Monday Mindspacing Vol. 25

1) Why are there every year "new ways to use your Thanksgiving leftovers!!"?  I know because there's a demand.  But all of these ways can't be new.  Some of you are talking in circles.
2) Do not take this as anything other than I know a lot of people who have gotten married in the last 2 years, either personally or peripherally.  I'm not going to some regular domestic locale for my honeymoon.  Ain't. happenin.  If I can drive there comfortably in a day, I'm not going.  AND I'M GOING ON A HONEYMOON.   I want something that sounds cool like Tahiti or Belize or the Seychelles (one of my old bloggers is from there... I smell a hookup!).  I have considered a Pacific Northwest food cruise but decided that's still too normal.  If that's evidence of my high maintenance, so be it & that's just the tip of the iceberg.  But next time, please have standards and you won't find mine so frightening.
3) I was drowning in the presence of my momma last week!  In a happy way (& even convinced her to stay an extra day!)! She didn't bring my aunt "after you cut up like you did."  I said, "I didn't even say anything!" She said, "exactly."  As long as I can get my point across...  But the point is I'm SO glad she didn't bring my aunt!  So much more fun when it's just the two of us! :)
4) Rashan is smart.  The other night my mom PISSED ME OFF!!  I was smarting and ready to pick a fight with him when he was about to ask a whole bunch of questions I knew I wouldn't have the answers to anymore than I did the last time he asked the questions a month ago WHICH IRRITATES ME.  I said, "Ask your questions."  He politely declined.  I just wanted a reason to yell... he knew this.  Smart man.  It wasn't a conscious test but he passed.
5) Stace introduced me to triple-blade razors & I never want to look back!  WOW!  That is an awesome shave!
6) I really want some posies.
7) Know what would be really cool?  If one time after I told someone my major is documentary filmmaking they didn't say "I have an idea for a great documentary" when it's actually a really bad idea for a documentary... unless you like boring documentaries.  Somebody give me a good idea for a doc one day.  I know it'll happen.  I'm just waiting for it.  And hoping for a break in the string of terrible ideas.
8) Dear bloggers, is it so hard to leave comments?  I'm not even talking to lurkers, but to fellow bloggers.  You know you like comments on your blog, gone head and share that love.  Or don't but don't expect me to keep commenting on your blog if you're not going to do the same.  Rashan would like to add, "Don't put your excuses in my comments right now, just fix it."  I second that emotion.
9) The last week has been so fantastic in food for me.  Amazing and delicious.  Happy & exciting and I'd like to thank God for that & thank him in advance for an amazing Thanksgiving dinner.  THANK YOU JESUS!!  :)  (How fat is it to thank God for food so profusely?  Lol)
10) Do you know how excited I am to be going to Savannah for the first time?!  If you know about the city and have some suggestions, do tell!!
11) As offensive as it may be, some people shouldn't be allowed to speak without subtitles.  I. can.not. under.stand. you.  IronChefMorimoto.  There.  I said it.  And some of you British people fall into that category, too.  I know, I know.  So American. *shrug* You know there's some Briton who uses subtitles for GoneWiththeWind!  Lol.  Probably some Canadian, too!  So there!


Adei von K said...

Bijal went to New Zealand... FOR A MONTH!! as awesome as that sounds, I don't want to be anywhere that long. But yeah, passport must be stamped for my honeymoon!
"After you cut up like you did" has my ROLLING!!! I can hear her saying it, with a little stank on it, too!! HAHAHAHA!
Girl, Drew uses 4 blade razors. When will they stop??? My dad always tells me he remember when Bic had a single blade!!! LMAO!!! I think I'll blow his mind with some triple blades!!
Yeah, some Brits do fall into that subtitle cat. A mom on say 'yes to the dress' fell right on in that.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

ok, first off...don't be picking on I.C. Morimoto.

that is all

actually, no its not-lol! i need a yearly refresher on what to do with the leftovers, but i never do them. one year, i actually will.

dig the point abt commenting. like...why not?

triple blade love? wait till you try the 4 blade...HEAV-EN!

Nerd Girl said...

I am ashamed to admit this, but...my new favorite hair removal (for my legs anyhow) is the smooth away sandpaper thingie. I love it! It doesn't irritate my legs the way that shaving does.

I feel you on the honeymoon thing - even though Smoochy and I just went to Vegas. I say travel while you can and go far, far away from your "normal" life!

Rashan Jamal said...

1. 2 words: turkey tetrazzini
2.i'm totally taking that a more than what you said...
.3 selfish, why you can't share your mom?
4. I am smart, but that makes me sond more like a punk than smart.
5. thanks, really needed to know that.
6. Ring around the rosy
7. Hey, you should totally do a doc on the rise of political action amongst 90's rappers. I can be one of your talking heads.. "What X Clan represented to my generation of disaffected youth..."
8.Word Up, especially my addendum.
9. Hopefully, Thanksgiving will live up to your expectations
10.I'm from Savannah, I'll email you later.
11. Love British TV shows, but would like them tons better if they had subtitles or closed captioning. I see now why they dub Morimoto's voice most of the time. They were looking at him like "WTF did you say, chef?"

DaniColoredGlasses said...

I don't share much of anything so I don't blame you....mom's are not to be shared!!!!!!

Umm I just told Shayne I want a Honeymoon more than I want a reception. Champagne toast and Europe? Yes!

Oooo Savannah...on my to do list.

I have subtitles on the tv all the time unless I'm watching a brit or JA show. Oddly enough.

Not So Anonymous said...

1. Leftover turkey done any other way than the way I had it the day before is unworthy of my time. I don't want a turkey sandwich, or soup. I want my collard greens, dressin' and turkey on the plate...and some mac&cheese.

2. I agree...I want to go to venice or tuscany. Or one of those huts in bora bora. Dang, can I need to find my husband pronto!

3. I like it when it's me and my mother alone as well. My sister messes it up, my daughter steals my spotlight, and my granny dulls my mother's shine. It should always just be one on one visits, lol.

4. Rashan is smart...lol. Rashan just knows what's up.

5. I hate shaving, it's all a chore to me. But, I hate hair, so I'll try this triple blade thing you speak of.

6. Are those flowers? I googled it and I saw a handbag and some flowers...hmm.

7. I got nothing.

8. sometimes it is hard to leave a comment...not here, but on other blogs. Sometimes I read and reread a post and still wonder why it was written and what the hell do they want me to say. (says the girl who writes posts that probably make others think the same thing sometimes)

11. LMAO...I couldn't agree more. I will say, though, sometimes I get a little bothered when people who speak perfectly fine are subtitled.

Mrs Count said...

I wanted to go somewhere more "cool" for my honeymoon, but the money wasn't there. We'll get there though!

Triple blades are the truth. I had to borrow one of my mom's cheap razors once and I wanted to cut my pits off.

Ladynay said...

1) If they didn't used the word new they would be okay.
3)Awwwwww drowning in mommy love:-)
5)triple-blade razors huh? I'll check into it. I'm curious.
8)No excuses from me. If I am on and I see you've updated I read and usually comment. So you must be talking to dem dere folks ova yonder. LOL!

Ladynay said...

Okay, I came back to say that I just came from your BF's blog and your hair is looking awesome!!!!!! That will be all.

pserendipity said...

So...just for clarity...you DON'T want to hear my idea for a documentary?

Jameil said...

adei... a month doesn't sound awesome to me. that sounds like homesickness. she def. said it w/stank. mmmm 4 blades. yummy. this will sound elitist but i find the poorer the brits, the harder it is for me to understand them.

pcd... HE NEEDS TO BE DUBBED. There. I said it. And what???? I can't wait to see the recipe that makes you FINALLY do something. Lol.

nerd... interesting! why are you ashamed of that? i'm down for anything that's easy & works! i'm traveling as much as my pocket allows!! (hopefully ad nauseum)

rj... i ain't got no turkey tetrazzini for you. you share your mom like you're about to do. i ain't sharin mine. that makes you sounds smart. hush up that noise. 5. you're welcome. 6. mature. 7. zzzzzzzzz (and still not anywhere near the most boring) 8. you just dittoed yourself... mess 9. i hope so too! 10. still waitin on that email 11. make that happen

dani... word!! i def. want more to pay for fun for me and the hubs than me the hubs & 100 other people. i'm glad i'll soon be able to cross the SAV off of my list! yay!! well you ARE JA. they sound like your fam, no?

nsa... 1) LOL! that is a funny way to put it! i actually always liked turkey sandwiches more than stand alone turkey but i love sandwiches. turkey soup sounds good too. lol. 2) oooh! sounds good minus bora bora. i'm not a hut girl. or are these high class huts? lol. oxymoron! 3) word! 4) exactly. 5) so much so but it's a closer shave 6) flowers lol 8) lolol. rashan has that issue more than i do. if i don't like a blog i just fail to comment on it... ever... or more than once so they'll stop commenting on mine. 11) i don't think subtitling ever annoys me anymore b/c when i worked in tv i knew there would be SOMEBODY who couldn't understand that person.

tm... i'm going to be a honeymoon brat. lol. i have a huge pack of cheap razors that will promptly find its way to my mom's house. but i think i need to intro them to the good stuff.

lady 1) EXACTLY! that ain't new! 3) oh yeah! 5) do it! 8) you're on it! and thanks for the hair compliment!! :)

pseren... i want to hear it... but I want it to be good. lol

Sparkling Red said...

I live in a very multicultural city, so I've developed the ability to listen through accented and/or broken English to get at least most of the meaning. That being said, sometimes I have a very hard time understanding the British thugs in my husband's favourite caper/heist type movies. Say, wouldn't that be a great idea for a documentary?

Jameil said...

ROTFL @ British thugs!! These are exactly the people I speak of! These Guy Ritchie folk!! So hard to understand! Lolol. These are the sorts of ideas I hear!!