Monday Mindspacing Vol. 29

1) One time one of my old coworkers from Express told me grey wasn't my color.  (batch)  Guess who doesn't care?  I LOVE GREY!  And I love to spell it like that, too.
2) If I had to go north, why couldn't it be for fall instead of winter?  Fall is so much prettier and after seeing it on a film I'm kind of sad I missed it.  Fall was always my favorite season growing up because the weather was so pleasant and it was pretty.  Living in Pittsburgh, summer was my favorite hands down!  Not hot at all and every other season was way colder than I thought it should be.  Lol.
3) I really don't think this year was any worse for celebrities than any other year.  We're just more aware of it w/twitter and every website and the world going on and on about it.  Plus this year people we grew up with and some who weren't that much older than us have died.  There's nothing new under the sun.  Let's all calm down now.  And I said this BEFORE CNN wrote an article about it.  Y'all go crazy every time, though!
4) But my mom says she feels like people rush to die before the end of the year.  Lol.  She said since she was a young adult she's noticed the spate of deaths in the last few weeks of the year.  HiIarious.  Esp. since I noticed it, too!  I used to love when CBS This Morning did a look back at the year's deaths.  Yes, I was a very death aware child.  Remember my softball coach (trucking accident, fell asleep at the wheel), grandma (sick most of her life), uncle (renal failure) & grandpa (old, possibly lonely) all died within 18 months of each other when I was 7 or so.  And my sister's best friend got hit and killed by a car about a year before that.
5) I don't mind having fresh food but I don't want to pick out non-produce minus seafood.  Seafood I don't really care except fish.  I don't think I could look a fish in the eye and say, "I'M GONNA EAT YOU, NEMO!"  And picking out my own turkey, chicken, lamb, etc.?  I saw Anthony Bourdain pick out his own turkey on a farm to have slaughtered on No Reservations: Holiday.  My dude held it, practically cradled it before handing it over!  Whoa.  I'm a pretty dedicated meat-eater and I'm gonna have to pass.  Just pick one for me.  Thanks.  That said, I never feel terribly conflicted about the other crazy things he does on that show. 
6) I think it's weird when vegans & vegetarians say they won't eat anything that has a soul.  What if we find out plants have souls?  Then what on earth will you eat??!!   I mean, they are alive, too.  I say this partly smugly and tongue in cheek but in part seriously because I think sometimes the vegetarian/vegan movement gets a little out of hand.  Oh boy.  I can only imagine the delightful responses I'll get with this one.
7) Dude... do you even understand that by the end of this week I will have met my goal or failed at it?  Failure is not an option so MET!!  I'll have watched 750 films in ONE YEAR!!
8) My sister was a crazy sports player in middle and high school (and a little in college).  She did track, basketball, cheerleading.  I feel like I'm missing something but basically she was never home after school... I LOVED IT!  Anyway in middle school she stopped playing basketball because people used to ask her if she was g.ay.   Even then I thought that was ridiculous.  Do you like to play?  Then do it!  But that's probably because I WASN'T BEING BULLIED BY ANYBODY!!!  Say what?  You want to step to me?  I got somethin' for you.  Not like I was a fighter, but I was always confident and stuck up for myself and others.  I defended the nerdy from bullies on more than one occasion.  Let those people be who they are and leave them alone!  Maybe that was her excuse because she didn't like it anymore.  It's not like my mom would've said no you can't quit because you don't like it anymore.
9) I get a little sad for people when they say they don't like mushrooms.  I used to have that affliction but now love them!  LOVE!  Heeeey mushrooms.  *Joey voice*  #Howyoudoin?  More for me!
10) Let's say you write a status & it's misspelled, or you send it before you completed it.  Let's say you also post the status again... corrected.  Why don't you delete the messed up one???  Too lazy?  Not coordinated enough??  Haven't spent enough time working on Jameil's pet peeves this week??  The last one?  Thought so.
11) You know how people say you're supposed to try recipes on your own before you spring them on others?  I never do that.  You all will be my guinea pigs and you will like it.  Or not.  That's okay, too.  I like or love you.  You're welcome.
12) Why is your smiley face dyslexic? (:  That doesn't look foolish to you?
13) Because I love my own birthday, I love being the first person to tell people happy birthday!!  And since I'm ALWAYS up at midnight (minus those Wednesdays I was on campus for 12 hours straight and came home and collapsed this semester lol), I usually win!!  FIRST!!  (Dumbest blog comment ever)
14) Oh and I got my grades: 3.74 cumulative gpa!


Mrs Count said...

LOL @dyslexic smiley face.

Go Jamiel! 3.74 (;

(I just wanted to laugh again at that again, lol)

The other day I sat and tried to think about who was going to die before the end of the year. Then I realized that was an evil game and tried to stop thinking about it.

T Dot said...

On what if plants had souls: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/12/22/science/22angi.html

And to everything else in your blog (especially the mushrooms!) I say Word.

Minerva Exertion said...

LMAO @ dyslexic smiley face!! (-:

6...Facebook Quote of the day! (At least the first couple of sentences)

3.74 Congrats (or is it congrads lolol)

How many movies you have left? 19-20 YOU GOT IT!!!

I love your blog.

Anonymous said...

Anthony Bourdain is the man! I love his show.

I agree on the picking your own food thing. I'm not a fan of picking my own meat. Just grab one, kill it, and send it to me.

Ginae said...

i love reading your mindspacing posts...got a good laugh particularly out of todays's numbers 9 and 10.

way to go on the GPA! awesome....

CNEL said...

Congrats on that GPA hey hey hey

Rashan Jamal said...

1. What are you a Canuck? Spell that word correctly. LOL
2. You ain't exactly north. The fall is the best up north though.
3. I blame twitter for real.Even people that didn't die, twitter was saying were dead. Too much news, too fast.
4. Dang, you are a death harbinger, huh?
5. I don't want to know where it comes from. It wont stop me from eating it, but still I don't want to know.
6. I always wonder about veggies and plants. I agree with your statement that they are alive. I don't know about animals having souls. They may be cute, but I ain't read no Bible verse that says they go to heaven with us.
7. How man--- wait, I'm not supposed to ask that. LOL
8. That's the funniest reason for quitting I've heard. Who knew that people thought like that at such a young age.
9. Yeah, for your mushroom love, cuz that means I get mushrooms in my food!
10. That's why. I just do that to get you mad... LOL It's always the people on the iphones and blackberries who feel so superior cuz they have cool phones, then cant type right. LOL
11. Willing guinea pig here! (but now I'm having flashbacks of Tarik and Dominique's guinea pigs trying to kill me.)
12 Nope, I'm dyslexic oot, I mean too.
13. SEVENTH!!! I try not to be first on FB, don't want people thinking I was stalking their pages.
14. You so smart!!!

Trish said...

This post was super funny! I also hate when people use words to sound intelligent but use them improperly.

I can't believe you haven't seen your dad in a year. I hope that my move doesn't keep me away from my fam, I'd miss them terribly.

I don't like mushrooms either, they taste slimy. Since I can remember I've heard that people die in 3's so whenever a celeb dies I look for two more to drop soon.

Hooray for your g.p.a!!

Momisodes said...

"You all will be my guinea pigs and you will like it." So unless you blog about a recipe you've already tried with photographic evidence, I won't ask! :)

I can't look a fish or animal in the eyes and eat them either.

Sha Boogie said...

10 through 14....HAHAHAAA!!


You were always a cool smartie to me. That is a compliment. Your welcome.

I always wonder why people just don't delete the misspelled status too!

I LOVE MUSHROOMS! The husband does not. This makes for many a tasty meal with mushroom that I'm missing.

Sparkling Red said...

1) There are many shades of grey. I know that I personally look great in dark grey and horrible in light grey. I accuse your coworker of over-generalizing.

6) I am convinced that plants do have souls. Apparently scientists have proved that plants feel pain and give out signals of distress when they are cut. So, who's fighting for the rights of the carrots? Bottom line: we're here, we use resources, so unless we all want to kill ourselves we may as well eat a balanced diet while we're here.

*Tanyetta* said...

#14 --that's what's up!!!

Jameil said...

tm... you're wack for that dyslexic wink!!! lolol. yes that's an evil game! shame on you!! lol

tdot... girl i read that before i posted this and decided to leave it out. lol. word back.

ME... mess ain't it. no congrads!! i'm down to 10 now!! yeaaaah buddy!! thx!!

epsi... me too! kill it and send it to me, too! i'll let someone else do all that!

ginae... thx!

cnel... thx!

rj.... GREY. no summer is best up north. charlotte/ATL are north enough. twitter is SO to blame. i'm not a harbinger! i call my mom the angel of death (which she hates) b/c when she goes to visit sick old people they die within the week. i don't want to know where the meat comes from either. don't get me going further on the plant souls! yeah don't ask! you forget how much younger i am than you... 9. mmmm 10. they totally feel superior w/their misspellings and grammatical errors. 11. SPEEDY & MANE. 12. hursh. 13. lol @ 7th. i'm so first!!! :P 14. :)

trish... lol thx. like anounciate? face. i'm actually used to not seeing him for long periods of time b/c he traveled a lot when we were little. slimy mushrooms? improperly prepared. people just die. lol. yay gpa!

momisodes... whaddya mean by that!?! i will totally fake a post and make you eat something i've never tried before! :P it takes a special kind of person to be able to do that. i'm glad they exist so i can eat meat but i don't want to be one.

sha... thx sha! :) let me say thx before you say you're welcome!! lol. mushroom-free meals? tres sad.

red... I'M TAKING ALL SHADES OF GREY! HMPH!! lol. hey man, we're not at the top of the food chain for nothing!

t... thx!

Mau said...

You should get a greyhound.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

I am delurking to say congrats on the GPA. Enjoyed reading your posts for the last few months. Love the recipes on the other blog as well. Every since that movie The Happening I think plants do have souls. LOL! I love our blog!