Monday Mindspacing Vol. 39

1) The only time I watched part of a segment of that horrid T.MZ show, some reporter told ParisHilton someone said she was like 'a fart trapped in a mitten' and she looked very sad.  Why would you tell someone that?  Dummy.  But years later that is still one of the most HILARIOUS phrases to me!  Hahahahahahahaha.
2) Do you even know the bus drove right past me last Monday?  I had run, then was waving frantically and that heffa slow rolled right along.  I wanted to throw BOULDERS at that bus.
3) If you say "countless of times," you shouldn't.  Countless times is sufficient.
4) When Rashan and I are getting on each other's nerves on my daytime minutes, I get off the phone.  I'd rather not pay to argue with you.
5) I know I've said it before, but I'm going to keep saying it until y'all stop.  Clip art is over!  It's so 1999 and looks it!  Your presentation looks instantly dated my dog.  INSTANTLY.
6) I love it when Rashan and I are together and that Old Spice commercial comes on.  "Look at your man, now back to me, now look at your man, now back to me."  I totally do it.  Hahahaha.  And sometimes Rashan will wake up from a nap momentarily, say, "I'm on a horse" and go back to sleep.  HAHAHAHA!!  He had me cracking up at like 2 Friday morning.
7) I know it'll take me a while to get out of the habit but I miss daily blogging.  I like the daily interaction.  Guess I'll have to start posting 5xs a week.  No Saturdays, though.  None of you ever read.  You barely read on Friday.
8) Please don't invite people to your wedding via facebook.  If you want to do evites, please use a classier service.
9) You can't go to a pre-Mardi Gras party 2 weeks into Lent.  I mean you CAN but all of you sound silly.  Do you know what Mardi Gras means?  *head tilt*
10) And now a mini-Oscars mindspacing.
a) JLo's dress? LOVED!! SO FAB!!  You should see it moving!
b) SandraBullock? DITTO!!!
c) Can you PLEASE ask all those pale women to stop wearing that dusty rose color?  You look even more washed out.
d) Zoe? No.
e) Did you see the black section for Precious?  Represent for segregation.  Face.
f) Brittany Murphy was one of my first favorite actresses.  I got really sad seeing her in the remembering screen.
g) That said, most of my fave actors and actresses are long dead!  Lol.
h) I'm going to ask this again, can we please stop having the "Why I love Best Actor/tress" moments before the award?  I'm sure Hollywood loves them but for me they just make a 4 hour show, 5 hours.  WRAP THAT UP, B!!!


Nerd Girl said...

6. Am I the only person who hasn't seen this commercial? Yes, yes I am.

7. Yay!

10a. We have to part ways on JLo's dress - I thought it quite horrid. I didn't watch the show, so all I'm going by are pics. No. Ma'am.

10d. Agreed!

Naima said...

LOVE that Old Spice commercial!! It never gets old.

Yeah, Zoe was looking like some kind of flamenco-reject mess. She actually managed to end up on someone's best dressed list -- I think it was Glamour? Tragedy.

Anonymous said...

1. That phrase is definitely going to be used now.

4. I do the same to my gf

8. I do not go to weddings that send only Facebook invites

10. I was not a fan of J.Lo's dress. Zoe had some decent shoes on. Her legs looked lovely.

My other Oscar question is why was everyone going in on Meryl Streep?

Jazzy said...

lmao @ Rah waking up to say, "I'm on a Horse" and you looking at him, back to tv, back to him, back to tv!!! LOLOLOLOL...just special!

Facebook...it's how I found out my cousin was married. (side eye). it's how I found out my niece is GETTING MARRIED (side eye). Now granted nobody else in the fam knew either of these sitchos either...BUT THATS NOT THE POINT! Facebook just isn't the place...smh.

Adei von K said...

I watched TMZ once and said never again. That show is HORRIBLE!!
But what does 'a fart trapped in a mitten' even mean?

The bus driver tried your LIFE dog. LIFE.

WHO...do YOU... know... used FB to invite people to a wedding?!?

Adei von K said...

P.S. I didn't like J-Lo's dress. or Sandra's for that matter. Zoe? Only she or Rihanna could get away with that dress.

1969 said...

I love "I'm on a horse" and I LOVED J.LO's DRESS. You have impeccable taste...but we knew that. :)

Jameil said...

nerd. 6) YES!! Get thee to youtube immediately!!
7) don't hold your breath.
10a) that ain't even right!! SO gorg! and the hair was perfect!

naima... hahahaha i know!! le sigh zoe!! le sigh!! i knew someone would put her on a best dressed list. i've watched project runway long enough to know that!!

epsi... 1) hahahaha. 4) word. 8) i can't even imagine such foolishness. 10) jlo was beautimous! i think b/c they know meryl can take it. she's AWESOME!!

jazzy... hahaha! that ish is hILARIOUS!! fb really isn't the place. i'm waiting forever whenever anything happens to say anything on fb. and if people want to break the news for me, DELETE.

adei... it is a hot mess!! idk what that means but it's so funny. lololol. the bus driver was a hatin heffa!!! rashan's bro is going to a fb invite wedding. jlo and sandra were flawless!! you're insane!

1969... YES! YES! And YES!! We're awesome!