Monday Mindspacing Vol. 24

**Daily blogging is making it infinitely more difficult to produce these things!
1) My spelling is getting worse the more I read blogs and facebook statuses and tweets where spelling and grammar aren't much more than a passing irritation.

2) Reading an article about models & Miss J.
Me: This article makes me want to be tall.
Rashan: Don't be tall.
Me: (pouting & slightly indignant... who is he to tell me what to be?) Why not?
Rashan: Because I like you short.
Me: (mentally scoffing) Why?
Rashan: Because you fit perfectly under my arm.

Oh ye squelcher of desires.  Why do you have to make it sound so pleasant? :P

3) I'm appalled to just learn the NYTimes has a 'Chic in Review' fashion of the week redux on its The Moment blog I knew nothing about.  Though I had to get rid of InStyle because of its unrelenting turn toward celebrity drivel, I still miss the actual fashion.  :(  Where is my fashion magazine?

4) After my mother, uncle & aunt irritated me on facebook in one week, I put everyone over 40 (except 1-2 bloggers and 1-2 former coworkers) on the restricted list.  A few people who weren't over 40 also got lucky and made it on the list.  I started to make it anyone over 35 before I realized my boyfriend will be 35 next week...  I cannot believe I date someone that old...  Yes, almost 16 months later I still can't believe it.

5) I met 2 of my monthly goals: work out 3xs a week (yes!!!) & try a new ingredient or dish (yes on both of those!).  Score!!!  I ate out 4xs.  The end of the week ruined it when I needed badly to make a trip to the grocery store but couldn't seem to get myself to do it until Saturday even though I only had obligations twice last week!  Today is my first day having to do something since Tuesday.  Pitiful.

6) If I ever die while in production on a film, don't make me the director of that.  I don't want my name on a film I didn't have editorial control over.  Make me an assistant director or something.  How about "with assistance from..." or "special thanks to..."  But don't call yourself doing me a favor.  Because you're not.  It may shock you to know that I'm a perfectionist.  Yes that was sarcasm.  Don't sully my name.  Especially when I'm dead & can't defend myself.

7) Guess who bought egg nog? MEEEEEEEEEE!!!  I LOVE EGG NOG & EGG NOG SEASON!!!!  Let's do a throwback to a convo I had with Stace 2 years ago.... ACTION!

Me: Do you drink egg nog?
Stace: "Ew. I'm about to throw up. That is disgusting. What is egg nog anyway? Egg and what?"
Me: "Well, its egg..."
Stace: "Yeah..."
Me: "And nog."
Stace: "Ok. But what is nog..."
Me: *snickering gives way to raucous laughter. You should see me right now nearly convulsing with laughter, rocking in my seat. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!"*
Stace: "What? Oh.. *sucks teeth* Nog is not an ingredient."
HAHAHAHAHAHA!! I LOVE HER!! BTW who cares what's in it?! (Egg yolks, sugar, nutmeg, milk and cream since I know someone will be a stickler) It's just delightful!

And scene!

8) I would like to know how a piece of glitter managed to transmogrify itself into lock ornament on hair in the middle of my head.  I look up and there it is winking at me.  That part of my hair isn't long enough to touch any makeup once on my face.  Pest.

9) There are these awesome match-lighters in the movie "The Maltese Falcon" that I want even though I have no need for anything like that seeing as I don't smoke, or like incense and am just starting to tolerate candles-- and then only certain ones.

10) There are times I want to query you guys but can't because the people I want to talk about read my blog.  Those are the times this blog is more of a nuisance than anything else.

11) I'm funny about my nose.  Because I was such a snotty child and young adult (allergies), as "cute" as it may look to kiss someone on the nose, I react pretty (I realize somewhat unnecessarily) violently to it.  I think of noses as extremely dirty.  If you want to kiss me, kindly keep your lips off of my nose.  Thanks.


Liz Dwyer said...

I get a NaBloPoMo fail. I didn't post last Thursday because I fell out on the couch at like 8 PM. And wow, I'm glad you didn't block everybody over 35 because that would've been me. I can relate though because I restricted my husband today from being able to read my statuses. He got all irritated thinking I was talking about him when I'm not. Problem solved! you can't see my statuses anymore!

Kudos on the workouts! ;)

V said...

Please tell me your a fan of the egg nog latte at Starbucks! Devilish and soooo good. Love your blog!


Sparkling Red said...

My grammar has been completely shredded by internet exposure. You'd never know I almost became a professional copy-editor. But I don't care much - if that's the new standard of English I can live with it.

1969 said...

I am 40 and I better be on the good list. Dammit.

Adei von K said...

who kisses people on the nose???

do you have to bring up that convo EVERY year??? sheesh!

iTripped out over the glitter winking at you!!!! OMG, you're so dramatic!! maybe someone tall hugged you??

i can't believe your BF is 35... daaaaamn.

Rashan Jamal said...

1. You should blame Stace and her intentional misspellings.

2. That was pretty sweet of me, wasn't it?

3. Surprised you don't know everything about the times by now.

4. I was surprised you didn't do that earlier. I'm not that old!!!

5. I didn't feel like going to the grocery store either, but then I spent up a storm when I got there.

6. What sparked this one? Can I make you an executive producer?

7. I started to get some nog yesterday, then realized I only ever want one glass a year, so I'll just drink yours.

8. Glitter? You been to Club Decadence without me?

9. Its been awhile since I've seen that, I'll have to check those out.

10. Ask anyway. Who cares if Stace gets mad! LOL

11 Does anybody kiss you on the nose on purpose? It would have to be an "oops I missed" type of kiss.

Jameil said...

l.a... fail! lol. you post enough regularly that it's ok if you don't do it daily in nov. you wouldn't have been restricted but lol @ you restricting your hubby!! hilarious!! & thx!

v... i'm not a big coffee drinker, but i usually get one of those & one of the pumpkin lattes, too. i'm all over holiday stuff!

red... i'm glad you're okay with it!! i'm still on the coming to terms w/it level.

1969... okay gangsta momma!

adei... i've seen it done. yes i have to bring it up yearly! lolol. it was totally winking. idk what the deal is but i found 2 more even further back in my head!!! 35 is dumb old.

rj... STACE IS TOTALLY PARTIALLY TO BLAME!! you ain't sweet. 3. it's too dense to ever know everything. 4. i was being nice. some were already on the list. yes you are. 5. i know the feeling. 6. something i saw last week that wasn't up to par. i don't think the dir. had even died but it reminded me of others who had. i'm always like would they have liked this? no, i don't want to be E.P. just do a post-script before the credits about being director before my death. 7. come on! egg nog for all! 8. yeah no. 9. i tried to find a pic but it was too time-consuming. 10. lol. behave. 11. it's happened before. i thought you had done it but it must've been an accident.

Ladynay said...

It is egg nog season isn't it? Hmmmmmm

What else did you say? LOL!

Jameil said...

lady... lol! i completely understand!! mmmmm egg nog