Movies 2010, Week 11

March 14-20, 2009
This was mostly the week of the mediocre movies.  Thank God I'm only watching an average of a movie a day.  I can watch 2 or 3 one day and make up for the rest of the days.  Still 2 movies ahead.
76) Blue. French film by a Polish director, starring Juliette Binoche, about a woman who searches for her husband's secret life after he dies.  Dark, quiet and very intense.  But slower than I would prefer.  Especially since it just sort of ends.  No real pay-off.  Disappointing.  3.3 stars
77) Breakfast with Scot. Indie movie about a gay couple who ends up taking custody of a nephew.  ROTFL @ the giant boom mic in the shot!!!!  I should stop watching this but I can't.  The script isn't that bad until it starts to take some predictable turns and stretches where there's no room.  The production quality could use some work.  The end was pretty lame.  3.3 stars
78) Touching the Void. I don't even know how to categorize this film.  It's about two climbers who tell their stories over a reenactment of their experience climbing .  It was really interesting but the drama and sense of doom was extremely high within the first 10 minutes which made it kind of difficult to watch.  Still pretty awesome of you can take being on edge for 90+ minutes.  My biggest problem/gripe is that because of the lack of title cards and not seeing faces enough, half an hour or more into the movie I still had no clue who anyone was.  It's a lot harder to feel a connection.  Still a pretty great movie.  Very well done.  The editing was pretty amazing.  4.1 stars
79) Broken Embraces. Pedro Almodovar film starring Penelope Cruz about a film director .  The script began to take some crazy turns which made me feel like there was no good way out of it or if there was it would be outrageously difficult.  I didn't completely lose interest but I began to feel a little annoyed.  And the result?  Ehh... I guess.  3.4 stars
80) The Usual Suspects. 5 criminals (including Kevin Spacey & Benicio Del Toro (who talks like Terrence Howard)) get together for one of the biggest jobs of their lives on an accident.  Very intriguing movie.  Spacey was over the top in one of the interrogation scenes but the ending? AWESOME.  4.6 stars
81) Houseboat.  Cary Grant & Sophia Loren star as a widow who hires a nanny who happens to have no expertise... seeing as she's the somewhat spoiled daughter of an Italian conductor.  My husband Cary is awesome.  Cute, harmless film.  3.4 stars

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1969 said...

I am so happy you finally saw The Usual Suspects. I love that movie. GREAT ENDING. :)