Monday Mindspacing Vol. 31

1) This probably takes some of my Southern street cred but I don't like fried green tomatoes.  I'm tomato picky as you know and fried and green = nasty to me.  Yuck.  (Southern street cred already gone because I don't like iced tea, greens, yams or chitlins.)
2) Dirty condiment containers are so disgusting to me.  Like a ketchup bottle with dried ketchup all over it?  YUCK.  Please tell me that gets your home sanitation score lowered.
3) My Netflix follows me when I go to different places and that means the 'local favorites' on the site change.  Near Rashan, horrible black movies *shudder*, in Gainesville, the weirdest mix ever.  Just like the cities but still amusing.
4) I don't like eating the same thing for dinner two nights in a row.  Dinner leftovers for lunch?  Fine?  But same dinner consecutive nights?  Can't do it.  It makes me feel like life is boring.  I'm sitting down every night eating this mindless dinner, watching tv with half-shuttered lids, shoveling my fork from plate to mouth.  Open, close, open close, open close.  Then I die.
5) Purple cauliflower makes me nervous.  Why is it so obnoxiously bright, especially when cooked?  A bit frightening.  Like the hooker of cauliflower.  Vegetable of loose morals.  SMH.  You, too, blue potatoes.  HARLOT.
6) I cut my finger while cooking last week then the following day on separate occasions got jalapeno and lime juice in the cut. OUCH!!!  Some serious burn.  I also managed to get jalapeno juice IN MY EYE.  Please God never again on all 3 counts.
7) My mom thought it was so weird when I'd turn off the vents during the summer when riding in the car.  The reason: it made my eyeballs cold.  She would start cracking up!   I was so serious though..  Cold eyeballs are not the business.  Rashan thinks it's weird too.  All that cold air freezing my eyes and semi-drying them out.  I'm so straight.  Just keep the car cool.  Since it's been really cold here this last week (IN THE 20S AND 30S DURING THE DAY!!!), the heat is drying my eyes out, too.  Bah.
8) My boyfriend is the funniest little old man.  You know how some guys are creeped out by "That Crazy Lady Show" aka "Snapped"?  Not my man!  That's his bedtime story!  He puts it on to fall asleep.  I knew this already but seeing it in action?  Huh.larity.
9) When I start reading a blog in the middle of some juicy drama, I'm always SOOOO confused.  Like wait, what?  Who is this dude who knocked you up then left you when you were 8 months pregnant and y'all were supposed to be getting married????  I don't get into celebrity gossip (as I will not stop saying until people stop trying to engage me w/it) but regular blogger business?  All UP in that!!!  Lolol.  SOMETIMES.  Sometimes I'ma need y'all to stop having drama ALLLL the time!
10) I love taking Rashan shopping with me.  I like that he has opinions about shoes and clothes and knows why he doesn't like it.  He doesn't really think I like his opinions but I do!
11) After buying sriracha (Thai hot sauce), I'm really close to now putting it on EVERYTHING.  Grits, eggs, burgers, salmon, potatoes, sandwiches.  Next up: cereal, cookies & coffee!!  Lol.  Just kidding.  But savory stuff?  WHAT'S UP SRIRACHA!!!!???
12) Know what is irritating?  When I have so much to do I flit around accomplishing pieces of everything and all of nothing!!  Until I say to myself did you really pick up that towel to fold it, think of something else to do, put it down and walk away?  I also try to do things in the least amount of steps possible which means I overthink things sometimes and will turn in a circle as I decide to do this first no wait that, no this no AHHHH!!  And it's just as crazy as it sounds. 
13) I literally cannot stop watching movies.  I'm still shoveling them in at 2 and 3 a day.


Sparkling Red said...

5) What is your angle on Broccoflower?

6) OMG! I can't even be in the same room where jalapenos are being chopped. My eyes water like crazy and I start to choke.

10) I almost never shop without my husband. He has excellent taste.

Naima said...

LMAO @ "vegetable of loose morals"!!!

Sha Boogie said...

NO yams, greens of FRIED GREEN TOMATOES?!?! Ugghh....best friend in my head, you fail and disappoint me *sigh*

#12 totally describes me, hubby calls it 'popcorn brain'. It will take me all day to clean up. I start in one room and two seconds later I'm in another, I get all of NOTHING done!

1969 said...

You have ocd. I'm convinced. LOL

I love sriracha too!!! Coffee though? I'll let you try it first.

Rashan Jamal said...

1. Never had fried green tomatoes, but I'd like to correct you. In the south, its not called iced tea..it's called tea.
2. Are you talking about my mayonnaise jar? LOL
3. What are they like in Charlotte?
4. This makes very little sense to me as you know. I don't see the difference.
5. LMAO @ loose moralled veggies. I don't think I ever paid attention to cauliflower of any sort.
6. Didn't I give you a band aid? Why was stuff getting in the cut?
7. I used to have dry eyes when I wore contacts. Rewetting drops were the business.
8. It's the narration, I think. I used to do the History Channel, but its all about Nostradamus and Armageddon now. I need to write a letter to them about the lack of actual history on that channel now.
9. NOSY!
10. I feel like sometimes you want me feedback,but other times you just use me as an excuse not to get what you want. And then blame me for it later.
11. That was a fun game naming crazy stuff to put Sriracha on. Marshmallows, grapes, popsicles...
12. I do that too, but I wouldn't use the word flit, because that just sounds... suspect. LOL
13. It's not easy to break that habit, huh?

Not so Anonymous said...

1. I don't like fried green tomatoes either, but what kind of person doesn't like iced tea or greens?? UGH...I see you in a whole different light now, lol. Jk.
2. I either want a mini sized personal condiment container or a packet...but I hate using the containers others have used, even if they appear clean.
3. I have a blue ray now, which will download netflix from my wifi...I'm excited to use this new contraption.
4. You'd hate living in my house, lol.
5. any color cauliflower makes me nervous.
6. my finger hurts now...squint.
7. hmmmm....stange
9.what blog is that, i wanna read?? haha
12. that's been the story of my life for the past 2 weeks..it's not a good look for me.
13. I watched a lot of movies over the holiday, by a lot I mean like 6, haha.

Jameil said...

red... please tell me you made that up! 6) that would kill me!! i love cooking w/jalapenos! 10) so cool!

naima... it really is tho.

sha... omg i lost a bf in my head that i didn't even know i had... i'ma shed an imaginary tear for that one. rotfl @ popcorn brain! i've gotta get a hold of that!!

1969... what? what i do? you drink coffee more than me so i think you should really be the one to take the plunge. i'll defer to you b/c i'm nice like that. you're welcome.

rj... 1) the tomatoes aren't worth trying if you ask me. & iced tea is also acceptable. 'sweet tea' is not. assume it's sweet.
2) YUCK!! & yes, it's included.
3) well as my mom is in the 'burbs probably a bunch of tarentino & kids movies.
4) whatev. deal w/it.
5) i see it on these food shows i watch a lot esp. top chef.
6) yeah but my mom always told me you have to let your cut get air sometimes so i mostly just slept w/the bandaid on.
7) i might need some of those.
8) whatever it is it's nutty!
9) shut it.
10) if i really want it, clearly i ignore you. see: my new plate & those square glasses.
11) lol
12) rotfl @ a 35yo man flitting!!
13) nope... not that i've really tried that hard.

nsa... 1) ME! That's who! lol @ different light. brighter, yes?
2) please don't give me any new complexes... "do you have personal condiments? i can't use those touched by others."
3) cool!
4) couldn't do it!!
5) lol. right??
6) mine's ok b/c i'll pretend like it didn't happen.
7) shhhh.
9) i don't even know how to find these random blogs again. i just click on people's sidebars.
12) we need to get it together!
13) i watched at least 50! crazy movie lady indeed!

Mrs Count said...

I was looking for good fried rice recipes and I saw one that had an ingredient I wasn't familiar with. Sriracha hot sauce- how timely. Well here's an easy recipe for you to use your hot sauce in. It also uses eggs- bonus for you! Make sure you add 2 to your egg count for the year.


Jameil said...

tm... i hate chinese food. lol. ok maybe not hate but i don't like it. i eat it maybe once a year. i don't think i had any in 2009 though. maybe an egg roll. i like those. and egg drop soup.