Monday Mindspacing Vol. 83

1) The most possessive-looking couple pose in the entire world?  The one with the dude's arms around the chick's waist (cool) and her arms around his neck (THIS HERE? MINE!!!), both staring at the camera.  Y'all are scary.
2) One of my childhood friends is having a baby August 21st.  Well his wife is.  I say, "Wait until August 23rd for the 2nd best baby ever!!!"  Why does he interpret that as me having a baby???  HOLD UP, SLOW UP, STOP, CONTROL.  REALLY??????  Who doesn't know my birthday is August 23rd????  Stop trying to spread rumors and lies on fb!!!!
3) Speaking of lies on fb... I have THEEEE ghettoest cousin with presto-chango (red, orange, platinum blonde, blue) hair colors.  Our only contact in more than 10 years is via fb where I'm getting quite the education!  The other day she was SO upset people sent her texts that KeyshiaCole'smom had died.  "STOP SPREADING LIES!!!!!!!!!"  (She types in all caps with lots of exclamation points.)  Why are PEOPLE, not one person, PEOPLE, texting you this?  I would have to remove these people from my list. (SN: Who determines the no. 1 ring tone? Don't answer. I don't care. I hate ring tones.)
4) Y'all can back up off the marriage and engagement talk again.  It will happen when it's supposed to happen.  I see the mention of it makes you all crazy.  That's my bad.  No more.  Let's all calm down now.
5) I love encouraging my friends!  Blog la familia included!  If your homies aren't in your corner, then who is??  I won't be that weak link hatin on ya!   I'm gonna help you along!  You can do it!  But you have to set a goal to make one!  XOXO 
6) Was that deep?  Did I almost write a #fakerevruntweet?  *shivering and shaking on the pavement*
7) I wanna go somewhere.  IDK where but I'm headed back to MS next month... That doesn't count.  Sorry, Sip.  I could've gone to VA this weekend but wasn't really feeling that, either.  I know what I need: a FREE trip somewhere.  Preferably somewhere warm and exotic!
7) I have almost made myself into a coffee fiend on accident.  I don't really like the flavor of coffee that much esp. unadulterated but the smell?  HEAVENLY!  And people have been trying to make me join their addict-ville for a long time.  I love coffee ice cream and that makes me feel less bad but this is the 3rd year in a row I've had a Sbucks in the library.  Not cool!!
8) Am I done yet?  I should start a countdown to graduation.  My baccalaureate is May 15th, the 16th is graduation.  I'm gonna go ahead and make the bac what I countdown to.  125 days!  HOLLA!
9) Rashan doesn't believe in ugly babies.  I, on the other hand, see them everywhere.  Newborn?  Ugly baby.
10) I hate watching drunk people on sitcoms.  They always seem like they've never been drunk.  Exception?  Queen Latifah as Khadijah on "Living Single."  The tranquilizers episode?  HILARIOUS!!  Sooo funny!  LOLOL
11) It is way too hard to maintain 2 blogs.  Especially since I'm trying to do fashion AND food in the other blog.  Am I really gonna be posting 5 days a week over there and 3+ days a week over here?  Methinks not.  I would need to be paid for that to happen.  I'm at least 2 posts behind over here... and don't feel like posting.  Yawn.
12) I really want an $89 pair of shoes ... But I know I shouldn't.  They were originally $179!  That's a good deal.  You know it is!  I just want some impractical shoes.  How weird is it that those are more impractical for me than my magenta pumps?  LOLOL In the time since I wrote this, I talked myself out of them because the ones I really want are sold out in my size.  Way to save yourself money?  DON'T SETTLE!!  (Hence the reason I'm so difficult to feed. LE SIGH.)
13) Can you believe I still have 2 official days before school starts?  And I have 0 classes to attend this semester?  So weird.  I'm teaching a class on radio once a week, though so that should be cool.
14) I'm ready for the next new internet thing.  I'm coming up on my 3 year twitter-versary and getting a tad bored.  There are some people I like to communicate with primarily through twitter but eh... I'm sure part of this is the fact that I am currently wasting my days but NEXT!
15) Modern Love was great this week.  As was Vows about a couple who met playing Jeopardy online.  Rashan and I soooo related to "he discovered 'a certain awkwardness in meeting someone for the first time when you think you already know them well.'” LOLOL!  Been there!!


Not so Anonymous said...

3. I have cousins who are the same...and people I know from childhood. It was entertaining to read their nonsense at first, but now I just hide them...it's ridiculous.
7.(the first #7) When you figure out how to get that free trip, please share with all of us, we wanna a free trip, too!
9. I'm with Rashan...babies aren't ugly...they're still growing into themselves, lol.
10. I hate watching drunk people period.
15. I've been tweeting for 2 weeks...I was put in charge of setting up and maintaining a twitter account for Alyssa's vball team. It's been interesting, lol.

Sha Boogie said...

You and my bestie have got to be the only non-child having folks that aren't afraid to call a baby 'ugly', LOL! I was always afraid to say a baby was ugly for fear that mine would come out not as handsome as he did :))

And.. *dead* @ you shivering and shaking on the pavement, ha!

Nerd Girl said...

5 - I've got to set at least one big goal for the year - how sad is it that I still have no clue what big thing I want to do this year?!?

7.1 - Call us!

9 - Oh, they exist!

12 - I'm only allowing myself a couple of shoe purchases this year - I need a pair of black sandals and a pair of black pumps. Nothing else. Wish me luck!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1. That's very funny You're crazy! The pose I hate the most is the dude in prison crouched down on his legs in a tank. Umm dude your in prison!
3. Why did my sister call me to ask was it true?? I'm like umm I hadn't heard then I googled to see. Pure mess!
4. Yes YOUR bad all this talk and then the baby names on Twitter I liked to DIED at Zanobia and ZaKarya
5. Thanks! it's appreciated over here. I got goals!!!
7.OMG!! I'm with you on that! I'm SO ready to go somewhere away from HERE!!!
another 7???? LOL!7. Starbucks can be like crack! Resist! I agree coffee smells divine! taste mehh!
8. Get it! Get it! That time will breeze by!
9. Well I'm sorry but ugly babies do exist.
10. Bad acting irks me! And why is it always the same??
12. Giirrrrrl! I could fight you for posting this!!! teagan, astor, and that cassy wedge??? OMG! they're callling me like crack! and the boots?!
13. Congrats on teaching another semester! Cool!
14. You know I'm all late. Twitter is new to me. Bwhahahahaha!
15.I don't know it.

Sparkling Red said...

9) I have a friend who has strongly stated to me that pregnancy, as a condition overall, is repulsive to him because it's "a parasite growing inside your body". Of course he also things most newborns are ugly, in their larval stage. I wonder what's going to happen when his wife gets broody, which is bound to happen in a few more years.

Liz Dwyer said...

1) A-men! That is the truth.

7) Uh, hello? Los Angeles!!! All you need to do is win a trip out here. ;)

12) Did you get the shoes yet? (Go get 'em!)

K. Rock said...

5. You ARE really encouraging. Good job!! (See I can do it too.)
7. Coffee smellk like smoke to me.
8. Yay graduation!! I know you are ready.
11. It is hard. Just focus on which one is more important. I have had to Food Stamp fall by the wayside a couple of times. It's ok to take a break. I like them both though so if it were up to me *cracks whip* write slave!!

Jameil said...

nsa.... 3) right!?!
7) lol there are 2. i apparently had a lot to say! if sharing diminshes my chances? sorry charlie! lolol
9) yeah well you're ugly until you grow into yourself.
10) lol
15) i'm sure! what do you tweet about? practices? that's odd.

sha... lolol! i have some twitter friends that ain't scared either!

nerd... 5) well... did you ever spend that mad money? lolol
7.1... will do! i don't think we'll be in jackson long.
12) i've been looking for you ever since you put out the missive! i'ma find you some shoes before i die!!

gp... 1) me? *innocent face* that pose doesn't match the middle finger for me. you're a grown man/woman throwing up a middle finger. puh-lease.
3) LOL!! WHYYYYY!?!?
4) Shut it. The first names were real baby names.
5) Yay!
7) Let's switch locales
7.2) I agree.
8) Sigh
9) They really do.
10) Lol. I can't watch it!
12) Callin me callin me callin me! Say my name!
13) Danke!
14) Get it together
15) You don't know what?

red... ROTFL!!! I find it weird but I wouldn't go that far! And I would be worried being married to a dude who talked like that!!!

liz... 1) lolol
7) help me!
12) i didn't! i want the sold out ones!

k... 5) Thanks! and lolol!
7) bad coffee does but good coffee? AWESOME!!
8) SO READY!!!
11) HEEEEEEY!! Sometimes I don't wanna! :((((((

Anonymous said...

3. I hate ring tones too!

7b. I've turned into a coffee junkie over the last year. *smh* It's a jones that I need to shake.

9. Yup, they exist. Poor little "precious" things. My mother has taught me to say, "Oh what a blessing! He/she is soooo precious! A true gift from God". See? You never address the ugly and just talk about how special the baby is. Works every time.

Jameil said...

mt... 3) so awful.
7b) this is where i'm trying NOT to get!!
9) LOLOLOLOL!! I say omg, the baby! Look at the little baby! What's his/her name? I love that name! (If I do)