I Want You To Myself I Can't Help It

I'm not good at sharing.  There truly is a reason I told my mother for years I would've been much happier as an only child.  Certainly a large part of that is my desire to have all of the attention all of the time... unless I don't want it.  And then I need you to leave me alone.  My mom is coming on Sunday.  It's her first time in Gainesville.  She was originally coming on Saturday but asked me a few days ago if I would be upset if she came on Sunday.  I was like, "You're already doing it so what good would it do me to get upset?"  Last night at 11:30... yeah like less than an hour ago, she asked me if I minded if my aunt came along.  I just sat there in silence.  Know why?  Because it's infinitely better than exploding at my mother less than 48 hours before I see her.  I really try to put my brattiness on pause.  But what I was thinking was....

MOM!!!!  That's so not cool!!!  How are you going to try to spring that on me at the last minute?!  My aunt is my father's sister.  Yes, you read that right.  My parents are divorced but my family on his side still treat her like a member of the family and since she's in Charlotte where they are actually see her way more than they see him.  My mom goes on trips with my aunt and cousin.  They still call her their sister-in-law.  I love that.  Most of the time.  How did this even come up?  She said she was going to Florida and asked my aunt to come?  Or my aunt said, "Do you want some company?"  I know you guys are travel partners and my aunt is very cool and fun but maybe I wanted some low key alone time with my mom.  You know seeing as I haven't seen her in 3 months and won't see her again until Christmas.

To help this irritation along, because you know I really need help getting riled up, she then tells me she's leaving on Thursday instead of Friday.  Awesome.  Instead of shouting, "WHY BOTHER TO COME AT ALL!??!"  I just sat there in silence as she got defensive because of my silence and eventually got off the phone.  Yeah good night to you, too.  Ugh.  And I still have more cleaning to do before she comes.  Awesome.  She better make some delicious food for me and only me OR ELSE!!!


Adei von K said...

I read the title of the post wrong and was so confused. It wasn't till the end did I realize you want your mom to yourself and you can't help it. I thought you wanted someone to help you help yourself... yeah.

yeah, i'd be a bit tee'd if I'm thinking we're going to hang and you bring a roll dog... dang lil uh... I thought-this-was-our-weekend-why-you-gotta-bring-backup?

Rashan Jamal said...

I don't think that's being selfish at all. I know I would be taken aback if someone I wanted to see wanted to bring someone else with them. Especially at the last minute. I'm totally with you...Shocking, I know.

BTW, save some of your mom's dressing for me.

DaniColoredGlasses said...

This post touches on two of major issues: #1 I hate sharing #2 I hate last minute change

You are totally not wrong/selfish at all. The whole dynamic will inevitably be different. You're right....good food will soften the blow a bit...hopefully

Jameil said...

adei... lol. please pay attention. if you would just let me know in advance!! geez!! you know i'm a planner!!

rj... finally! he agrees with me!! for that i MIGHT save some dressing for you.

dani... #1 yes, #2 YES!!! thank you for your support!! my mama's food can cure all manner of ills!

Anonymous said...

Are you an Aquarius? This sounds so much like reactions I would have.