My Thanksgiving was awesome!  I talked to my mom twice, my sister once & my dad once.  My brother called me but I was on River Street in Savannah getting daiquiris with Rashan.  Mmmmm.  That's where I saw a HAT SHOP!!!!!  You know who's going back there before she leaves, right?  But let's not get ahead of ourselves.  Thanksgiving was full of cuteness.

Rashan and I left about 2 hours after he wanted to leave because we went to sleep so late.  SO late!  Like 430 or 5am late... for the 2nd night in a row.  Both of us are super night time people.  We do not like waking up early but we love going to sleep late at night... i.e. the exact opposite of Stace.  That is definitely the biggest difference between us.  In my head, anyway, because I feel like that sort of plays a defining role in my personality.

Wow tangent.  I met Rashan's grandma for the first time today.  She's so sweet!  We picked her up, then headed to Rashan's mom's house.  I asked Rashan's mom if she needed any help in the kitchen as soon as I walked in the door.  I got to fry the oysters.  I. LOVE. OYSTERS!!!!  I had never done it before but Rah's mom (RM) gave me a recipe, it was very simple & they turned out awesome!  They were a hit!!  There was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much food!!!  I had FIVE meats.  FIVE!!  Oysters, shrimp, turkey, ham, & fish.  Mmmmmmmmmmm!  The sides were greens, potato salad, spinach casserole, mac & cheese, green beans, yams, cranberry sauce, stuffing, rolls.  I had to hold myself back.  I left off the rolls, cran & yams and got small portions of both & was still stuffed 5 hours later... WOW.  THAT'S THANKSGIVING! 

I fit in nicely with his family and got a lot of laughs out of our interactions.  One of the kids got a minor injury and when asked if he was okay yelled, "I'M NOT OKAY!" which cracked all of us up!!!  HILARIOUS!!!  He was fine.  You have a teeny cut on your hand.  Chill out.  Then his cousin kept crying for no reason.  His mom/dad said, "Are you sleepy?"  Through the tears he said, "Yeeeeeeeeeeesssssss!"  Soooo funny!!  Are those funny hearing about, too or only seeing?  One of those you had to be there moments? 

I know all you want from me is pics of the food so here it is and look at Rashan's plate.  Woooooow........  And he got seconds!!  (Full disclosure: after our visit to the daiquiri shop, we're both about to go make another plate.... at 2:30am.... AND WHAT!?  LOL)


Ladynay said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww you and Rashan's mom doing it up in the kitchen together??? *wipes tear from eye*

Cynthia said...

Dang...that is some food:P

Glad you had a great Thanksgiving:)

Rashan Jamal said...

I already done told you.. what happens at Thanksgiving, stays at Thanksgiving. yeah, I was greedy, but I'm supposed to be. LOL

I'm so glad you fit in with the fam. Hopefully I'l get to do you proud with yours at Christmas. Well I'm not gonna cook, but if you need something heavy lifted or some trash taken out: I'm your guy!!!

Miss Snarky Pants said...

Sounds like fuuuuuuuuun and the food looks scrumptious too!!!

Jameil said...

lady... ROTFL!!! lololol.

nap warden... oh yeah! me too!

rj... whatever! too late! i'm glad i fit in too! as long as you're loud & fun you'll fit in just fine with the fam. you know you're my sous chef. i'll expect the same when you come to mom's house!

ms. b... it was on both accounts!!

Mrs Count said...

That food looks goooooood!