Christmas Party!!

I just almost got beat on a technicality! I forgot I hadn't posted today!  Do you know who loves Christmas?!?!?  MEEEEEE!!  I'm sitting here listening to my Christmas faves.  I've been rocking Christmas music almost full time since November 1st.  OH YEAH!!  I almost made a giant piece of bendy Christmas ribbon my belt for a Christmas party I'm headed to.  I was too lazy to make an appetizer.  And so what?!?!  Lol.  I was working on my film and watching a movie.  This movie watching and blogging is really cramping my style as I get closer to getting out of this city.  I AIN'T GOT TIME FOR ALL THAT!!  LOL.  Back to the party... I'm bringing beer in a festive bag instead! 

Oh and for Christmas, my mom, sister and I are collaborating on dinner!  I'm really excited!  I'm frying oysters since we've never done that in my mom's house, everyone loves oysters (actually I have no idea if my sister does but me, mom & Rah do!), and it'll be much less labor intensive with just a few people instead of oysters for 20 like Thanksgiving!  Rashan's meeting my sister for the first time in person though they've met on facebook.  Cool!  I almost forget they haven't met because he's met my mom, dad, brother (those last two are a small miracle since a lot of my friends I've known for a long time haven't even met them!), an aunt and a cousin.  My sister was working in eastern PA when Rashan met mom, dad & brother.  My brother's coming for Christmas breakfast which means I need to double what I was going to make!!  Lol.  I'm doing my Christmas meal shopping at the farmer's market in ATL.  Alright my ride's here!  Ho, ho, holla!!


Trish said...

I'm a lurker, not sure if I've ever left a comment. I think its cool that you're over Christmas breakfast. I'm normally so into the holidays but I moved away from all my f*m in Oct so I'm not really thrilled at the moment. I have been happy to shop for everyone, however, and will be glad too see my fam Christmas day. I hope your breakfast goes great!

Rashan Jamal said...

AWW YEAH!!! Oysters!!

LOL @ beer in a festive bag. I'm sure that was the best gift anyway.

LOL @ doubling the food for b/c of your brother. He's a growing boy and growing boys need food.

Jameil said...

trish... welcome! as the resident food nut and consummate tester of recipes it's only fitting! when i was in pittsburgh, my first Christmas was hard b/c i had to work so I didn't get to go home. I think it will be fabulous!!!

rj... mmmmmmm oysters!! it was totally the best gift! lol. he's 30! time for him to stop growing! he needs to start shrinking!

Melvyn said...

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