Monday Mindspacing Vol. 28

1) Sometimes soggy bread on a sandwich is enough to make me not want to eat another bite.  YUCK.  I don't care if it's because it's a warm sandwich, I can't abide soggy bread.  FIREHOUSE.  Especially when it's so wet it basically disintegrates?  *gag*
2) Confession: I know we have a lot of student-run media on campus but I seriously CANNOT STAND all of the Tim T.ebow fawning.  You are a (student) journalist.  Hold yourself together.  You can be super fan (if you're not covering him) but not on the clock.  How can you claim impartiality when you're crying at his last game as you interview people?  That last sentence is an exaggeration but not terribly far off.
3) Can we please stop using red as a wedding color?  It's abrasive.
4) Sometimes 'Happy Holidays' seems so standoffish next to 'Merry Christmas.'  And sometimes, I feel bad saying 'Merry Christmas' because I'm around people of such varied celebrations on a regular basis.
5) Have I ever told you I don't like candy canes?  Especially not peppermint ones.  Yuck.  I think they look cute on trees but please don't offer me any and take as many as you want to eat if they're on my own tree.
6) Did you say 'announciate'?  Enunciate?  Pronounce?  Articulate?  Which one?
7) Rashan usually calls me on a break and/or his lunch.  I like the breaks better b/c at lunch, I'm just getting wound up at 30 minutes and then he has to go.  We make up for it with 4+ hours every night, though.
8) Another irritating spelling error?  Ect.  It's etc.  The full word is et cetera.  And it's actually two words that I'm not asking you to learn how to spell.  Etc.  Thanks.
9) I am a conundrum.  Shocked you didn't I!?  I like to teach people things but frequently scoff, "I can't believe he/she didn't know that!"  Not at the same time.  I realized it's mostly when people act like they're dropping some profound knowledge.  And also when it's really old news.  If you would bother to read even just the headlines of news websites a couple of times a week you might know more!  Says the news junkie who reads pieces of 7 or 8 papers a week.  My main obsession though is with the NYT & CNN.  I click through both a minimum of 3xs a day.
10) Rachael Ray's magazine website drives me crazy with the same popup EVERY SINGLE TIME I close the page to subscribe.  I'M ALREADY A SUBSCRIBER!!  LEAVE ME ALONE!!!  CAN YOU ISOLATE NON-UNIQUE VISITORS ALREADY!?!?!  UGH!!
11) If you could only have 3 stations, what would yours be?  Mine would be Food Network, Style Network & TBS.  Clearly the 3rd one was my wild card.  Lol.  I've started watching Travel Channel more b/c they have multiple food shows.
12) I was a super snotty child.  My parents had pet names for the plethora of tissues I amassed.  Mom- snot balls.  Dad- snot rags.  The latter while sneering.  Lol.  I kind of want to leave one next to each of them this Christmas to get that old time holiday feel!  Merry Christmas to me!  :) 
13) Wow... I just realized I haven't seen my dad in a year.  That's crazy.   He's in Pittsburgh, I'm in Florida and we meet in Charlotte for Christmas.  I'll see him at graduation, too in May!  Coo cooooo!  (Do the response)


Ladynay said...

1. Warm AND soggy bread is good if you just dipped your biscuit/roll in some gravy. That's 'bout it!
3. Red screams LOOK AT ME!!!! Some folks need the extra attention.
5) My kid don't like them either! Just found that out this year when she gave all the candy canes she got at school to me! LOL!
7. I don't have 4+ hours of stuff to share everyday with nobody! Then again I am not a phone person. The time spent is still impressive though!
8. The spelling error queen will not comment on this! LOL!
11. Discovery Health, Lifetime Movie Network, and Discovery Health again. LOL! Nah, the 3rd would be some kind of animation channel or Oxygen because I like to watch Snapped.
12. Eww!
13. Awwwwwww :-(

Not So Anonymous said...

1. Ditto on the soggy bread.
2. Tebow fawning is quite acceptable, lol
3. I so agree, very few people can pull it off.
4. I tell people to have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I figure they fit in one of the two categories.
5. They're no my faves, but they are a must eat during the holidays...at least one.
6. lol
7. 4+ hours of talking...good goodness ya'll are either crazy or just too adorable.
11. Mine would be msnbc, hgtv, and cnn. It was difficult only choosing three. I need abc, nbc, and cbs as well...but you made me choose, lol.
12. Just nasty..yuck

pserendipity said...

2. Who is this Tim Tebow I keep hearing about?
7. Four hours? Tim is done after about 1.
11. ABC, HGTV, and BRAVO.
13. I'm not sure I know the response. Sorry.

Nerd Girl said...

1. Soggy bread is just NASTY.
2. Who? Must google...
6. LOL! Not sure how I've been spared that one, but I'm thankful that I have.
11. Bravo, HGTV, TBS

Miss Snarky Pants said...

Totally feel where you're coming from on the soggy bread. One word to describe it = GROSS!!!!

My oldest child wants to get married in red. I told her if she does I'm not coming and if she begs/pleads with me long/hard enough to make me change my mind, I'm wearing black!!! LOL

If I could only have 3 stations, they would be BET, MTV and the Disney Channel. It's a weird mix I know but oddly enough, out of the nearly 900 channels I have, my television stays locked on one of them!!

Rashan Jamal said...

1. Who wants soggy bread? That's a no brainer.

2. The Tim Tebow slobbing gets on my nerves, but its not just UF, its ESPN, CBS, FOX Sports...

3. No, you shall get married in the harlots color!!! LOL

4. I just base it on what people say to me first. I'm happy when they say Merry Christmas, but I can deal with happy holidays. Seasons Greetings sounds wack to me.

5. There goes my plan to bring home lots of candy canes to hang on my Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

6. I didn't say any of those. I said...I can't even think of anything worse than that right now.

7. yep, we be getting it in on the phone.

8. can i just say blah blah blah and be done with it.

9. You conundrum!! stop being so confusing!

10. I hate the netflix pop ups i get on every site. I got a membership, leave me alone!!!

11. ESPN - for sports - Fox for 24 and ABC for the last season of Lost.

12 I'm totally going to start sneering next time you get snotty.. SNOT RAGS!!!

13. Is he going to be there for the Christmas brunch?

Jameil said...

i can't believe none of you know the response to coo cooooo is soooooo! wow...

lady... that's not really soggy, just wet & not at all what i mean. red is a mess. i was talking about the bridesmaids rather than the bride but regardless on the wedding day it's unacceptable. i don't even remember what i did w/candy canes. bartered them away or put them on the tree i guess. some of our phone time is spent watching movies together. lol spelling error queen! my coworkers used to call snapped "that crazy lady show." lololol. i'm actually really used to not seeing him for long periods of time.

nsa... it is ridiculous in journalists. they need to get it together!! please tell me who can pull off red as a wedding color & show your work!! lol. i like the combo! no candy canes for me! we're probably crazy & too adorable. lol. i get all my news from the internet. i rarely watch it anymore... lol. i'm sure my students would be appalled.

pseren... quarterback for my school's football team. 4+ lol. i totally forgot bravo. sub my last one for bravo!! TOP CHEF!

nerd... ain't it??? see response to seren. girl i saw that word on twitter from an educated woman & was flabbergasted! but i think she's from KY so... lol. i can't believe i forgot bravo!!

ms. b... appropriate word! married in red? YUCK! she would probably think you were a cool mom if you showed up in black since she wants to wear red. backfire! lolol. that mix sounds like a 13yo boy. he wants to be grown but still has some love for disney. lol. 900 channels?? good grief. and you still have nothing to watch! lolol

rj... 1. apparently lady nay. 2. seriously but you're a GA fan so that's to be expected. 3. no i shant so hush it on up. 4. where have you heard/seen season's greetings other than a greeting card? 5. you can bring home the candy canes. just don't expect me to help you eat them. 8. sure. just don't say ect. irr.i.ta.ting. 9. nope. 10. those, too but i usually don't see those until the end of the day b/c they're behind my screen. these jump at me EVERY SINGLE TIME i close that website. when i'm doing random searches it is SO irritating. and easy for them to fix! stop spamming me!! i will selectively punch you in the gut if/when you sneer at me. let's go. he won't be in town for the brunch but will be there before i leave.

kisz4tj said...

I'm tickled that you hate red at weddings.

Bird is a snot nose too...that's why I also call her Roscoe. So there's hope for her when she gets older huh?

Jameil said...

kis... i've seen it at least 3xs in pics in the last 6 months. make it stop!! re: bird, yes! there's hope! lol @ roscoe. but my snottiness didn't slow down until COLLEGE. that is a LOT of years of snot. but it slowed down SIGNIFICANTLY. I def. remember the day freshman year that was the first time I sneezed w/o needing a tissue. I CALLED MY MOM. lololol. i used to have to carry boxes of tissues with me at its worst AND my parents were required (and really still are) to have boxes of tissue in their cars. DUDE. we are NOT out of the water yet and i really don't think we'll ever be. keep the tissues!

Sparkling Red said...

I agree - soggy bread makes me want to hurl. I do not get open-face sandwiches smothered in gravy. It's so yuck.

I can't imagine only having 3 channels, now that I download shows instead of watching cable. The answer to "what's on?" is always "everything, if you have enough cash".

Momisodes said...

Has it really been that long since you saw your dad? I can't believe how quickly time has passed.

I'm with you on the soggy bread. One of the MANY reasons why I can't eat bread pudding.

I enunciate.

And I am a Food Network ADDICT!

Jameil said...

red... super nasty. i love sandwiches but only breakfast i.e. eggs benny should be open-faced. i'm all over watching tv online. that's why i think 3 channels might be okay.

momisodes... me too! i feel like i want to like bread pudding-- the flavors are all things i like but.. something just isn't there. You don't announciate? I LOVE FOOD NETWORK!!!!