Picture Time!

While I was coming up with the content for my lecture to the NationalBroadcastingSociety on campus (they want me to talk about my experiences and my program), I brought out this picture from my time in Pittsburgh.  I loved seeing this view when I was working early mornings.  The daily sunrises almost made up for the ungodly hours.  Almost. 

I haven't seen a sunrise in over a year.  Lol.  I've been awake for them a couple of times but usually because I wasn't yet asleep from the night before.  I told you my sleeping patterns are jacked up!

For New Year's Rashan and I went to see the peach drop in Atlanta.  When I tell you it was THE most underwhelming thing, I MEAN IT!!  Do you see how miniscule that peach is?  It was probably about 5 feet at it's largest point... and it dropped a whopping 20 feet.  There was no audible group countdown.  SO LAME!!!  But Morris Day & the Time was there and once everybody left we could actually get in position to see and hear him.  That was kind of cool until he brought up women to shake on the stage with him.  When he lined them up with their butts facing the audience I had to leave.  Are you serious with that?  You are 50 years old!!  Leave that at the LilWayne concert.  Time to step up your act.  Ugh.  So annoying.  But how cute do me and Rah look?  Very!  Lol.  After this we searched the city for a place to eat but everywhere had a 30-45 minute wait for breakfast... yeah... we went home and cooked.  I don't remember what we ate, though.

Why was there a squirrel chillin on my mom's front porch when we drove up one day?  And let us get crazy close!  Dude... are you serious with that?  Apparently he does this on a regular basis because my mom said he thinks he lives there... Uh... you don't!  Hilarious!  I asked her if she feeds it and she got indignant.  Lol.  Why would he keep coming on YOUR porch sniffing around?  So funny.

I met my cousin's son for the first time Christmas day.  My aunt (his grandma) held him up to the tree so we could all coo at him as he awakened and take photographs.  He took the photography like a champ!  (My genes.)  I love how it looks like she's about to place in on the tree like a little ornament.  Lolol.  He's even cuter in person.

And this final picture is from going to see the Princess and the Frog in Charlotte with my friend Classy Jojo.  So fun!  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was her second time seeing it.  The first time was at her home in New Orleans with her niece.  How exciting to see it there!  And she said the entire theater cheered at the end.  So cool!  :)  How about she also said her and her sister had bought her niece an outfit to wear and she said, "I don't wanna.  I'm gonna look dumb."  They said, "You're six! Put it on."  Lololol.  How cute do I look in this picture?  I guess I should let you guys tell me about my awesomeness instead of preempting it, huh?  Whatevs.  I figured since it's been a while since I showed you what I look like I could do it in post form with a little catch up of the things I hadn't shared!


Ginae said...

loving all the pics. cute baby, cute squirrel, cute couple and cute pose with the poster..oh yeah and cute coat you got on too..

so that would be a unanimous cute! lol..

oh yeah wouldn't it be so cute if the word verification to post my comment had ended up being cute? lol..

now i'm gonna need all the bloggers and lurkers who read Jam's blog to their pics in this post. well i don't think blogger allows for this but wouldn't that be cute if it did. lol..

okay i'm just being silly but i do like when you share pics. i like being able to put faces with names of people I "know" but have never met in person.

Rashan Jamal said...

It's crazy how often I'm up at sunrise, but I don't see it.

Wack peach.. Morris Day and the Time are dope.

That squirrel had no fear at all. I thought it was gonna let you pet it.

He was a cute baby. and quiet too. My type of kid.

How dare they torture that kid like that. LOL That is an awesome picture.

Sparkling Red said...

You look super-cute in that last picture, and I'm glad that you're not shy to toot your own horn.

Jameil said...

ginae... thanks! lolol. you are a mess! i like being able to put faces to names, too!

rj... right? lamest peach ever. the squirrel was gonna let me pet it until it saw you. cute & quiet is my kind of kid, too!! that pic is hilarious. lol

red... thanks! :) never had that particular problem. i had a h.s. bf who chastized me for that and had me shook for a minute but i've gotten over it!

Virgil said...

Here, I don't really believe this will work.