Monday Mindspacing Vol. 38

1) Can you please make people stop reviewing movies on Netflix that they have not seen yet????? SO IRRITATING!!!
2) A girl who was one of my good friends in middle school posts videos of her daughter online... I LOVE THEM!!  She's so cute!  I love to watch her play and laugh and learn!  AND I never have to hear her cry.  Lol.  Best of baby world.
3) I had to unsubscribe from DesignSponge on my Google reader b/c reading the posts became oppressive.  Why do you have 5+ posts every weekday?  It's too much.  I'll maybe go there once in a while at my leisure.  I unsubbed from AptTherapy for the same reason.  Their site may have had even more daily posts.  Pass.
4) NYT has a 'recommend' button on its articles.  But when I find one particularly unsatisfying, I want to UNrecommend.  'Don't read this article.  You will feel impotent and unfulfilled at the end.  You're welcome.  Love, Jameil'
5) I actually really like it when Netflix warns me movies are going offline soon.  It forces me to make decisions.  Do I really want to see that or can I go ahead and delete it from my queue?  This was less fun Jan. 1 when about 15 movies on my queue went offline.  UHHHHHHHH.... I'm already in a time crunch trying to watch 750 movies and you're going to add MORE pressure???  THANKS FOR NOTHING, NETFLIX!!
6) Have I ever told you about my feelings for the German language?  One of the ugliest in the world.  Yuck.
7) I hate to break it to you... but there's really no point in you having a blog if you never ever post on it.  By never ever I mean less than 4 times a month.  And if you don't post for months at a time, why bother?  Breaker of blog laws concurs.
8) "Lessons on Icebreaking" 
Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker.
A Poem by Ogden Nash.
---Indeed dear sir.  I intend to break some ice this week.  SPRINNNNG BREEEAAAAK!!!
9) I am actually more tired of hearing people complain about the word swag and its derivatives than I am of the word swag and its derivatives.  I think the word is actually very funny.  Esp. because the people who talk about having it... really shouldn't.  Lololol.
10) Why are there 5 grocery stores within 3 miles of my house and 4 of them are Publix?  Stace thinks that's awesome.  Me?  I think it's stupid.  No one needs that many grocery stores esp. since 3 of them are exactly the same.
11) I have a small cooler that when I walk quickly and carry makes me feel like a transplant nurse rushing with a crucial body part.  STAT!
12)  Rashan and I had Mexican food twice in 3 days... and still want more... oh Mexico.  I love thee.  I'm going ASAP!!
13) Rashan keeps telling me he doesn't trust me.  That is a bad sign.  Granted he's talking about the competition to stop blogging but STILL!!  Just kidding guys.  He does tell me he doesn't trust me not to post (lol) but I'm not worried about that negro!


kisz4tj said...

I AGREE!! German is UCK..or wait...is that Russian?...yeah I'm thinking Russian...UCK! I don't care much for them...ok..scratch much...AT ALL.

Ginae said...

I too hate hearing the German language. It sounds so gross, mean and rough. Lol. However for some reason I love using the word schmuck. I love calling rude or ignorant people schmucks especially. I say out loud "what a schmuck" or simply loudly and boldy say ,schmuck"!. It' so much fun to say that word!

Sparkling Red said...

I like your fantasy that your cooler contains an organ transplant. That's how to make life exciting. Like when I'm signing a stack of cheques at work, I pretend I'm a billionaire signing away tons of money to worthy causes.

Not So Anonymous said...

LOL at the transplant organ. I think you already won the blogging competition bc his post telling us to come read your post shouldn't count...I'm just saying, lol.

Anonymous said...

German is harsh language. I think Russian is even worse.

I am immune to swag. It is like I dont even hear it anymore. Its background noise lol

Netflix is coming to the Nintendo Wii!!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1.Why do people review things they have not seen? how is it possible. I sometimes read the reviews of movies I'm going to see at the theater before the show just to get an idea of what others thought. If the reviewer starts with I haven't seen it but... Really shut up! You have NO opinion.

9. swag, swagger
noun: a proud stiff pompous gait
verb: act in an arrogant, overly self-assured, or conceited manner
verb: to walk with a lofty proud gait, often in an attempt to impress others.

People who constantly talk about having swag stop. Because YOU don't have IT!

A man with IT does not even have to speak. I call it that thang! He got that thang. You just see it.

Trish said...

I am a fanatic of looking at couples and their family pictures on FB. Video posting of a baby sounds so cute!

My sister-in-law is German. I can never ever decipher any words that she says. Why is it we get defensive when people switch languages in the middle of a convo?

Spring Break sounds great! I wish I got a week off.

I get tired of Mex food after a while. The best part of going there though is the margaritas!

Rashan Jamal said...

1. That is the most ridiculous thing. Rating a movie 5 stars b/c you THINK you'll like it. Wack
2. Baby from afar. LOL
3. some people blog too much, some people blog too little. Make up your mind!!
4 I still say we need a dislike button, not just for facebook, but for life.
5. Jan 1st sucked for Netflix. I feel like they should have given me a months notice.
6. Not a pretty language at all. Sorry Germans.
7. See # 3. LOL I do agree though, except when I do it.
8. I'm actually all liquored out for a minute (this will last until I smell a margarita again.)
9. I'm tired of them both. But mostly when people act like they are the first person to have that thought (pro and anti swag)
10. I think its weird too, but they are always packed no matter which one I go to, so they must be doing something right.
11. You silly!
12. Let's go to Mexico. Then we can be like all those tools on the review sites that like to talk about what's authentic mexican and what's not. LOL
13. I guess it's moot, since I let you win. But no. I didn't trust you and I had good reason not to. Ol do anything for the sake of winning self

Adei von K said...

I'm still looking for an "unlike" button on FB... I think it'll be awesome. not, "Impotent and unfulfilled"!! LOLOLOLOL!

Yeah, German is the worst. Followed by Russian. Very unromantic, very cold.

You can never have too many publixes around!! They all have different personalities!!

Jameil said...

kisz... hahahaha. i feel you!

ginae... seriously. like they are going to spit on you at any second! schmuck is a funny word. lol.

red... HAHAHA! that might be better than mine! we both have an air of charity! lovely!

nsa... hahaha. I AGREE!!

epsi... you have lots of company in that thought! i have swag immunity, too! hahahaha. hilarious. i. can't. WAIT!! until it's on wii! Stop talking abt it and do it!!

gp... 1) EXACTLY!! Netflix has a 'report this review' thing and i go thru and report 'this is not a review' on every one of them i find. THAT MOVIE ISN'T EVEN OUT YET YOU IDIOT!!! fools.
9) hahahahahaha. no you didn't bring out the definition!

trish... babies are adorable in doses! lol. rotfl @ your indecipherable German relative. probably b/c we don't like to be left out OR feel like they're switching languages to talk about us!! i'm TAKING a week off. i really need to be working on my film due a week from next friday!!! tired of Mexican? smh. i do try to spread it out so i don't get to that point, tho.

rj... 1) for SERIOUS!! 2) delightful! lol 3) hahaha i know. 4) dislike for life would be hilarious. like a buzzer. 5) SERIOUSLY!!! 6) nope! 7) lol. STOP DOING THAT! 8) which will be TONIGHT!! 9) hahahaha. EXACTLY! this is not a unique phenomenon: swag and its dislikers! take note! 10) people are OB.SESSSSSSED with that store! it's nuts! exhibit a below... i think that's part of my issue. food is more expensive AND it's like going to a mall on Saturday... BUT EVERY DAY!! 11) what i do? lol. 12) LET'S DO IT!! hahaha. tool. funny word. 13) don't try to still my winning joy.

adei... hahahaha. Cold and harsh. It always seems like they're yelling at me. There are WAY too many around. I don't need that many options.

Mrs Count said...

I love blogs that post a lot of stuff daily. Off to check those sites out.

Jameil said...

tm... you have fun w/that!