I don't feel good.  Aye, mi estomago!  I have a post I could pull out but it's about how festive I felt shopping for Christmas and I'm not really in the mood to be festive.  I've been feeling strange all. day!   And now it's raining really hard and I just want to go curl up in my bed and not move... but I didn't get my exercise in for the day.  Booooo.  There's no way I can punk out on my 30 minutes on December 2nd!  Maybe I need a nap.  Sleeping with the rain coming down sounds like a great idea right about now!

I just got back from Publix... and I was hungry... yeah... Luckily though I had a plan because I knew what all the BOGOs were and whether they were a good deal or if 2 of something else would still be cheaper.  I got ingredients for 2-3 new recipes.  One of them I can't wait to try & really want to get into tonight but it's not looking good for that one!  I feel like I've been one step behind all day.  At least tomorrow I have no plans to leave the house... maybe not even to check the mail.  Okay maybe I'll check the mail and go on a walk.  But that's it!  You can't make me do any more! 

How about I got a free beer invite an hour before it ended yesterday.  AND five minutes after I put on my pjs. #notcool #guesswhosnotgoing  EXCEPT I have been cutting back on my drinking.  I can make exceptions when it's free, though!  HELLO!  However, something Rashan had told me was reinforced Thanksgiving: his family doesn't drink.  Like toasting with sparkling cider doesn't drink.  Ummm... why toast?  Or why break out special glasses & cider?  Can we just use our drinking glasses and whatever is in them?  Did I tell you I'm not a fan of sparkling cider?  AND I realized I don't like white grape juice anymore... odd.  There was also non-alcoholic red wine.  I didn't even know they made such a thing.

Rashan and I will be at my mom's for Christmas.  My mom, sister & I are hosting the annual family Christmas breakfast.  It is going to be AWESOME!  I'm already planning the menu.  And it includes sangria.  What?  We drink!  You can have o.j. if you want but my family believes in alcohol!  Lol.  My Aunt Louise organized my first (and only) book club and the only rule for hosting the meeting that month was having wine.  No food required.  THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!  Lolol.  We usually had at least light hors d'oeuvres but still. 

Oh and also for the brunch my cousin reminded me to have options for those who don't eat beef or pork... FACE.  She stopped eating beef & pork 2 years ago but my other cousin hasn't eaten it for at least 5 years, maybe a decade.  He doesn't eat poultry either.  My older sister also doesn't eat meat.  You know what I said?  "You may be surprised to learn this isn't my first rodeo. I have hosted actual vegetarians before."  Rashan said that's why I rub people the wrong way.  I mean, come on.  I know people have dietary restrictions.  Even those they put upon themselves.  I think my main irritation with the cousin who "gently reminded me" when it comes to food is that one time she told me I should stop eating beef and pork.  PAUSE.  That is one of my pet peeves!!!  I let you eat what you want and you let me eat what I want, okay?  Both times I wanted to say, "YOU ARE NOT THE FIRST PERSON TO STOP EATING BEEF & PORK!"  Clearly my friend Meagan hasn't for about 5 years.  And none of these people are doing it for religious reasons.  I will totally work with all of you on your food desires because trust and believe with my cookbooks, food mags & Food Network consumption, I have more than enough recipes for all of your palates.  I love you, but get it together & let's all calm down now, okay?  Thanks.


Not so Anonymous said...

Aw...feel better soon!

Christmas Breakfast?? That's a fabulous tradition to have.

No meat...huh? Unless it's for health reasons, I can't get with the non meat eaters. When I'm hungry the first thing I think about is what meat I'm going to eat, lol.

Rashan Jamal said...

Just to clarify, saying that's why you rub people the wrong way was not a criticism. Keep doing it, so I don't have to hang out with all those people you are cool with. LOL

1.79 for chicken breasts? If I didn't already have 2 packs in the freezer I would have to hit that up.

My first drink in front of my mom was when I was 30 I think. I think at this time I'm the only drinker, although my sister used to be a lush and I think my brother used to drink too. That being said, I've been cutting back on the sauce too, mainly because you are and have stopped trying to ply me with alcohol. LOL

Miss Snarky Pants said...

Sorry to read you're not feelin' too good. I hope you feel better!!!

LOL @ "my family believes in alcohol" --- Yours and mine both!!!

Thanksgiving at Rashans parents...
Christmas at yours...
Y"all are just soooooooo cute!!! :)

Jazzy said...

Awww feel better! Ginger Ale always helps my upset stomach.

sparkling cider? non-alcoholic wine? i can't!!!

lol @ "what? we drink!" It's the Holidays...eat drink and be merry yo!

DaniColoredGlasses said...

Feel better! The men in my fam drink the women not so much....hmmm...sounds like a personal problem. Put my white AND red wine next to juice options this Thanksgiving. Brought my own glasses and toasted to what I was thankful for....mmhmmm!

I'm working on my default *eye roll* about voluntary dietary restrictions. An ex of mine "doesn't eat pork"...I made some pork meatballs one day for work, walked into the room and there were empty spaces on the tray. GTFOH!

Jameil said...

nsa... i actually felt better before i even posted! christmas brekky is AWESOME!! i don't care if people don't eat meat as long as they don't go all crazy telling me how bad it is for me. i'm pretty meaterific, too!

rj... keep saying things like this and i will expose you for the social person you really are. and now they're up to $2.99/lb. uhhhh... 30!? My first drink in front of my mom was def. 21! As soon as I could I did! And brought friends over, too! You're only laying off the sauce b/c I am. FOLLOWER.

ms. b... alcohol helps! lolol. aren't we? :)

diva... i don't do non-alkie drinks either. i'd rather drink juice or water. thx. i will be doing all of the holiday eating drinking & merrying!

dani... the women drink more than the men i think in my fam. my cousin used to bartend tho so we usually conscript him. lol. i don't think he enjoys it tho. Liqs make it feel like a party! ROTFL @ the non-porker grabbing some! i just really don't like people trying to make me feel dirty for eating whatever it is i'm eating.