The Week in Food

Rashan and I are serious about the food.  Since he's joined me in the December fitness challenge (brat), he's getting hungrier more often!  Yay!  He'll always eat with me but he's rarely hungry.  We'll fix that right on up!  Anyway, so since I've been here we've tried 2 new restaurants.  One was a Mexican restaurant, Los Bravos (okay salsa, good chile relleno, pretty good fish taco, yummy margarita).  So aside from the things I've cooked, for which there are posts, here is a look at the yummy food we've eaten in just the last week together.

We also had fried dill pickle spears with jalapeno ranch dipping sauce from Vortex.  AWESOME!  We've had fried pickles before and I really almost think we enjoy them more every time we have them!

For our burgers, Rashan got the Hell burger... yeah... I clearly wanted no parts of that.  I want some heat, not fire and brimstone.  Look at that toasted jalapeno on top.  No.  I got the big blue buffalo turkey burger.  Basically this burger was smothered in their hot wing sauce and topped with blue cheese spread.  YUMMMM!!  We have tried almost every burger on their menu.  No, Aretha, I'm not down with the Elvis burger with bacon, peanut butter & banana because I'm adventurous about meats, spices and other cultures.  That just sounds like crazy.  If someone else got it, I'd try it but to get an entire thing?  I'm gonna pass on that.

(L) Hell burger, (R) Normal burger

And for our 2nd new restaurant, the much-talked about Fellini's Pizza (AMAZING spinach, mushroom, fresh garlic & extra cheese pizza... A.MA.ZING. So good Rashan declined to complain about the lack of meat! Lol).  That joint smelled DELICIOUS and it was!  Mmmmm.  Did I make you hungry?  I hope to make you even hungrier later this week when I post my Christmas breakfast menu (after the breakfast in case any of my cousins are reading).


Ladynay said...

Still can't make myself buy a fried pickle.

I can't see the burger in the Hell Burger. Is the chesse melted over it?

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm that pizza looks delish!

Trish said...

Yes, you made me hungry! That pizza looked great minus the mushrooms. I love dill pickles and had no idea people fried them, not sure if I want to try them or not. Keep the pics coming! Lol!

Mrs Count said...

I'm definitely hungry now. I can't wait to get my tacos al carbon for lunch!

Rashan Jamal said...

MMMM FOOOOOOD!!! Let's see what I can whip up for tonight, since I'll be solo.

Momisodes said...

Okay, I was totally skeptical of fried pickles until about 4 months ago.

Then my sister-in-law made me try them as appetizer at a restaurant.

To DIE for!

Jameil said...

lady... you are seriously cheating yourself on the pickles. there's pepper jack cheese & habanero spread. the pizza was AWESOME.

trish... yay! lol. i <3 mushrooms. you should TOTALLY try fried pickles if you love them!! you will loooove these! many more food pics to come. lol

tm... yeah! mmmm tacos!

rj... good luck!

momisodes... I KNOW!! lol