What Is Love... Today?

Is anyone else currently singing the song that I will forever associate with 'Night at the Roxbury'?  No?  Just me?  Mmk.  (ROTFL AT THAT CLIP!! PLEASE WATCH THE WHOLE THING!!)

Whoever came up with this list is trying to make me out to be a simp, son!  A SIMP!!  I couldn't write this yesterday because I was in one of my moods.  Love is a many splendored thing.  I really don't know how to describe it when it comes down to it other than to see life would be useless without it.  I thrive on love in all its forms.  I like to be loved and I like to love people... but only if they deserve it.  I'm stingy with my attention.  You have to earn my love just like you have to earn my respect.  If I don't respect you, SOMETHING about you, I doubt I can love you.

But anyway, can we talk about my day?  WAIT!  I think if I do that, I'll be caught up!  Cool.  #ohledoit!  So today has been pretty awesome.  It started out with a sucky argument and angsty thoughts... so typical of me in a time of upheaval.  Then at 2 a.m. I finally made myself go to sleep since when I listened to the message about jury duty, the first time it said 'disqualified.'  Then it said, 'Report at 8 a.m.' UGHHHHHHHHH!!!! MAKE UP YOUR MIND!! AND DO IT IN A WAY THAT I DON'T HAVE TO WAKE UP AT SIX.FOURTY.FIIIIIIVE TO DO IT!!  Disgruntled.

So I wake up at 6:45 but don't get up until 6:47... you know... true sleeping in.  I get in and the woman tells me I'm excused.  Scowl.  I decide to go to the library to do some research on my next film (ACK!) but it's not open yet.  Blech.  Fine.  I see on the door it opens at 9 so I decide to go get some iced coffee.  First spot doesn't have iced coffee but they do across the plaza according to the bored looking blackberry-groping chick sitting behind the counter of the empty shop.  She's right.  I drink my coffee and surf the web while eating the strawberries and cottage cheese I'd brought from home. 

Then I head to the library, chatting with Stace along the way.  Why is there now a sign outside with the new budget cut hours?  They open at 10.  Really?  This is becoming a comedy of errors.  So I talk to Stace as I begin to feel like the pied piper of the homeless.  I'd forgotten the uptown (downtown to you outsiders) library is their daytime home.  They're congregating on either side of me near the waterfall fountain art installation combo thing.  How's that for a mouthful?  Whatev.  Until they start trying to talk to me... and trying to make eye contact.  Dude... you see me on the phone.  Please.

After Stace gets off the phone, I have pretend conversations to thwart further entreaties for 10 more minutes, wait until the homeless rush dies down a bit (which looks exactly the same as students shoving each other to get on the inevitably full bus at UF), then saunter in to ask my questions.  My best idea of the day comes when I ask an elderly security guard for his ideas for a documentary.  YESSSSS!!  I saw him and had a feeling he'd have a good idea!  Can't wait to explore it further!  I sent out a twitter cry for help finding somewhere to eat lunch and ended up meeting a fellow Hamptonian for sushi.  It's really cool when people grow up while you're not looking.  Still themselves, but a more mature version.  Love it.  We chatted about our significant others.  It was cool. 

I got back from lunch less enthused about my idea.  :/  I'm still going to try to see it through at least until I can get more info but yeah... that might not come to fruition.  I stay for 2 more hours, then head home having spent more in one day than the previous week or so (not including gas) with parking, lunch & an a.m. coffee.  Hmph.  My sister and I hang out, watch Project Runway... LOVING IT!! LOVING IT!!!  That show is so awesome.  I twisted the front of my hair so she could do my head shots.  Then I ate a hot dog with ketchup, spicy mustard & jalapeno sauce.  I wanted to do more interesting toppings but I got too excited and was already hungry so I calmed myself down.  Lol.  Now I'm cyberstalking people.  What?  You didn't hear that.


Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Why Jameil????? Why? LOL! and nooo just you! Okay the jury duty thing is like my DMV exp. #fail
Too much to comment on!
Homeless making eye contact trying too talk No!
Project Runway Yes!
Iced coffee Yes!
Old friends from college Yes!
What is jalapeno sauce???? Me might like!

Sparkling Red said...

Budget cut hours! That's a nasty shock. There's nothing worse than getting up early for no reason and then not being able to justify a perfectly good morning. OK, so maybe there are some worse things, but only a few!

SincerelyGo said...

Except for the Jury duty thing, the day didn't go Sooo bad. Lol. But that jury duty part really sucked! Lol. Lucky me I haven't been called to Jury duty *crosses fingers* Love Smove...ugh I'm in my feelings.



Trish said...

I love anything with Will Ferrel!

I know what you mean about expressing and sharing feelings on love. Sometimes it makes me feel soft too so I guess I see how men feel.

I thought I was the only person who has faked a conversation in order to not have people bother them.

I NEVER sleep in! My body clock has me up early each and every single day.

I like meeting up with old acquaintances as long as they don't do the whole fake, "now we'll keep in touch forever" act.

Jameil said...

gp... lolol. what i do? jury duty and the dmv man! not just trying to talk, straight up IN MY FACE while I'm on the phone. for real dude??? jalapeno sauce is like hot sauce but green. yummy!

red... very nasty shock (i like that phrase. it makes me feel all british or canuck-y. lolol) but i'm very glad i could justify it!

go... not sooo bad. i hope you get called tomorrow. lololol

trish... haha! you & my mom. i mean i'm not tryin to come off soft! lol. faking convos is the best! if i had a body clock like that, i'd just have to give it all up. lol @ keep in love forever. you're not down with that? oh well. lolol