An Auspicious Day

Rashan let me clean out his closet this weekend!!!!!!  Did you hear me???


I got rid of ALLLLLLL of his horrid ugly 'house clothes.'  You know, things he shouldn't even wear in the house but claims that's the only place he wears them?  Yeah... those.  I am SO happy!!!!  Would you like photographic evidence?

Exhibit A (l to r): RocawearShirt, OutkastShirt, PhatFarmShirt... ALL polyester.  ALL. HOT. MESSES!!!  I've been trying to get him to get rid of these since the first day I saw them in his closet!!!

Exhibit B (l to r): Periwinkle leadership conference sweatshirt plain but for a multi-colored patch on the left sleeve.  Hideous.  And a FuBu "baseball" jersey.  More polyester.  SMH.  I just gave myself shaken baby syndrome.


the unholy grail... (no. 7)  


We've been talking about it for literally YEARS!!!

Back in 2008, he said of the shirt, "I have not and will not burn the electric yellow hoodie. You don't understand how comfortable that thing is. And besides, I have another FUBU shirt for you guys to hate on for the spring/summer. This one is a blue and black baseball type jersey that I got back in 1998. That joint has been with me through the thick and thin, and the colors are still vibrant."

IN 2007, he said it was time for him to get rid of those old clothes!! Enter Jameil.

This thing looks way worse in person...  It has vitiligo.  It's darkly discolored, particularly around the hood.  He would only get rid of it if I agreed to wear it in a picture on my blog.  We have been going round and round about this for so long that I would gladly do that!  I gave him the biggest hug when he gave up this sweatshirt!!  This is a big step in the right direction.  Let's all give ME a huge round of applause!!!!!!!


Sparkling Red said...

He must really love you if he let you pitch out his comfort clothes. Congratulations on getting rid of the yellow sweatshirt. I'd hate to have to look at that thing for more than ten seconds.

Mrs Count said...

*insert the sound of clapping hands* That's love!

Not so Anonymous said...

Hot Messes is the understatement of the week. He's so lucky to have you there to put him on the right fashion path, LOL.

Miss Snarky Pants said...

Polyester in 2010???
Sorry Rah but ummmm Jam did the right thing. LOL

::Givin you a standing ovation girl::

Adei von K said...

OMG, those shirts are HORRENDOUS! Poly & Ester are NOT your friends!!

Did he SUBMERGE himself in FUBU when it came out?!? I guess he was in college then so... but that was in the early 90s!!

and why is your victory picture too cute?!?! LMAO!

1969 said...

You have done that man a service! Applause*

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Umm *I can't*

*I can't breathe*

I can't stop laughing at that sweatshirt and those clothes.

*In Dwights voice from ATL house wives. How dreadful*

I'm with everybody else.


take a bow!

Liz Dwyer said...

Oh my goodness, LMAO!!!

Three cheers for Rashan taking the plunge and excommunicating the FUBU sweatshirt! I didn't even know they still made those! Hahaha!

Momisodes said...

Now THAT is love.

Even Dadisodes is reluctant to allow me to rifle through is drawers. He knows he would probably be left with 2 socks and a t-shirt.

Sha Boogie said...


I remember when I finally got to throw away the hubbies roca wear jeans...JOY!!!!

Next up..the leather pants :(

Jameil said...

**No guys on my side, huh? Hmmmm...**

red... I know!! & I love him to help him like this! That sweatshirt... *shudder*

tm... *bows*

nsa... I. KNOW!!

ms. b... indeed i did. thank you thank you thank you. you're far too kind!

adei... for serious. po thang. i'm guessing it is because i am! :)

1969... *accepts bouquet*

gp... lololol. it's funny b/c they're gone. when they were in the closet, MADDENING!! *winks at crowd*

liz... lol. i'm sure they don't. these are all very old clothes.

momisodes... lololol. woo hoo!!!

sha... awesome!! ROTFL @ LEATHER PANTS!!! no way, sha! NO WAY!!