Late to Bed, Early to Rise Makes Jameil CRAZY

My father...

Dude.  Why did this man call me at 8:46 am yesterday?  Not cute.  Call ignored.  You know I don't do mornings.  Did you really call me at a time where an 8 was in the number?  If the little hand is anywhere near the 8, don't bother me, please.  Thanks.  I called him back around 11:30 and he was on his way somewhere.  I called him back after hanging with Classy Jojo (Hampton homie) at 6:30... why was this dude asleep?  And said, "Early to bed, early to rise makes me healthy, wealthy and wise."  Well let me hold some money, rich man.  Anyway we said we'd go to breakfast today, call him when I wake up... hmmm... okay... whatever, D.

This morning he called me at count it! 7. 5.2!!!!!!  7:52!?!?!  In the morning!??!? ???  ????????  Is that a real time?  I didn't know that time happened twice a day.  OMG dad.  Whyyyyyy??  We agreed to meet for breakfast in an hour.  Bollocks.  Cracker Barrel it is.  Self, drag.  Afterward we go to the movies to see Sherlock Holmes (me, dad, sister) which I enjoyed.  Robert Downey, Jr. is pretty hot.  But he's got nothing on Cary Grant.

Anyway right now I'm supposed to be packing my cooler and car so I can get on the road to go back to Atlanta.  Rashan said he'd be okay with me coming back tomorrow but it's so hard.   Both are hard.  Leaving Charlotte, leaving Atlanta, not seeing my mom, not seeing Rashan.  It's a win, lose.  A happy sad.  Bittersweet.  You know my favorite time?  Having Rashan, Stacey & Mom with me at the same time.  I like to sit them next to each other and lay across them.  Okay that's a lie but just having them in the same house at the same time makes me overjoyed!  My three favorite people!!  YAY!!  Anyway now I have to get myself together to get out of the house.  :(  :)  See what I mean?  Conflicted.


Ginae said...

aw...i can relate..i use to have a boyfriend that travelled a lot for work. we were pitiful to the 10th power whenever he had to go.

try to think of it this way..at least you have a good man to be sad about leaving, as opposed to wishing you had someone special..well don't know if that helped much..lol..

yall so cute..i'm gonna be hella mad if yall don't end up married.

you and Stace are cute too...a lot of people wish they had a BFF..

and moms...ain't nothing like momma if you got a good one!

Rashan Jamal said...

LOL @ yo daddy. If my mom calls me that early, I'm a think someone died.. although she probably wouldn't call me anyway.

You've been known to be sleep at 6:30 yourself. Stop hating!

I guess you need to build us all a big house where me you your mom and Stace can live together. I need my own wing though. LOL

SincerelyGo said...

ahhh that's cute..dont' be like that girl...LOL

PS. It would help if the word verifications were real words..so I can kinda make that shyt out...I can't see it like fa real.. what the hell is a C(or possibly D)HYDR(or possibly N)AI? I'm just asking LOL



DaniColoredGlasses said...

"I didn't know that time happened twice a day." ***DEAD*** I will be laughing all day....

Mrs Count said...

My daddy used to call me that early when I first moved out- I picked up the phone screaming every time.

Don't forget your table and chairs when you leave!

Jameil said...

ginae... we are so pitiful when we leave each other! there will be a lot of upset people if we don't get married. i'll just add your name to the list. lol. Stace is awesome! So are mom & Rah!

rj... don't encourage him w/your laughter! after 6 i'm not going to think anyone died, i'm just going to think my family hates me!! if i'm asleep at 6:30, that's a NAP!! i told my mom your wing theory and she said she needs her own wing, too. y'all are a mess.

go... don't be like what? word verification is ridiculous! but it keeps the spammers away.

dani... lol. glad i can help.

tm... hahahaha!! i should try that! nip that right on in the bud! i'm back in ATL. sent the table and chairs back with Rashan when he left.

Adei von K said...

Well if everyone is getting their own wing, can I put a request in?

Our kitchen should match kitchen stadium!

You and Rah Jigga need to make a trip to the Palm Beaches!!

That is def a bittersweet connundrum. But Ginae has the right idea with all that she said!

Jameil said...

adei... the point is to have you all TOGETHER. nobody gets a wing. you all get big rooms. How bout that. Not a question. I don't think when Rashan travels to Gainesville we're going to be trekking an additional 4 hours. But I'll come! Girls weekend!