Movies 2010, Week 12

March 21- March 27, 2010
Can someone tell me how on earth this year has already flown by so quickly???  Almost April already??  Didn't March just start??  Still ahead on the movie-watching.  Yay!
82) Ball of Fire. Barbara Stanwyck (love her) & Gary Cooper star in this film co-written by Billy Wilder about a cabaret dancer and gangster's girlfriend who hides out with a house full of professors who fall in love.  SO FUN!!  I enjoyed this immensely!  And laughed out loud several times!  There was some silliness I will attribute to the times but still definitely worth a watch!  4.7 stars
83) The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. British film starring Maggie Smith about an unorthodox teacher of dedicated pupils who is also hated by other adults.  Riveting then horrifying.  Great climax!  I wanted a part 2.  4.5 stars
84) The Fantastic Mr. Fox. George Clooney is an animated fox driving farmers insane when he goes on his hungry binges in this Academy Award nominee based on the book of the same name by the magnificent Roald Dahl.  Meryl Streep, Jason Schwartzman, Bill Murray and several other names you've heard.  Hmm... meh.  There were some interesting things but still 3.3 stars
85) Vivacious Lady. Ginger Rogers & Jimmy Stewart star in this 1938 film about a professor who marries a show girl to the chagrin of his family.... well it would be their chagrin if they knew about it!   Oh great.  A dumb black maid.  The only thing that helps is that there is also a dumb white maid.  So fun and cute in general despite that!  4.5 stars
86) Bachelor Mother. Ginger Rogers is a single woman mistaken for the mother of a newborn.  Kind of funny and silly but also kind of ridiculous.  3.5 stars
87) Having Wonderful Time. Ginger Rogers stars (with an appearance from Lucille Ball) in an incredibly boring film about a working girl who goes to the country for a good time but has a bad attitude.  Not enjoyable.  2.5 stars  The half is for Ginger alone.


On a limb with Claudia said...

isn't it fun that you have so many cool things in your life so the year just whooshes by! Remember those slow, awful years at the TV station - they lasted forever.

I'm excited to see what's next for you!

Sparkling Red said...

You're not the only one who's said that The Fantastic Mr. Fox wasn't all that fantastic.

And yes, this year is flying by. Time had better slow down, or I'm going to be 80 years old by next week.

Jameil said...

claud... YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!! the station was a very difficult period in my life and now it seems almost like another lifetime less than 2 years later! thanks!! :)

red... i'm glad i have some company! i was so underwhelmed by that movie. don't be 80 next week! lol