Monday Mindspacing Vol. 42

1) You have 2200 friends.  In one sitting you added 28 people.  You're not famous.  Stop adding people.  You don't know them.
2) ROTFL @ my sister's recent status: so...i'm on facebook on my laptop and i almost picked up my phone to check facebook. shame...lol.
3) Rashan and I fall asleep on the phone together.  You know I'm pissed at him when I refuse to do that.
4) I used to love cold pizza when I was younger.  Hot, too.  Now?  Mostly pass on the cold pizza.  Bummer.
5) Sometimes I use the photobooth app on my computer to check my hair if I don't feel like getting up to look in the mirror.
6) Someone remind me again next time I start thinking about having dairy and beer in close proximity, don't.  Like a milkshake followed by a beer within an hour or 2.  Not okay.  I mentioned vomit out loud and my stomach was all over it.  I told it, out loud again, we're not havin it and it semi-calmed down.  Aren't you glad we talked about this?
7) It works my nerves when people say 'there's no way he could've known...' about events which are in some ways harbingers of future events.  Of course there's not.  He can't read minds or into the future.
8) Rashan and I have had a spate of spectacularly disappointing restaurant experiences in Gainesville recently.  So not awesome that Rashan is now threatening me with *ominous music* chain restaurants.  GASP!!!  Oh let's not do it.  This after we talked about how much we love been in a relationship with a fellow adventurous eater (though he's much more meat shy than I am).
9) I'm willing to try Chinese food again.  I have been for about 6 months.  But it needs to be good or I might not want to eat it ever again.  I've always loved egg rolls and spring rolls and egg drop soup.  Fortune cookies are gross.  I have a new appreciation for pot stickers if done properly.
10) Can I say again that I don't like scallops?  Yuck.  They taste so disgusting to me.  No matter how properly cooked.  On the other hand, I had some awesomely prepared shrimp the other day and couldn't stop eating them!  Yum!!  I'm very shrimp picky.  Maybe even more shrimp picky than tomato picky...  Probably.  It's very easy to overcook shrimp which means they become rubbery and unpleasant.  And I can't.  But perfect shrimp?  C'est magnifique!
11) Can y'all do A LITTLE bit of research before you start killing people off? Ridiculousness.


Adei von K said...

2200 friends... are you talking abt a guy who went to HU?? I know he hit 1000 followers on twitter...

beer and milk sounds like the worst combo. That's awesome you were able to tell your stomach, 'no ma'am, not the one' HAHAHA!

If you want to try chinese food without the guess work, i'd go with pf changs. i know you don't like chains, but it's a safe bet to re-introduce you to good chinese food.

perfect shrimp... hmmm. not as elusive as the perfect medium well egg, but just as good :-)

Not so Anonymous said...

You don't like scallops? I could literally eat them everyday and be pleased every time.

LMBO at your sisters status...she's addicted.

@#5...I ain't saying you lazy, but...lol. That's about as bad as Alyssa calling me on my cell phone from upstairs because she doesn't want to exert the energy to yell down or get up and walk.

Pot Stickers = Yum

Trish said...

I'm not one of those people who adds everyone on FB, some folks are just too nosey!

Cute that yo fall asleep on the phone together. I do it sometimes too but it is moreso an accient.

I have never liked cold piza, even in college.

Dairy hasn't been my friend at all lately, I feel like I'm turning into an old lady.

I had chinese for dinner last night. I found a place that I really like and the fact that they deliver makes it even better. I really like their crab puffs, I had never tried them but now, I can't get enough!

Rashan Jamal said...

1 I am famous. I'm kind of a big deal. I'm a celeb. You wanna join my fan page?
2. I foresee that happening to me now that I have a data plan again.
3. Your loss...
4. Yeah, I think cuz you are a grown up now. I, however, am not, so I'll still take it cold
5. what's a synonym for lazy?
6. *******comment redacted*******
7. See, mind reading is not gonna happen, so kindly stop requesting me to do so.
8. Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Applebees. Get ready for mediocre food!!!
9. I got a couple of Chinese spots around the corner for me. You can get a lunch special for like $6 that'll last you at least 2 meals
10 like scallops, love shrimp...just don't eat them often. I really like scallops when they are in a sauce on top of another type of fish.
11. Twitter is research. I thought you knew.

Ladynay said...

You don't know if they know all them people! *tee hee hee*

Dairy and beer is a combo my tummy doesn't even want to try and handle! Dairy alone can put this sister down.

Cold pizza is yummy!

1969 said...

I love chinese food. YUM!!!! But Thai or Japanese is my favorite.

Ewww...beer and milk? Two things I detest.

What's wrong with 2,200 friends? LMAO!!!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

5. saw that in The Devil Wears Prada. Cool feature!

3.Ahhhh falling asleep on the phone. I did that the other day on accident on the phone with a friend oops I guess I was tired or the convo was boring. oh well

9.Good Chinese food is the business Yummy.

10. scallops are sooo good what! I like shrimp too. I agree that scallops are better in a seafood medley with a cream sauce. There's this place called Skates that serves that again yummy!

Sparkling Red said...

10) Speaking of perfect shrimp, if you're ever in Toronto, you want to go to an Indian restaurant called Kama Sutra and order the Prawns Jalfrezi. To DIE for, I kid you not.

Nerd Girl said...

6. Ewwwww. Not sure why you thought that combo was okay....

9. Going to China spoiled me. I have not enjoyed Chinese food in over a year. I had the best steamed dumplings ever over there and think about them more often that I should admit.

10. I have never had a scallop. They don't look tasty.

Liz Dwyer said...

Come to LA and I'll hook you up with some super authentic, tasty Chinese food out in the San Gabriel Valley... but we'll REALLY have to do Thai. We have better Thai here I think.

I check myself out with my laptop too. Long walk to the restroom mirror so it's more convenient.

2200 friends on Facebook is how people forget they friended their boss and then say some stuff that gets them fired.

Jameil said...

adei... it's a guy who went to HU, but not that one. i had a milkshake, didn't think about it anymore, 1.5 hrs or 2 had a beer. i didn't know they had to be days apart!! my stomach was trippin.

really? did you suggest a chain? to me? probably not. & we're going to have to disagree on shrimp being just as good as an egg. NO WAY!!

nsa... yuck. but i'm that way with oysters. ADDICT. how is that lazy? it's using my resources.

trish... for real. we didn't speak in h.s. 10 yrs ago, let's keep it movin right now. i liked cold pizza as a kid. :/ Dairy is sometimes not my friend but THAT AIN'T GON STOP ME!! crab puffs?? that sounds AWESOME!

rj... 1) no.
2) smh.
3) yours actually.
4) you do know you're 10 yrs older than me, don't you?
5) Rashan.
6) face.
8) :*(
9) Are you being sarcastic?
10) ew. scallops in sauce is even worse to me b/c i can't escape that taste. :(
11) (there's only one 11) yeah no.

lady... i do. they don't. having a convo on the subway once isn't a reason to add a fb friend. no dairy & beer? so unadventurous.

1969... not familiar w/japanese. thai is just okay to me. who detests milk?? i'm baffled by these people every time. side eye @ 2200 friends. Lol.

gp... FINALLY! someone who gets me!! ROTFL @ or the convo was boring! I never eat Chinese food. Scallops? Yuck.

red... YOU KNOW YOU'RE TALKING TO ME WHEN YOU SUGGEST A RESTAURANT!!!! Makes me want to traipse up there this summer! :)

nerd... i didn't know my stomach needed so much time to adjust. geez. europe did that for me with chocolate. i wasn't that big of a fan anyway but eating it there was like a revelation. THIS is what chocolate's supposed to taste like!!! i only tried scallops b/c they were on top chef ALL.THE. TIME!!!

liz... oooh! can't wait! so glad you get me on the laptop!! alriiiight!! exactly on the 2200. foolishness.