Monday Mindspacing Vol. 41

1) Why in the sam hill did you go to Vegas to eat at McDonald's and Sbarro's?  You could've stayed at home for all that! 
2) I read this article on 'Appreciating a Difficult Mother,' and after thanking God I don't have one of those, I froze and prayed that I wouldn't be one either.  You may not know this, but I can be a difficult person sometimes.  When I'm getting on her nerves, my mom says, "I don't know how Rashan puts up with you."  My reply?  "He can't help himself and neither can you."  See what I mean?  Incorrigible.  I promise I'm trying though!!  PROMISE!!
3) One of my classmates said, "The humidity's not that bad in NC, is it?"  I was so stunned I paused.  Then I started cracking up!!  Hahahahaha!!!  Girl, you have to use an ax to chop up that summer humidity!
4) I'm turning into a different person!  I actually watch HGTV now that I have an apt. and want to decorate it.  I don't actually really want to buy stuff seeing as I'm just going to have to move it all again when I leave in 3 months (or less).
5) ROTFL @ this facebook status: "MAYBE THAT 4TH HAMBURGER WAS NOT A GOOD IDEA.  CAN U SAY FOOD BABY?"  Probably not.  Bwahahahaha!!
6) Dear spell check, it makes me feel weird when I have to add the words blog and Facebook... especially considering how much of my time they consume.
7) I'm tired of watching and liking shows with 0 black lead characters.  So tired I tried to watch the Game again... didn't really work.  I don't find the writing that engaging.
8) Worst thing about etsy?  The outrageous shipping prices some people propose.  Why would it cost you $10 to ship a 6 oz. hat from Canada?  The hat only costs $18.  Get your life together.  You can keep that!!
9) I don't like the idea of fondue.  In theory, it's yummy.  Dipping stuff in cheese??? SIGN ME UP!!  I'll pass on the dessert one.  You know I don't like chocolate like that.  Especially not to be dipping stuff in it.  Yuck.  That does not sound awesome to me.  But back to the cheese.  I love cheese!  But the fact that when you go to TheMeltingPot you have to COOK YOUR OWN meat is insane to me.  I'm not paying you for ME to work.  Like those places where you can cook your own steak.  Yeah comma right.
10) There's some animal I decided I really like but I can't for the life of me remember what it is!!!  It might be octopus...  eating and wearing (jewelery).
11) I wore glasses for about 2 years when I was younger (around 12) to correct a slight astigmatism.  It corrected and I didn't need glasses anymore.  I think it's time for another visit to the optometrist, though.
12) I have access to 4 Facebook pages including my own.  It's really good I limit my nosiness.  That's why I have access to so many.  I'm trustworthy.  I was SO nosy yesterday looking at pictures of friends of friends.  Lololol.
13) My mom still has the original password Facebook gave her because she memorized it.  It's something like FC420872B3HZT.  When she gave it to me once to look something up for her I was ROTFL!!  HAHAHAHAHA.  Don't ever wonder about my weirdness!!  YOU ALREADY KNOW!!


Sparkling Red said...

That article on the Difficult Mother was really something. I hope my mother doesn't go that bonkers as she ages. She's difficult enough as it is.

Adei von K said...

1. not even "nice" chain! Sbarros and McD!??!?! Eww!

2. A difficult mother, must read after I comment. Did you really write, "You may not know this, but..."? Coy??

5. food baby sounds BEYOOOOOND SO DISGUSTING!!! I hope that person ate sliders and not full sized burgers!!

8. aww man! bad a shipping makes me not want to shop online sometimes!! I don't EVER want the shipping to be more than the items almost purchased!!!! ANNOYING!!

9. And not only are you paying to cook your own food but it isn't cheap either!!! oh HELLLLL naw!! you're charging me an arm and a two legs to do all the work!!!!!!!

10. I think you hyenas. yeah, that's it. you think they're cute and cuddly.

13. your mom and her password!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Did she know at the time, she was SUPPOSED to change it!?!? Toooo cute!

K. Rock said...

I'm all about cheese and none about chocolate too.

Jameil said...

red... i know! i hope your mom doesn't grow more difficult, too.

adei... 1) seriously. 2) me? coy? 5) hahahahaha. i doubt a grown man was whining over 4 sliders. get it together!! 8) seriously. it will completely turn me off of a buyer AND a purchase. 'i like your things and your reasonable prices UNTIL YOU TRY TO GOUGE ME ON SHIPPING!!!'
9) EXACTLY. you're not gonna make a sucker outta me!!
10) since you remind me of hyenas, no, i'm sure it's not that.
13) she's not stupid. yes, she knew she could change it.

krock... word.