December & 2009 Goals Update

It's the last day of the year!  I have enjoyed this year and look forward to enjoying next year even more!  I did my update of my resolutions a few weeks ago but did actually turn some things around: I worked on my film more, celebrated the one-year anniversary of starting my locks (celebrate is a strong word... lol; I remembered it-- December 26th), I worked out A LOT more but back slid a bit on the procrastination tip.  Overall, though, I'm proud of the improvements this year and look forward to setting and achieving more goals in the next year!

So, for the end of the year, here are the goals I set in December and how I fared.

1) Try new recipe twice a week. Seeing as I now subscribe to Every Day with Rachael Ray AND Food Network magazine (which has a ridiculous amount of recipes!!) I should really put those to use. I also have a ridiculous number of RR cookbooks with a new one out this month... I should use this stuff!!!
*If I didn't make it one week, I more than made up with it the week of Christmas, trying 4 new recipes that week!  I enjoy this goal a lot and will continue in the new year.

2) Try new ingredient, spice or dish once a month. I like being adventurous! Since sometimes it's difficult for me to get out of Gainesville, I can at least travel via food.
*I definitely did this!  And relished it!

3) Eat out no more than 3xs/week (4 on Rashan visits). This probably sounds like a lot to y'all. It does to me, too but when I was in class for hours and hours on end and didn't get home until 8 or 9, I didn't feel like cooking. Now that our classes are cut down so we can work on our films, I bet I can do even better than 3-4xs a week but I wanted to give myself a doable goal.
*I paid no attention to this goal this month.  Ridiculous, I know.

4) Work out 3xs/week. It is so irritating to me that I have let this go! It's insane! The gym is ridiculously close. I can and will do better. 
Very hit or miss with this but this month, I'm joining Liz in the fitness challenge!  You should, too!  Together we'll:
a) weigh ourselves on December 1st so that despite holiday binge eating (ahem Rashan... lololol) we will weigh the same OR LESS (my personal goal) on January 1st! 
b) Exercise 30 minutes a day (I totally tried to get out of this!! Lol. But I'll give it a try whether a walk, a class, the elliptical, that doggone Jillian "Murder" Michaels.)  You can also break this into 30 minute increments.
c) Keep a food journal.  You definitely eat better when you have to write down that you had 9 tacos, a burrito & 2 orders of chips and salsa.  I've never done this but read about it and contemplated it. Starting today, I do it!
* Ooh!  I actually did really well with this this month because of the challenge!  Though I definitely didn't work out daily, I DID work out 4-5xs a week which is more than I've EVER consistently done, lost 5 pounds, got my workout mojo back AND got Rashan to join me in the challenge!  I think he's worked out more days this month than I did!  For once, I'm excited about him 'beating' me in something.  The food journal I could not do.  I did it for the first few days and then it just became too tedious.  I was still more aware of my eating habits than usual, though.

5) Dedicate time for spiritual growth.
*I did better but I could do better.

6) Catch up on movies.
*By the end of TODAY, I will be finished!!!!  As of 3:49 am I only have 4 more to watch!! SCORE!!

7) Use a budget. Ahem. Yeah.
*Though I still didn't use a budget this month, I was much more conscious of my spending which means I spent a lot less money than I would have expected, especially going home.  But I also got some income with Christmas gifts from my dad and godmother.



*Tanyetta* said...

Happy New Year!
#3-sounds very interesting. i am a chicken when it comes to trying new things.

Rashan Jamal said...

Not bad..Not bad at all. I don't think I beat you on the working out thing. I got slack the last week, but I can feel the difference, so I'm def. gonna continue with this one

Adei von K said...

Can u share some of your goal achieving mojo with me please? And thank-you!

Let's work on spiritual growth this year. It's a must.

Because of my wii, I actually work out every other day now! Who'd thunk?! Lol

Jameil said...

tan... it's liberating to try! you should do it!

rj... i'm so excited you can feel the difference! that's awesome!!

adei... pick things you like and would really like to do and it becomes a fun goal. something you want to really do. otherwise it becomes a horrible chore and you are more likely to quit. you work out every other day? wow...