Movies 2010, Week 10

March 7-13, 2010
Since the Oscars were this week I have included a slate of Oscar winners and nominees.
71) Father Goose.  Cary Grant comedy (1965 Oscar winner for Best Original Screenplay) co-starring Leslie Caron about a drunk who gets forced into serving as a watchman for a remote island during WWII.  He ends up with a woman and a gaggle of children.  Amusing.  4.2 stars
72) Glengarry, Glen Ross.  Al Pacino (nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor), Jack Lemmon, Ed Harris, Alan Arkin are a group of real estate salesmen trying to get the best leads on future sales.  Difficult movie to watch.  Reminded me of a doc I hated called Salesman.  I don't want to watch people hustling.  Alec Baldwin & Kevin Spacey also make appearances.  3.4 stars
73) Gosford Park.  British comedy (2002 Oscar winner for Best Original Screenplay) starring an obscene amount of famous people (Kristin Scott Thomas, Helen Mirren, Clive Owen, Ryan Philippe) about a bunch of people jockeying for the best position with each other-- among the servants and the gentry.  Interesting I think mostly because there was so much going on with the millions of characters.  Though after an hour I wanted something more interesting to happen.  It finally did but the film still wandered for a while.  Clever ending.  3.7 stars
74) Up in the Air.  Oscar-nominated film starring George Clooney :) about a man who fires people for a living and has to show a newbie the ropes.  He's cynical and Clooney-ish.  I can see why he didn't win.  You never really felt like he wasn't being himself.  His character was beguiling so you wanted to watch him and enjoyed watching him but he was still Clooney.  I enjoyed this film.  I wish GQ hadn't spoiled that movie within an inch of its life.  Ugh.  I really think I would've liked it even more without knowing so much of what was coming.  It was like watching a movie for the 2nd time but without the enjoyment of actually knowing what was coming and how you got there.  4.1 stars
75) My Sister Eileen. Two sisters move to NYC with high hopes and find their dreams turned upside down when one of them marries and the other is asked to write about her famous relatives. Janet Leigh & Jack Lemmon star.  Silly but fun.  3.5 stars (This is the only non-nominated film this week.)

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Rashan Jamal said...

I know I said this to you in person, but judging by your reaction to GGGR, I would have thought you would have rated it much lower.

Up In The Air was pretty awesome