Monday Mindspacing Vol. 33

1) People should not be allowed to respond on fb (or anywhere else) if they are going to only state the obvious.  Do you REALLY think that clever/sarcastic dude doesn't know he made a double entendre?  Or are you really that stupid?
2) I want a Wii Fit really badly after workin it at Stace's.  I also want someone to compete with and beat.
3) You know how there are people who looooove quotes? Count me out.  I rarely see the point in a single quote somewhere for inspiration or whatever.  But if you do, that's wonderful.  I had a friend who was obsessed with quotes and almost as obsessed w/foisting them on me despite my well-documented dislike of the same.  Face.
4) After getting rave reviews, I decided to try Google Reader.  I only like it for people who don't post regularly or whose blogs I don't comment on (mommy bloggers & the only design blog i like so far-- anyone know of any others they like?).  Then I don't have to visit their blogs and it still lets me know if they posted.  But I wish the reader at the top of the page had a number next to it so I could know whether or not to click on it when I'm in gmail.
5) I had a good time in high school... but it was 10 years ago.  I don't talk to anyone I knew from high school (I have friends from before h.s.) and I don't really want to reconnect... that's probably mean but #kanyeshrug
6) Why do British people and Canadians hate Z's?  Realise, I know there are more.  What's up with that?  Do they refuse to put Z's in names, too?
7) I'm not joining any fb group that has more than 5 words in the name.  Okay I lied.  I'm not joining any group.
8) Are y'all really gonna keep using people's mugshots on your fb pages?  Like look at my homie?
9) Was there a point where the producers of '30 Minute Meals' told Rach she didn't have to say 'EVOO, that's extra virgin olive oil' and could now just say EVOO and everyone would know what she meant?  I feel like we should be there if we're not.  Lol.
10) When I was in undergrad and said my major was broadcast journalism people were constantly asking me if I wanted to be on tv.  Whatever.  But when I said no, they would try to convince me otherwise.  Seriously?  How do you think the news gets on the air?  All the pretty people certainly don't do that work!!  Some do a little of it but all of them?  Yeah no.
11) Sometimes the smell of newsprint and raw wood makes my throat close.  Really weird.  And it's been true for as long as I can remember.  Hence the reason I hated going to the hardware store with my dad.
12) Deaf people are discriminated against by closed captioning.  Really?  You [BEEP] when they say the curse word on tv because deaf people aren't allowed to curse?  THAT'S RACIST!!  Wait... that's a Dave Chappelle sketch.  Beep it for all or beep it for none!  Deaf power!
13) "You kicked the game-winning field goal! How does it feel!?" "HORRIBLE! I'VE HAD NIGHTMARES ABOUT THIS MOMENT!!"  Find another way to do post-game interveiws.  That is an idiotic question.


Anonymous said...

1. I am still waiting for a dislike button. That would be hilarious.

2. I want a Wii Fit too. And Guitar Hero. And DJ Hero. You get the picture lol

6. I asked my English professor that question and never got a good answer.

Ladynay said...

2) Me too! When one of my hustle checks come through I may have to sacrifice something and buy it!

11) Maybe you're allergic to something used in the process

12)ROFL @ deaf power

gee said...

LOL@ EVOO.. i was thinking the same thing!

kisz4tj said...

I only made it this far "Deaf people are discriminated against by closed captioning." I.CAN'T!! ROFL

Mrs Count said...

3) I looooove quotes. I keep them taped to my monitor.
4)I don't know what I would do without google reader, maybe I read too many blogs.
5)Reconnecting sucks. Leave me alone, go make new friends. If I liked you, I would have kept you around.

Sparkling Red said...

5) I'm still in touch with only two high school "friends": my first serious boyfriend (who is now married with a kid - he and his wife are "couples friends" to me and my husband) and my ex-husband (the other serious boyfriend)who I keep in touch with via e-mail. Many people might find this strange or bad, but that's how I roll.

Rashan Jamal said...

1. its even worse when they don't read what you wrote and ask obvious questions. jerks
2. Give me a couple weeks and we can get our competition cracking
3. "I'm too loyal...and too focused... to be losing...and be hopeless. LOL
4. never got into the reader yet.
5. I be nervous when people from high school try to contact me. I did NOT have fun.
6. because they are awesome!!!
7. yeah, i'm not joining any groups either. took me forever to be a fan of my brother
8. WOW, I haven't seen that. Crazy
9. EVOO used to confuse me before you came into my life.
10. Wait, they don't freestyle those?
11. you and your weird allergies.
12. LMAO!!That's hilarious!
13. more proof that athletes shouldn't be asked questions. just play the game.

Adei von K said...

Ditto Epsi! I want a dislike button!!!! FB would never do that.

I think it's funny to see realise and the lot of them... 'organise' and that's all I can think of now. Mom uses "Queen's English" and doesn't use Zs!

LMAO @ groups with more than 5 words in their name!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!

Everyone should know what EVOO is by now. even if you don't watch her religiously, ask somebody cause I'm sure SOMEBODY you know knows what that means!

You are too funny

Liz Dwyer said...

4) I have google reader but I'm always forgetting to check it. Fail.

6) Criticise with no "z". I don't know why their spellings are kinda sexy to me.

13) They do ask the dumbest questions. Sometimes I wish the athletes would respond with total nonsense.

Elle Willa said...

I want that wii fit too...but really I just want to bowl.

(yeah I know it's been a minute, but your blog is still fabulous as ever!)

Nerd Girl said...

2. I'm trying to talk myself out of a Wii, but they are so much fun! Never done Fit, but really want to.

3. I love quotes! Obsessed? Not so much.

5. Ten years? Young 'un!

8. Wow. So glad I have never seen this phenomenon!

9. I can't handle her. I enjoy her magazine, but to watch her show drives me batty. Can't do it.

Sha Boogie said...

I love that Rach says 'EVOO' and I get it! It makes me feel like I'm in on a personal cooking secret code speak type of thing, lol

L Speaks said...

lol... I like how your write and your thoughts. would like to follow you
:-) You hit on alot of what others think. I wanna invite you to my blog:asistasheart.blogspot.com
I love talking about things other ppl dont!

Jameil said...

epsi... lol. & i want all that stuff too! she probably didn't know!

lady... 2) nice 11) ROTFL!! uh... yeah!! probably. 12) lol

gee... glad we're on one accord!

kisz4tj... lol well that's most of the way!

tm... 3) i remember. you're one of the people who reminded me of this about me. lol 4) reader def. helps but then i end up feeling like now that i've read it all in one place, what do i do w/this time? b/c i don't feel like working. la.zy. 5) exactly. let's just deal w/us having moved on w/our lives and leave it at that.

red... i don't keep in touch w/anyone from h.s. everyone from before college is from elementary or middle school. you have to do what works for you!

rj... 1) exactly. 2) let's get it! 3) lllllllaaaaammmmmeeeee 4) say what now? 5) right? i liked it and i don't want to be bothered! 6) ok crazy. 7) lol just starting them, right? 8) so ridiculous. this dude was like, "my baby brother. i miss you man, can't wait til you get out." he was accused and i guess convicted of double homicide.......................... 9) lol. i've improved your life in so many varied ways! 10) really? 11) hush. 12) it's so ridiculous to me! 13) lolol. if you're going to ask them questions, don't ask such STUPID ones. that's all i'm saying.

adei... lol. i want one but i'm not joining groups for it. organise! i think i like them. ask your mom why she hates on Zs, momma Zs, rosie perez! 'i know every house has a smell but i can't smell mine!!' is an actual group. y'all are idiots. i'm sorry. it had to be said. not ask somebody! lol

la... 4) lolol! defeating the point. 6) that's another! sexy? *head tilt* idk about that. lol 13) "the ball and then the hoop and woooo! we won!!" then walk away. hahahahahahahaha

elle... i rock at bowling on the wii! it made me wonder if kids who wii bowl before they bowl in life will be better at real bowling. thanks! :) isn't it weird that i'm still going?

nerd... 2) i can't talk myself out of it! fit is a hater but i still want one! 3) i can't get into 'em. 5) ha! 8) i wish i hadn't not only seen it but several times. 9) lol! a lot of people say that. i do find that i enjoy her mag more now and sometimes i don't really want to watch the show.

sha... lol. 'eyeball it.'

l speaks... thanks!