Rashan is trying to set me up for the okie doke? You know why? Because he's a jerk. So there's this crazy site called FoodGawker which I just found out about full of gorgeous pics! and recipes and promptly labeled food p.orn. Rashan was like you know that doesn't mean that really... that means something else... I was like, WHAT?! Was I just unintentionally nasty??? OMG! And then he starts laughing. Jerk (soft j). Then he's like, "No, really. Google it." And I almost did it... such a Stace move. Rookie. Almost like I haven't been dating this man for more than 15 months.

Can we just reiterate my love for food? It's ridiculous. I wish I had someone to do the dishes for me. I would cook more. I also would love to have a personal chef. Can I have a personal chef, please? I would definitely eat out less if I had someone who would cook whatever my heart's desire. Lest we forget my ultimate quest, let me remind you. You are all still to be on the lookout for my HH. That's right, my Hispanic Husband. I'm going to need a man who is a Mexican chef. That man can cook me to a size 8 and I will love him for it for the rest of my life!! All of you have been seriously slacking on your pimpin and this makes me sad. How can I call you the blog la familia if you won't even find me my HH? I probably can't. But I can forgive you if you try again. Operation HH back in full effect... but don't tell Rashan, ok? He's kind of sensitive about me dating him and hunting for the HH. Selfish, ain't he? GET OVER YOURSELF!!

This weekend Rashan & I are meeting Adei & Drew and HU homie Bran & her fam in Daytona for the Hampton-Bethune Cookman game. You know what's important? WHAT WE'RE GONNA EAT! Our hotel has like 4 restaurants. Wow... They're probably mostly overpriced but they have bars... so it's a good start. Mmmmm.... foood. I'm on a plan to taste something new and amazing before the week is out. Life's good.


Liz Dwyer said...

I want someone to wash the dishes, too. I hate doing dishes and we don't have a dishwasher. But I have been cooking nonstop because I can't take my husband heading up another frozen pizza.

As for HH... There's a lot of options for HH out here in LA, but how about you just get HC -- a Hispanic Chef!

Mrs Count said...

My husband is kind of sensitive about my search for a Hispanic Husband too. Guys these days are just downright selfish.

Nerd Girl said...

I need to have Smoochy call Rashan and The Count - they are trippin'! I've been on a quest to find a sugar daddy and Smoochy is all for it ;)

That food site is ridiculously addictive. I've been poring over the pics since TM linked to it.

Miss Snarky Pants said...

I'm quite the foodie freak myself but I'll pass on that HH...

Especially so since I imagine my weight would be through the roof if I did decide to marry one! lol

Adei von K said...

You know that's what I'm more excited about!!! FOOOOOOD! OYSTER BAR ON THE BEACH!!!! OW!!

P.S. If you guys find Jameil an HH, please find me a JH, Japanese Husband. Qualifications? I need him to be proficient in the art of sushi and sashimi

Rashan Jamal said...

since we are having an open relationship, where's my Black British Girlfriend.

LOL @ the food.p.or.n convo. It really can mean something nasty. Did you ever see 9 1/2 Weeks?

1969 said...

I almost cook every single night. Sounds like you just need to move closer to me.

Jameil said...

liz... right!? lol @ no more frozen pizzas! hilarious. i think an HH would be cheaper than an HC! i can't afford an HC right now!

TM... they are SO selfish!!! geez!

nerd girl... RIGHT!? omg i can't stop getting recipes from that site! will i ever use them? who knows?

msb... good! more HHs for me! lol

adei... FOOOOOOD!!! oyster bar! mmm!! HH first, THEN JH.

rj... that's not how it works. HH for me, no BBG for you. you're nasty!! BEHAVE!!

1969... CLEARLY!!! You're holdin out!!