Wrap That Up, B*

When we were in college, I was so excited to be in a place where I was making friends for life!  For the first time, I was meeting people from all over the country (New York, Michigan, Maine, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, California, New Jersey, Missouri, Maryland, Indiana and those were just some of the ones I was in closest proximity to), and whose parents were from all over the world (Trinidad, Ghana, Barbados, the Czech Republic, Brazil, Morocco (the latter three from the tennis teams)).  The south is much more diverse now than even 15 or 20 years ago when I was growing up.  But back then, if you lived outside of Florida, most of the people you met were likely born and raised in this country, their parents, too.  At least that was my experience.  Anyway, as I say, my horizons were being expanded and I loved it!

I was excited to learn some things from my new friends who had grown up experiencing things I knew nothing about.  This is how I got into 3-6 Mafia and UGK... Lolol.  I really started loving some HOOD music.  Stace and I clicked and for the first time I started wrapping my hair in pretty printed cloths like I was seeing on campus.  I learned the regular rolled around your palm into a sort of bun my freshman year.  Sophomore year, I wanted to expand a little bit so I said to Stace, "Does your mom wrap her hair?"  She said, "Sometimes."  I said, "Ooh! Teach me something!"  "I don't know anything."  "Come on! Yes you do! I want to learn something!" "I really don't know." "You have to know something." "Okay I have one for you."  (Triumphantly) "See? I knew it!"  She goes to work with my wrap on my head twisting madly then steps back and says, "Done."  I look in the mirror and she has just essentially dumped a pile of fabric on my head.  I looked at her like, "You batch" and she's already cracking up.  "I told you I didn't know."  HEFFA!!!!  And that was the last time I ever asked Stace anything about Ghana.  Remembering this story I am now going to skip my trip to South Florida today.

*Quote from an episode of the ever hilarious Chappelle Show


Adei von K said...


I still don't remember this event in our friendship!!! IF it did happen, that is HUH-LARIOUS!!!!!!!

I already told my dad you're coming. And Koko too.

Trish said...

That is FUNNY! At least she tried, lol! I would have loved to see your facial expression when you looked in the mirror, haha!

Anonymous said...


Rashan Jamal said...

Did you ever rock that turban or was that before your time? That used to drive me crazy. All the girls from ATL would wear those and I thought they looked silly.

Jameil said...

adei... you're a mess. i bet you don't remember it. hmph. i know your dad & koko were geeked!

trish... she wasn't trying anything but to play me!!

epsi... don't encourage her!

rj... never did that. not really even too sure what you're talking about.

Mrs Count said...

LOL- she told you she didn't know!

Jameil said...

tm... DON'T ENCOURAGE HER!!! She told me she didn't know then faked it!