Monday Mindspacing Vol. 40

1) I'm so used to watching movies on my laptop or in a format where I can start and stop or carry it around while watching at will that I get a little frustrated when I find movies that won't let me do that i.e. watching them on tv sans commercial breaks.  I KNOW.  So picky.
2) It makes me irate when people say "teacher" disdainfully.  Oh really?  And how did you get to be so smart?  Osmosis???  From what???  Or who???  I used to want to be a successful working wife supporting her teacher husband.  Teaching is hot.  We'll see what God has in store for me.
3) I'm obsessed with NYT.  We know this.  We won't even talk about how I feel that Pserendipity made it in there before me!!!  *SWOON!!!*  But I've become increasingly enamored with the articles in the Education section.  Heart.
4) Is everybody really gonna act like Gabby, sweet as she is, isn't morbidly obese?  No, you don't have to be mean about it, but let's not act like some of the things being said aren't true.  I <3 her!  She has an awesome personality!  But let's be real.
5) When you walk around on a bluetooth talking loudly and you're not wearing a business suit, you look like you have diminished mental capacity.
6) Can I teach Florida builders about insulation, please?  For windows (when it's brick outside, it's freezer inside and anywhere near a window) and ceilings/floors (I shouldn't be able to hear my upstairs neighbor's microwave).
7) I gasped on the phone with my mom when I realized she was going to be 55 this year.  She said, "I know."  ROTFL!!  I said tentatively, "Does that sound really old to you?"  "Yes!" she said.  HAHAHAHAHA.  I could not stop cracking up.  My mom doesn't at all seem that old.  Very cool and very fun.  AND she said she's not about to start lying about her age now.  She's thankful for every year God's given her.  To 55 more, M!  (The birthday's still a few months off but still!)
8) Please stop selling vintage lingerie.
9) Grey.  Grey, grey, grey!  I don't care that I use Americanized English.  I like GREY!  No reason for telling you this.  I just felt like saying it again.  I like the color (especially light grey!  swooon!)  And I like the 'e' spelling.  I'm not 1/15 the Anglophile Rashan is but GREY!
10) My lips were trembling while drinking yesterday and I was so confused.  Then I realized I was trying to hold up my water bottle with my lips.  What in the sam hill??


Momisodes said...

Ew. Vintage lingerie? Allow me to second that notion.

I could totally do the working wife supporting her teacher husband thing too...especially if it were Mr. Schuester from Glee :)

Sparkling Red said...

10) That is weird. Even weirder than when I push my glasses up the bridge of my nose, except I'm wearing my contact lenses so there's nothing there to push.

Naima said...

NYT = New York Times?

Adei von K said...

2- I love your reaction to "teacher". EVERYONE who is SOMEONE had a teacher! LOTS of them!!

8- vintage lingerie?? someone's old, used lingerie. old. used. pass.

Rashan Jamal said...

1. That's why I tape everything. I can't sit still all the time.
2. Hmmm... time for a career change. You gon' support me, boo?
3.You and your times obsession.
4. Yeah, she might get the role in the Blindside 2... other than that, its all quirky roles for her from now on. I can see her on Glee.
5. And the ones with suits on look pretentious.
6. Yeah, it sure is loud and drafty in your apt.
7. You just love trying to make people feel old. LOL
8. That is the most disgusting thing... I don't care how much you wash that... it's just gross...
9. English People Rock.. Grey!!!
10.You so smart!

Jameil said...

momisodes... is that not the nastiest thing ever??? i don't want your handmedown sexy time panties!! hahahah amr. schu doesn't do it for me but yay teachers! lol

red... hahahahaha. is it a comforting motion for you or something?

naima... yep!

adei... b/c i'm awesome. 8) DEsgusting.

rj... 1) mess. that's b/c of the coke. 2) after school! 3) looooove. 4) she would be AWESOME on glee!! 5) EXACTLY. there's no good way to rock a bluetooth.
6) for serious. 7) or they actually are old. 8) no really. STOP SELLIN THAT!! 9) GREEEEEEEEEEEY. 10) TRUE! Stop your hate.

K. Rock said...

1. Me too. I love watching tv shows on the internet. So much that I will not watch them on tv even if I am home to watch them later on the net sans commercials.

4. I feel you on this one. Her awesomeness would not be diminished if she lost some weight.

@Sparkling Red-I do the very same thing.

Jameil said...

k... 1) lolol! i don't do all that but the net helps when i'm not sure if i'll like a show. i have the option of proceeding or not w/o having to wait weeks for episodes.
4) for serious.
lol @ the glasses. it's been a long time since I wore glasses but I think that one's pretty common.