Birthday List!!

With less than two weeks before my birthday, August 23rd, I know you're clamoring for my birthday list, wondering why it is I haven't graced you with it yet.  To that I say, "My bad! You know I love y'all!"  I was trying to do this challenge and moving to my new place (where I smell my neighbor's cigarette smoke through my walls-- GROSS!!) without internet yet. 

And now I can't stop reading this book "Secret Daughter: A Mixed-Race Daughter and the Mother Who Gave Her Away."  It's pretty amazing.  I zipped through it in 2.5 days while unpacking.  I bought it on one of my book-buying binges.  If I don't get these on my birthday, don't feel like you still can't hook a sister up!  I also feel like I have less than 2 weeks to knock some of this stuff off of my 30 Before 30 list and the time is now!

1) A helicopter ride
2) A vineyard tour
3) Nude or grey pumps (like these)
4) A Giada de Laurentiis cookbook
5) An Ina Garten cookbook
6) Jewelry... like diamond studs (My ears are so over costume jewelry somewhat to my chagrin.)
7) An awesome meal in a cute, delicious restaurant
8) A yummy trip to one of the many bakeries or ice cream shops here
9) A tour of the Krispy Kreme Doughnut Factory (WHICH IS JUST MINUTES FROM MY HOUSE!!!!!)
10) A film (LOL)
11) To win that awesome & incredibly expensive mattress I entered a contest for!
12) Find the random items I'm missing from among my things (my silverware, a bag of shoes I haven't been able to find all summer, aluminum foil (see what I mean by random??))
13) Ride a mechanical bull
14) The Complete Vegetarian Kitchen by Lorna Sass.  I gave this to Stace for Christmas when she was pretending to stop eating meat (LOLOL) but first I looked through it and OMG!!  I was like, "If I had this book, I would totally eat vegetarian 3xs a week like I want to try!"
15) A really sharp knife.  Why?  Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies.


Ladynay said...

I think this is the first time I noticed anyone ask for foil on their birthday! :-)

Adei von K said...

I'm excited you're asking for jewelry! I like buying jewelry!

"When she pretended to stop eating meat"?! We talked abt this! I can't omit anything from my diet! And I only eat a hamburger like once a month, hmph!

I got you on the knife. Straight from my momma's kitchen. Remember how sharp them mugs were?! Oooooh weeeee!

K. Rock said...

Whew...good luck on this list. I will vouch for your last item though. I need a knife so bad!! My sharpest knife won't even cut butter.

Not so Anonymous said...

when she was pretending to stop eating meat, that was hillarious.

You're bday list sounds great, especially the vineyard tour and diamonds!! I think my fingers are over costume jewelery...My fave ring caused a green ring around my finger last week...imagine me devastated :(

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

I think its super wise to make a list of wants. It's always weird to get gifts from people that I know they bought thinking of themselves. Oh thanks for the neon lime green sweater?!?
I need some new silverware and a sharp knife too. Diamonds and a nice meal perfect b-day! I hope you get ALL the things on your list. Wouldn't that be great!!!!!!

Naima said...

Yay, birthday list!!

Wait...did you say that you're minutes from the Krispy Kreme doughnut factory???? *faints*

Trish said...

I'd like #1, #2 and 13! That's a great birthday list. Teddy is already on me about giving him a Christmas list, this year is flying!

SincerelyGo said...

I love this list, girl you are crazy. Have fun on that bull make sure you get Rah to upload the video. Krispy Kreme doughnut shop. No maam, my fat ass would be in a corner stuffing doughnuts all in my bra. Lmao.

Cigarettes should not be smoked inside..now had you been my neighbor about a year or so ago..your ass wld be waking up high. Lol. Have fun knocking these things off on your list.



Sparkling Red said...

I really need to see a video of you riding a mechanical bull. That'll be on my birthday list, for September. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry - I stopped reading at #9. Minutes from the KK factory? Seriously??? ****faints****

Jameil said...

lady... hahahaha!!

adei... but only real jewelry if it's going in my ears and really i mostly want diamonds. hahahahaha. i am THEE worst.

you totally pretended despite that!! don't make me find it on your blog!! don't do it!!

i don't want your handmedown knife! plus TM's already got me on that! yesssss!!

k... thank you! one of my bloggers is hooking me up! yessss!! not butter, tho!! come on k. rock!! what kind of food stamp is THAT?!!?

nsa... hahahaha. she really did tho!

oh no on the ring! that's horrid! my ears are becoming such haters!! the vineyard tour is so happening! i'm really endeavoring to make this entire list come true! i can't wait!!!

gp... i make lists for every gift-giving occasion and request them from others. i don't like giving or receiving unwanted gifts. not neon lime green sweater! ROTFL!! all the things would be AWESOME!!

nai... yeahhhh!!! MINUTES!! i'm in borders almost looking at it.

trish... thank you! this year is going crazy and trying to take me with it! i ain't wit it, i ain't wit it! lol

go... thanks! i'm gonna have a blast!!! dead @ doughnut stuffing!! cigs are soooo gross!! i'm actually more tolerant of weed tho i don't smoke it.


mrs.t... giiiiirl!!