Spring Broke

I have done a ridiculous amount of work in the last two weeks.  So much that it spilled into my Spring Break last week.  I would wake up with work on my mind and go to sleep with work on my mind.  Both the grading I did for my assistantship (27 5-page papers) and the work on my film.  I liked having that kind of drive but it was still crazy.  While Rashan was here we decided to go down to Micanopy for some antiquing.  We also on a walk where we saw a gator on campus way south of Lake Alice where they usually are.  And one of my favorite parts?  The butterfly rainforest!  So cool!!

On the left, a road in Micanopy.  On the right, Rah and I in Micanopy.

My new vintage earring and bracelet set.  The bracelets look like the earrings laid on a gold strand.  Super cute!  I also bought two cast iron skillets!

At the Butterfly Rainforest (at a museum on campus), butterflies decided to land on us!  I took more than 200 pics but here are some of my faves.  Blogger hated on me so hard with this album but WHATEVER!!!  Spring break ended Monday officially but Wednesday for me.  On the grind.  I kind of like it though!  :)


Rashan Jamal said...

That lil ole gator scared the bejeebus out of me. Then I couldn't turn away. Butterfly rainforest was awesome. Who's that handsome guy in the pictures with you? LOL

Adei von K said...

nice pictures!

again, those earring are gorgeous!

I'm glad you made the best of your working spring break :-)

Mrs Count said...

I can picture me screaming and running through the butterfly garden- I don't like fast movements.

Your earrings are really pretty!

Not So Anonymous said...

I simply adore those earrings. It will all be over soon, graduation is right around the corner...go you!

Trish said...

The butterfly pic is my favorite! I wish I could get a week off for some kind of break.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Nice pics. You guys look so happy, relaxed and peaceful. I loves the earrings and the butterflies. Ooooo I must make it to that museum in my lifetime.

Jameil said...

rj... i meant to post the gator pic, too. totally forgot! you were hilarious mesmerized by the baby gator. butterfly rainforest was awesome! what guy? i was too busy lookin at myself!

adei... thx! i had to do somethin w/it! lol

tm... hahahaha. the birds in there were WAY worse than the butterflies. those things move faster, are bigger and come straight at your head. NOT COOL!! thanks!

nsa... thank you! umm... the thought of it all being over soon isn't as comforting as you might think! lol

trish... that was so fun! yours is called vacation! lol

gp... thanks! don't we? awww! how nice. the museum is fun. mostly the butterfly part. the natural history museum it's a part of is pretty boring.