Miss Jameil Goes Back to Kindergarten

I had a blast visiting Miss Stace's kindergarten class!  I originally planned to meet her for lunch... until she told me lunch was at 10 a.m.... Seriously?  Who eats at 10 am?  That isn't even right.  But I really wasn't going since I had gotten in from my shoot around 1 or 2 in the morning.  So anyway I got there around 12:30.  The day started with a delightful workout.  HILARIOUS!!!!  Why was there a dance on the F.itKids tape called, "Raise the Roof"?  ROTFL!!!!  SO funny.  You know their parents, who were 12 when that was cool, are like, "Umm... child.  WHERE did you learn the term 'raise the roof' and why are you so dated? Aren't you supposed to be bringing me cool NEW slang???"  Lolol.

Anyway, next up was SNACK TIME!!  Yessss!  One child offered me some of his JALAPENO PORK RINDS.  No your mama didn't.  But since she did, don't mind if I do!  Thanks!  I also got the benefit of a RitzCracker.  One little cutie offered me a piece of honey bun.  Now I said no not only because I think those are disgusting, but also because he offered me the smallest kindergarten portion, less than the size of a dime, which means his little grubby 5-year-old fingers were touching every portion of it.  Nah bruh.  You can keep that.  I was also offered a nutter butter which I passed on.

During/after snack time, there was also dance and train time!  (Of course Miss Stace has train time.)  So funny and cute!  Look at their little train winding around the room!  When some child was tattling, she said, "Should I call the police?" and he backed down.  HUH-LARITY!!  Are you for real invoking sarcasm on kinders and they get it?  Hahahahaha.

Then the worst part of the day: TheDiaryOfAFly.  One of these district mandates.  OMGGGGGGGGG!!  This thing was like 15 minutes long, boring and overly detailed.  And it included the word regurgitated!!!  And they knew what it meant because it had been in some other video.  Stop it.  That is not even right.  There was CONSTANT activity in that room!  LAWD!!  Have I told y'all lately that I was around NO little cousins growing up?  On my dad's side, my sister and I are 2 of the 3 youngest in our generation of cousins.  We even have second cousins older than us.  Yeah... it's like that.  My dad had us late, some of theirs had them early.  So I like children in theory, but they're fascinating/weird in person.... especially in large doses.  Lolol.

Then came my FAVORITE PART!!!  Reading to the kids!!  YAY!!  I was so excited!!  I also got to hear them say in unison how they're supposed to sit on the carpet, "CRISS CROSS APPLESAUCE!!"  LOLOL.  I read a story about insects to her class and her team teacher's class, the class next door.  SO FUN!  That book was long and a little overly detailed, too but whatevs.  At the end, they asked the kids questions about the book and I said, "I have a question!"  They both looked at me like, "Oh goodness."  I'm like, "What I do?"  I asked my question, "What do insects use their antennae for?" since it was on every page of the book and they both said, "Good question!"  AND the kids knew the answer!  Yippee!

At the end, Stace said, "You should come for a whole day one day!"  "Hell no."  Oops.  Why'd you make me curse?  The reason I had fun is because it was in a small dose.  I cannot and will not try to pretend I have the patience for a full day of 5- and 6-year-olds.  No and thank you.  But don't we look great?!  :)


Not so Anonymous said...

How fun...not really, but you get what i'm saying, lol.

LOL@ no your mama didn't, but since she did...

CNEL said...

This was hilarious and I used to work as an aftercare counselor helping watch 75 1-5 graders, and agree kids are cute in small doses and when they're not yours.

pserendipity said...

So THATS where Aidan gets criss cross applesauce!? Thank you Jameil for clearing that up! Sounds like you had lots of fun at Kindergarten - and please ask Stace to forbid all manner of pork rinds.

Ginae said...

That was a treat like we were right there with you experiencing it all with you but minus having to deal with the kids...perfect! Lol...Ginae loves the kids but unless they are mine or close friends kids or extremely well behaved I have to ration out my time with those little critters.

LOL at your comment about those jalepeno pork rinds!

Adei von K said...


Raise the Roof was the jump at my Sweet 16 bday party. We played it at least 3 times!!!

That was great day!! I'm still so glad you came by! I think next time, you should come during literacy block... yeah... you can be a center! Library Center with Miss Jameil!!!

No you didn't abt the Train Time. Why are you so nasty?

"Pork Grinds" ain't got no momma! Single dad, two little brothers. *smh*

GG with his fingertip portion of honeybun... yo, he LITERALLY pinched off a piece and offered it to you!!! HAHAHAHAHA! So sweet!! so cute!

OMG, we were so nervous when you wanted to ask a question!!! HAHAHAHA!! Nothing unscripted!! LOLOLOL!

That day was great :-)

Sparkling Red said...

Kids are great fun, most of the time. I agree, a whole day might've been a bit much if you're not used to them. Kids are intense all the time - intensely good or intensely challenging, but always intense.

Jameil said...

nsa... hahahaha. fun for a little while. i mean... i like pork rinds!

cnel... indeed! i'm straight on them after 2mins.

pseren... you're welcome!! lolol. kindergarten was super fun! i think she's just happy a snack was provided.

ginae... lol. too perfect!! hahahaha. i need the well-behaved ones, too.

adei... hahahahaha. not 3xs. that day was very fun! i don't know what being a center entails but it sounds crazy! what i do? awww... single dad & all those males in the house. another closet clean out!! Sweet, yes but cute, no. That little piece was gross. Whatev! Y'all were coming off the dome!! I wanted to, too! I had fun!

red... a whole day would've made my head explode! there's a problem child i wanted gone the first time he acted up b/c it was the second i walked in the room. i was like you're probably like this all day. VERY intense.