Thanks Black Friday & Cyber Monday!

I went to Target, Borders, the mall and several stores on black Friday and Saturday.  I found some AWESOME stuff at great prices!!  My mom, sister, Stace and line sister are all done.  I know what I'm getting Rashan, it just needs to be purchased.  SCORE, SCORE, SCORE!!!  So awesome.  Why did Target have DVDs for $3.99???  That doesn't even make any sense!  Borders had even more recent titles for $4.99.  I was all over it!  Gap had 2 for 1 sweaters.  What'd you say?  One for me, one for you?  Don't mind if I do!  Thankyouverymuch!  I got these awesome earrings at this table set up for Savannah's Holly Days as they call them.  So cool.  I love buying things from artisans.  Being able to own something only 5 or 10 other people do or 0 other people do = AWESOME!!  There was also a Marc Jacobs store.  There were some crazy reasonably priced things in there.  I got a tote bag for $18 and a necklace for $11.  Both trés cute!

For my own Christmas list I have a Target list AND an Etsy list set up so my people know they're getting me something I love!  AWESOME!!  I also want a robe.  Either this fleece one in burgundy or this silk one in hot pink, purple or black.  And a hat box.  And this Hampton shirt and sweatshirt from Vickie's.  (I don't do ankle biter sweatpants.)  And an ipod shuffle for my renewed zest for working out.  I used to want a Touch and kind of still do but I like to read on the bus and it's too big to work out with since I like to walk or do classes so it's impractical right now.  I've worked out 4xs this week already including an awesome intro to zumba!  I'm so sad I hadn't tried it before now but I'm all over it!  Lol.  Zumba is so fun!!!  Wheeeeee!!!  And I don't know how people manage not to become huge Mexicans because clearly I wanted some Mexican food IMMEDIATELY after mixing salsa and tango and reggaeton into my workout!

I don't want any smell good.  I like to smell like Oil of Olay soap (for which I am a stan) and fragrance free lotion.  I also like my man to smell like soap.  Sometimes I like cologne but I love the smell of soap.  *sniff sniff*  Freshly washed?  DIGGIN IT!  I never use perfumes & sprays more than 2 or 3 times.  I went through a very short body spray phase in college.  I no longer have a need to smell like I bathed in a garden.  Or a fruit stand (why do cucumber & melon go together).  Or a bakery.  I can't stand the scent of vanilla candles or body spray or lotion.  I don't even really like cocoa butter because it reminds me of vanilla.  Matter of fact, make that stronger.  I don't like cocoa butter.  I will make faces if you offer it to me.


Ladynay said...

Your post was full of energy. I'm still trying to wake up! LOL!

I remember years ago I brought Underworld and 2 other movies at Target for 4 bucks each and I was all giggles. I can't imagine how a movie buff would feel getting that type of deal.

Owning something that nobody or few people have is indeed AWESOME!!!!

Snookums gave me a bar of one of the soap he uses because I had my nose all up on his skin! Mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm fresh smelling delicious!

I like the way you already started spelling things out for those that read your blog and are planning to get you a gift. Got the links up and everything! HAHAHA! I ain't mad at cha. Folks won't know what you want and in what color till you tell them! LOL!

Miss Snarky Pants said...

Mad I didn't take advantage of black Fri or cyber Monday...

Especially so since there were clearly plenty of great deals going on...

$3.99 for DVD's @ target?!?!?! 2 for 1 sweaters @ the gap???? ::kickin' myself::

One of these years I will learn to stop torturing myself by waiting until the very last minute to Christmas shop. *sigh*

Adei von K said...

*scrambles to return Bath and Body Werks vanilla wallfower and body shop cocoa butter body butter*

I see you got in good with Black Friday! Ideally, everyone's Christmas gifts should be knocked out the day after Thanksgiving! I have MY gift and yours. #shoppingfail

I totally messed up by not going to clothing stores on BF... dang you target and best buy! I used to KILL those GAP BOGO free sweaters!! one for me and one for Keisha!!!!

I love a guy that wears cologne. It seems markedly absent if he doesn't have some smell good on. Like, "Damn, you couldn't afford cologne?"

you are def a zumba chick. and I am def not.

Rashan Jamal said...

Hey? You want some cocoa butter?

I like the specificity of your Christmas demands. I'm all about getting you what you want, rather than what I want.

Those DVD deals were pretty good. If you see Belly for $3.99 gone head and pick that up for me and I'll reimburse you when I see you. LOL

1969 said...

I was on my deathbed. Missed all the sales. Damnit!

Jameil said...

lady... lol. i was a bit exuberant, huh? lol. $4 is amazing! i never buy a movie for more than $7.50 now but wow! i have rashan loving my soap, too! i find that making a list means we are all happier with the outcome-- I get something I want and you get me something you KNOW I'll like.

ms. b... i'm telling you girl, shopping later in the day on black friday you can get better than avg. deals w/o the craziness. Even going at noon or 5 p.m. you can get some great deals w/a lot less hassle than earlier in the day.

adei... thanks for the return HATER. lol. you over did it w/your gift. lol. those sweaters are the business! not wearing it translates to you couldn't afford it? hilarious. zumba is awesome!

rj... you and stace are hilarious. let me tell you. *stone face.* demands? you mean helpful suggestions. i'd prefer to never buy you belly, thx.

1969... what a day to be laid out. le sigh.