Holiday Hatin!

Okay we break from your regularly scheduled food blogging for this mini-rant.  I'm calling out my aunt.  So check it.  You know my mom, sister and I are hosting the annual family Christmas breakfast at my mom's house, right?  So check it, the cousins used to all get together on Christmas Eve to have a younger, cooler Christmas gathering, then the aunts decided they wanted in on it.  Lol.  Anyway so now everyone comes to Christmas Eve and Christmas day.  That's fine.  We actually haven't done Eve in a while.

Except this year my aunt is hosting it at her house and asking everyone to bring their favorite holiday dish.  SKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKRRRRRRRRRRR!!  I'm sorry.  Are we hosting breakfast for all Christmas morning and no one's bringing anything but you can more than afford it and asking everybody to bring a covered dish?  This ain't no Christmas Eve potluck!  Not cool.  AND she sent out the invite on SUNDAY.  Bad taste, I hate last minute.  AND yesterday sent an additional email that said, "Don't forget your dish.  We need more meat."  Hold up.  WHAT ARE YOU PROVIDING?  A location?  That's not good enough.  Get outta here with that.  We need more meat.  GO BUY SOME.  I'm supposed to bring Christmas dinner to your house, then have it at mine the next day IN ADDITION TO BREAKFAST?  Glad I didn't invite her over for Christmas dinner, either!  Hot mess.  I'm gonna tell my daddy to get his sister, too!!  My mom said, "I'm not going and if I do, I'm not bringing anything."  I know that's right!!  I was like, "I'm going!"  And I was gonna bring cookies.  But not only do I not want to go after the meat mess, if I go and she asks where's my dish, I'll say, "At my mom's house.  Come get it tomorrow."  The aunts like to be treated like the cousins so THERE YOU GO.  Ugh.

Going to get me some coffee spiked with egg nog.  Please excuse me.


Rashan Jamal said...

Extra wack. You can't be asking me to furnish your dinner like that. And then even if I do bring a dish, don't tell me what to bring. Next she's gonna be like..bring your own fork and knife, but we got spoons.

Trish said...

One of my brothers is infamous for having gatherings and asking us to bring a dish. I'm with you if you're hosting then you provide it all. I think it's rude for your aunt to request meat! I think I'd be a smart ass and bring a pack of hotdogs!

Jameil said...

rj... exactly. they always have extra spoons when you go to parties!! or mad knives once all spoons and forks are gone.

trish... mess. if you want us to bring something a) give more notice and b) PROVIDE THE MEAT!!! what host doesn't provide meat? i was ROTFL @ bringing hot dogs!! so funny!!