Movies 2010, Week 9

February 28- March 6, 2010
It's crunch time.  Watching movies is much less important than making them.  Holla.
68) The Stepfather.  The 2009 remake horror movie about a soon-to-be stepfather who isn't quite right and the people who die around him when they start to ask questions.  Some good suspense and parts where I jumped.  I wanted more from this, but it was still decent. 3.4 stars
69) Designing Woman. Lauren Bacall and Gregory Peck.  The broken fourth wall at the beginning of the film was ridiculous and unnecessary.  But the rest of this film about a sportswriter and his designer wife was definitely engaging.  Peck's pretty, pretty face helped.  It got ridiculous at the kick fight scene which made the end just so-so.  Awesome costumes.  3.4 stars
70) We Live in Public. Documentary about an internet innovator and conspiracy theorist (JoshHarris) who's been taping himself for a long time.  Strange organization from the beginning.  Why would you set us up to dislike your character from the outset?  Then it showed the booming of his businesses, then after 20 minutes went back to his childhood.  It also told the story mostly from the eyes and perspectives of those around him rather than through Harris himself.  Odd.  No focus to this film in great part because the director was too close to her subject after spending more than 15 years on and off following him.  The film tried to cover too much ground and ended up losing any interestingness that may have existed.  2.4 stars

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