Pre-Thanksgiving Fatness

I have just had one of the fattest weeks of my life AND IT'S STILL NOT THANKSGIVING!! OH MY!!! Let's get fat with food via pics... well y'all... because you better believe I consumed all of this stuff & Rashan helped!

First up we have Pakistani food prepared by my classmate.  AWESOME!!  Chickpeas, some of the most tender chicken I've ever had, spicy potatoes, rice w/peas & carrots & green beans topped with DELICIOUS raita (a yogurt sauce-- which she subsequently gave me the recipe for and I might put on everything, DESERT INCLUDED!!), naan (bread similar to pita).  And in the top right corner is my zucchini & corn mix people like to eat.  Next up: my famous "sugary concoction" as my classmates call it-- frozen lemonade, sugar & the fruit of my choice, this time frozen strawberries (in summer I use fresh peaches) combined with my immersion blender.
We also have BBQ nachos with jalapenos procured at the game.  Do you even understand that's about to be my new Super Bowl specialty?  I smelled them at the last game.  AWE.SOME!!  Totally worth the $6.50 I paid for it.  In the skillet is rosemary, garlic & EVOO which I then added to white beans & pureed (Rachael Ray recipe from her Open House Cookbook).  Very yummy.  My classmate also made homemade mango ice cream and forced me to take home with me... Lol!  Thanks!  AND my love brought me Bojangles cajun fillet biscuits!!!!!!  AWESOME!!  I <3 him!!!  

 You know nothing is complete with a Mexican feast, right?  RIGHT!  Rashan and I had tacos (chorizo & steak), huaraches (chicken & beef), & gorditas (marinated pork & chicken).  Mmmmmmmmm.

And did I mention I'm still not to Thanksgiving yet?  Ohhhh buddy!


Ladynay said...

Just a reminder to all of us (mainly me) that the gym, trail, park, court, field, where ever will be waiting for us with open arms next week! LOL!

1 hr and 48 minutes till the Turkey Day potluck at the state job....mmmmm mmmmm mmm good!

Mrs Count said...

Yum! I take pictures of my food all the time but I don't want people to think I'm greedy so I delete it. It's time for me to embrace my inner Fatty McFatterson (which I have actually been called- go figure).

A sugary concotion will be hitting my lips tomorrow, putting lemonade on my grocery list.

DaniColoredGlasses said...

Can I just tell you that the pics made my tummy rumble in such a way that I couldn't even play it off. Sounded like furniture moving--yep I'm that hungry/greedy...Everything looked yumE!!

Rashan Jamal said...

yep i need a pre game walk before Thanksgiving. All this food in your fridge got me feeling greedy than a mug.

Kali said...

That all looked so good. CA has good Mexican food. Do you make crema con fresca ( its fresh fruit with cream/yogurt & granola w/ coconut) they serve it at the swapmeet and fruitshops in the hood but it is the truth!!

Happy Cookin

Not so Anonymous said...

pureed beans...hmmm. That's something I need to try and make.

The Pakistani food looked yummy-licious.

What in the world are bbq nachos? I needed a more detailed description, ma'am!

You may possibly pass out at PD's restaurant...take it slow, lol

Adei von K said...

Grub-bing!! *sung like Clipse's Griding*

Momisodes said...

Oh geez. You're killing me here!

I can't tell you the last time I had Bojangles. I used to work right across the street from one in Florida, and the smells that wafted into the office made me constantly crave their food.

And mango ice cream? Sounds like a dream!

Jameil said...

lady... and this week, too! quit trippin!

tm... girl post 'em! embrace madame mcfatterson! mmmm sugary concoctions! do it! i'll warn you that it gets more syrupy w/each passing day.

dani... LOLOL!! Lil hungry! It was delicious!!!

rj... walk it out! Let's do it! & you are super greedy.

kali... soooo good. I want to go to all those high-mexican (incl. Mexican) places to get some awesome food! crema con fresca sounds AWESOME!!!

nsa... it was good! all of it was good!! it was like regular nachos w/pulled pork on top of it & pickled jalapenos. YUMMMM!! lol @ take it slow. hilarious.

adei... yep!

momisodes! lolol! they don't even have bojo near me!! they just opened that one on 75 like 6 mos ago. the mango ice cream as awesome.