Monday Mindspacing Vol. 61

1) Sometimes I'm amazed by the length of my hair.  I know I've talked about this being the longest it's ever been but every once in a while (about once a week), it catches me off guard.  Speaking of which... does anyone know a loctician in Winston-Salem?
2) I had a piece of pink lemonade cake... hot pink cake with yellow frosting.  That almost made me not want to eat it.  I did anyway because it was highly recommended.  It didn't taste bad.  The cake was incredibly soft and light... but I have had some pretty visceral reactions to food coloring from years of being able to taste it in food (I'm talking to you, red velvet...) so I don't think I went into it with a clear head.  The point, though?  Someone should've warned me about hot pink cake!!!
3) Why do you ask for advice when you know you're going to go off on the person who disagrees with you?  Don't ask and I won't tell.  But if you're going to go off, you can ask and I'll ignore.  But really, just stop asking.
4) I've found a ridiculous number of Mexican restaurants in town.  I CAN'T WAIT TO TRY THEM ALL!! 
5) Why are so many Marcuses black?  I think I've only ever met one white Marcus.
6) Fiancé is a man.  Fiancée is a woman.  The second 'e' is a feminine article.  Now that you know, you may get engaged at will.
7) My dad is shocked I'm turning 28.  He said it seems like just a few months ago I was a baby.  Awwww!
8) When I was younger, I liked the plastic taste of measuring tape from sewing kits.  I have no clue why.
9) I like fragrance-free lotion THE BEST!!  I love a neutral scent.  But my favorite soap HANDS DOWN is Oil of Olay.  I would like it even more if it wasn't so expensive.
10) It was a billion degrees here last week. 95+ with indices 100+.  I broke into a sweat walking to a mail box 100 yards from my front door!!  PEOPLE, PLEASE!!  Get to praying that that was the LAST week of that this year!!  If you care about me at all!!  I implore thee!!
11) Sometimes it's weird to me when people change their last names when they get married.  I always assumed I would but the older I get, the less sure I am of that.  I don't know why it's only sometimes weird, either.
12) So much has happened in the last week I don't even know where to start.  Sometimes I accomplish more in a single day than in 3 weeks this summer.  It's utterly ridiculous and sort of thrilling at the same time.
13) I hit rock bottom the other day... I asked Rashan to tape some Food Network and bring it to me... I'm such an addict.  Pray for me.


Nerd Girl said...

1. Ditto. This isn't the longest my hair has ever been, but in my mind I still have baby locs and am like "what are they talking about" when people tell me how much my hair has grown.
2. I've never had a good piece of red velvet cake. Sorry, I don't get it. Pink lemonade? I'll pass.
5. LOL! I once had a white boss named Tyrone. I giggled every time I went in his office. No wonder he went by "Ty."

Not So Anonymous said...

1. My hair is growing back wonderfully, but I want it all the way back.
2. Um...that just sounds delicious...I'm just saying.
3.I hate people, even bloggers, who ask for an opinion and then catch an attitude when you say what they don't like...I can't stand that.
5. There was a time I only knew white Marcuses, but now they are all black..interesting.
8. That's just nasty, lol.

K. Rock said...

1. I am like that too. I don't know what it is about this week in particular but my hair is just super long. I love it.
3. I can totally relate. I think people just want someone to agree with them.
5. I don't know any white Marcus's either.
6. Thanks for the tidbit.
10. It's the same way in Atlanta. Hot as a mutha for no reason.
11. To each his own.
12. I can't go without my food tv either. You have a friend in me in that regard.

Anonymous said...

2. Hmm, I have texture and color issues when it comes to food, but I'd at least try it because I'm greedy and curious.
5. LOL! That's my son's name! Had a Marques (French dude) that I used to work with who pronounced it Marcus though.
13. There is nothing wrong with NEEDING the food network. Hmph! Nothing at all!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1. Heyyyy! Get yo grow on!. I'm just waiting for mine to grow back *crickets*
2.Does not sound good. Only because I do NOT like lemon cake or ice cream at all.
3.Riiiight! Don't ask if you really don't want the truth. I mean Really?!?
4. You have me about to start trying the different Mexican places here!
5.Hmmm IDK I was thinking the same about Omar and Jamaal and nem.
6. Well thanks for the knowledge! *eye roll* LOL!
7.Awww! Him baby done growed up!
8.Stop it! I guess you get a pass cause you were younger. Do you do it now secretly??? That's the question.
9. I like scented fruity scents. My favorite reg lotion is Palmer's Shea butter formula. Loves! I use to use Oil of Olay shea soap. But I like Lever 2000 fresh scent. See I'm all over the place with scent. LOL!
10. I'm soooo jealous. It was over cast for 3 days. 3!!!!!
13. Now that's serious!

Sparkling Red said...

I know one Marcus and he is most definitely white. Actually he looks almost exactly like Zachary Quinto, without the five o'clock shadow. http://zach-quinto.com/

Trish said...

2. I had a piece of pink lemonade cake, it just had a yellow circular center, it was just okay.

3. I agree about advice. I warn people when I'm just venting vs. wanting their advice.

4. There are a million Mexican restaurants here.

10. It's hot as EVER here,I mean unbearable, miserable, I don't want to go outside heat.

Serenity3-0 said...

I only know black guys named Marcus. My hair isn't to that point yet, but it's getting there!

Jameil said...

nerd... 1) lololol 2) i just don't like it. pass on both.

nsa... 1) lol. be patient!
2) you have fun w/that.
3) it's RAMPANT!!
5) lolol
8) hush.

k.. 1) wheeeeee@@
3) they do... but don't pretend like you're open when you know you're not.
5) lol
6) you're welcome!
10) ugh!!
11) yeah... and sometimes the reverse is weird to me.
12) yay!!

mrs. t... 2) i'm with you!
5) hahahaha! i knew a black marques who called himself marcus.
13) yay!!

gp... 1) don't mind if i do! you can do it!
2) i like lemon cake and sorbet but this wasn't delicious.
3) exactly.
4) do it!
5) lol
6) you're welcome!
7) she has!
8) i so don't! lol. but i thought about it the other day! hahahaha
9) i can't do the fruit or flowers.
10) you really don't want this.
13) so serious!

red... lolololol

trish... 2) pass
3) good idea
4) mmmm

serenity... lol. WE'RE PROVING MY POINT THE WORLD OVER!!! Your hair is so cute!