'm still pretty far behind I decided against it. But it wasn't easy!! I WANT A REWARD FOR WATCHING 750 MOVIES WHEN THIS YEAR IS OVER!!!!
4) The other night I told Rashan, "I'm not here to be nice. I'm here to be awesome." Clearly that statement is proof.
5) Rashan told me my film reviews sometimes sound like I will scream if I hear someone mention the film. Lol. Hilarious. Yes I was aware of this though I wouldn't have put it like that. And well... sometimes I won't SCREAM per se but I'm not gonna be happy if you mention that film!
6) It's been a while since I heard heavy rain, you know living in the sunshine state. The rainy season has been over for about a month and I haven't heard heavy rain... that means the rain outside sounds strange! Which is also weird.
7) I wonder if Goldie Hawn can act... I liked her more before seeing her old stuff which is full of her playing the bubble-headed blonde. I feel bad for people when I see that.
8) Carib what? Before I got to Hampton I was completely ignorant of the nuances of Caribbean culture. I am by no means an expert now but I had no clue there were so many nations with so many cultural differences. I grew up in the SOUTH. Charlotte was not nearly as diverse then as it is now 20+ years later. I might've met a Jamaican & my cousin's mom was from the Virgin Islands... my parents went to the Bahamas on their honeymoon... before I was born... yeah.... Nothing. Enter HU. Suddenly I know Bajans, Trinis, beaucoup Jamaicans, I'm listening to reggae and hearing people speaking patois! CRAZY! I also had my first beef patty & cocoa bread. Chile please. You know it's ALL about the food for me! It's been a while since I had some good Jamaican food! Man! Then shortly after I wrote this, I decided to go to the place near campus... W OW! The escovitch fish was DELISH! These pickled carrots were amazing! & the menu is so extensive! Clearly I need to go back regularly!
9) One of my fb pet peeves is when someone says "Tag me on this picture!" You're looking at the picture... TAG YOURSELF!!!
10) Just as I suspected, I got my Food Network Magazine & Rachael Ray isn't in it. BOOOOOOOO!!!!
11) I don't know that I can trust Guy Fiori after learning he doen't like big breakfasts at home.
12) Little known fact, the president visited Pamela's Diner (and loved it) while campaigning in Pittsburgh... I'd already been there multiple times. Guess what that makes me? AWESOME! :)
13) It's funny that my professors are very aware of my sensitivity to length. I seriously cannot take long films. And it actually has very little to do with the actual length and more to do with the emotional length. As in that movie was only 73 minutes but felt like my entire life. That means there is not enough happening in the plot and there are too many dull moments for your film to sustain my attention. I've watched 2.5-3 hour films I didn't want to end (Sex & the City (more because of my previously acquired affinity for the characters), Amelie). Fix that.


Rashan Jamal said...

1. Did I really badger you? If I cared enough I could have gotten my own. It was delicious without the liquor though.

2. You and your arbitrary movie goals. And you called me crazy for the AFI list goal.

3. The only movie I can really watch as much as you watch that is Pulp Fiction. I can recite that like you and your sister were doing mean girls.

4. Yeah, wait til I start being awesome and stop being nice.

5. So, if i mention Tiger Lily, what's gonna happen?

6. Come to ATL, its like Seattle here all of a sudden.

7. I never thought she could act and frankly was a little befuddled by your adoration of her. Then again, I saw the old movies first.

8. My intro to the islands was Reggae Night at Frozen Paradise. Mmm curry goat..

9. hey, can you tag me on those pictures?

10. Food Network mag, Rachael Ray.. you do know you can get those recipes on the internet, right? LOL

11. As long as he keeps showing all those breakfasts on the show, I'm cool.

12. Awesome by association!!!

13. Your consternation for long movies has started to rub off on me. I generally avoid those now.

DaniColoredGlasses said...

You said escovitch fish and I sent my mom a text..."Sunday dinner... please and thank you."

(sigh)I didn't make it back to JA this yr so that means I'll have to go twice next yr :) (completely logical in my mind).

Goldie Hawn....reminds of Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise....Attractive ppl that have movie roles made for them specifically. I don't know if being yourself in every role constitutes "acting"

Miss Snarky Pants said...

Carribean food rocks ---> [Point blank period]
Thanks to you and the mere mention of escovitch fish, I'll be having some for lunch!!!

I could never make it through half of HALF of the movies you intend to watch this year.

::WHISPERING:: Giiiiiirl...My attention span is like shorter than short!!!

No wait...it's shorter than THAT even!! LOL

Adei von K said...

Jameil, how you gon leave out Haitians?? You know you were running with them when you came down here!!

I am so not a fan of escovitch. too many bones. Curry goat please and thank you!

I never got the 'tag me' request either.

Ladynay said...

2) 365 is still A LOT in my book
3) Never saw it, but you seen it enough so I can say I saw it through you! LOL!
8) You need to go to the islands somewhere and get the real deal! When I went to Jamaica years ago just about every drink and every meal was off the damn chain! YUM!

Jameil said...

1) yes. HATER. i can't believe you drank that non-nutrient mess w/o liq as if w/wasn't bad enough! yUCK!
2) hopefully for the last time, I'M.A.FILM.STUDENT. JIC you didn't know...
3) lol!
4) yeah right.
5) more like if i mention it to YOU what's gonna happen.
6) i'm straight. it wasn't a complaint.
7) she's so cute tho!
8) we might have to go get some!
9) i will delete our relationship!!
10) not the same month. stop judging me... unless you want me to stop cooking for you... is that what this is?
11) i felt so betrayed. he eats them in diners but not at home. sad.
12) only LONG associations so you still have work.
13) yessss!! see? the awesome is growing!

dani... lol! i started to ask you for dinner tips! never been to the caribbean. poor goldie! brad's been funny in some movies but tom... womp.

ms... right!? lol. i seem to have that effect. you mean 1/4? lol. i'm actually kind of amazed myself! not shorter than that!! lolol

adei... i didn't know any haitians at hampton. did you? if i did they weren't as everpresent as the others. i was talking abt at hampton. i actually do know there are more than 3 caribbean islands... face. there were a lot of bones but the flavor was pretty awesome! never had goat but i want to give it a try!

lady... yes but more reasonable than 750! there's no such thing as watching by osmosis!! lol.