Monday Mindspacing Vol. 26

1) The day after Thanksgiving.  Wake up, eat some cinnamon toast crunch, then tell Rashan, "I'm going to take a nap."
Him: A nap!?  You just woke up!
Me: (blank stare, thinking) an hour ago... or 2. Clearly Thanksgiving is about waking up to eat, going to sleep, then waking up again... someone should really tell him that...
2) Rashan fell asleep in literally 10 seconds the other day.
R: Alright baby.  (Alright is our code for I'm bout to get off the phone.)
J: I love you.
R: (pause) ... I love you, too.
J: What took you so long to answer?
R: I fell asleep.
J: ROTFL!!!!!!!
3) Wanna know something I love about Rashan?  That we can read crazy (and possibly salacious) news stories to each other for a good portion of our conversations.  Very important for someone who reads the NYT slightly obsessively!
4) I had a crossaint with eggs, ham & brie the other day & the brie was AWESOME!!  So yummy & gooey & melty.  And the whole thing was HUGE!  Wasn't expecting that at all!
5) I'm so glad Rashan's mom had wi-fi.  Thanksgiving would've been a much sadder, more boring time.  And however would I have made it through those awkward moments??? http://rashanjamal.blogspot.com/2009/11/i-once-had-awkward-moment-just-to-see.html
6) I don't understand the problem (mostly old) people have with people saying, "No problem!"  It sounds cute and friendly to me but apparently people take it grouchily and respond, "Why would it be a problem?!?!"  Stank.
7) My line sister called me the black Rachael Ray!!  I LOVE HER!!! LOVE!!!!!
8) Dude.  The sense of entitlement people have over the lives of celebrities SLAYS me!!  Seriously?  You don't DESERVE to know anything about why that man or that woman did whatever he or she did in the privacy of his or her home (or neighbor's yard).  Why do you even care?  Eye roll.
9) If I ever have a restaurant, I'm omitting canteloupe & honeydew from the fruit salad.  I hate honeydew (flavorless) & canteloupe is too often not ripe enough
10) Rashan's mom added me on facebook........................ First my own mom... now my boyfriend's mom.  I can at least be myself around MY mom!!  Though Rashan was acting up and I was getting on him in front of his mom.  Being myself.  Our usual banter.  He was shocked & I was like uhhhh... just because your mom's here I'm supposed to stand here and take your lip?  #idontthinkso!!  And she loved me for it!  Lol.  That does not mean I didn't edit myself yesterday b/c I knew she'd be reading.  BOLLOCKS!!
11) I love garlic!  When I have children I might bathe them in it.  It will make me love them more.
12) I met a woman this weekend who after listening to her child and nieces and nephews run and scream around said, "Don't be in a rush to have children.  I'm just saying.  It's wonderful, but all consuming.  It never stops."  GOT IT!  Lol.


SincerelyGo said...

This was a cute post! So Rah falls asleep on the phone huh? My dude from back home does too. And like you and Rah we talk about News..mostly on my end "Did you hear..." and he normally takes the info and pass it along as his own being Gemini and all...LOL

The other night he kept falling asleep so after about 3 min of silence I just said " Do you watch that show" he responded " no, not really" His ass was sleep...there was no such show I spoke of!

Well I won't blog in your comment section but it was a great post and ummm yeah about those kids...whew! I dont have any but I live with some bad azz boys!



Ladynay said...

Bathing the future seed in garlic was a joke right? Yeah, you was playing! LOL!

I guess when sleep finally catches up with your boy it jumps on him quick!

When you have your own restaurant have a cantelope & honeydew salad as an option of it's own.

Nerd Girl said...

Next time you're in the 'Sip I shall consider it my personal mission to get you a tasty honeydew and a ripe, tasty cantaloupe!!

I shall also consider it my personal mission to talk you out of garlic baths for any future offspring.

And to use the word "bollocks" at least once today.

Ginae said...

These are TOO funny...I actually have a comment for all of them but guess what? I'm too lazy to go back and figure out the corresponding number to my response...yeah it's a Monday...lol...

Adei von K said...

Brie is a good cheese for breakfast! Drew made some with eggs and they were DELISH!

YES on garlic!! I think it should be added to everything!!! except pancakes.

cantaloupe is my least fave. it tastes slimy. and honeydew is wack. like an unripe watermelon.

Miss Snarky Pants said...

Wait...Did you REALLY type that you're gonna bathe your kid in garlic?!?!?! LMAO

Guess with your uterus being closed for business we won't have to worry about this for a few more years.

::whispering:: What is "brie" by the way?!?!?!

Jazzy said...

side eye @ bathing children in garlic.

lol @ Rashan...can't believe the night owl actually gets sleepy!

#12...the African woman who used to braid my hair would tell me in hush tones alllll the time not to get married "men are selfish babies" and to never have children. She was one BITTER married mother of five.

Rashan Jamal said...

1. Yeah, but you had stuff you wanted to do which I was pretty sure I would get blamed for if you didnt do it. LOL

2. Well, you know if I don't go immediately, or if I move wrong, I'm gonna wake up.

3. Why did I just get a vision of two old people reading the paper to each other in their rocking chairs?

4. Where was that? I want one

5. Yeah, that wifi was a beast. Non stop

6. In management training they told us that if you say "no problem" it assumes that you thought it was a problem. I called them dumb for saying that.

7. I thought you were the black Erica Kane, who remains in Chanel frames. (know that song?)


9. You know I'm with that. Surprised you didn't link manic melon man again. LOL

10. I'm sorry.. I feel like that was my fault. *kanye shrug*

11. Wait, you can't bathe them in garlic.. you need olive oil too.

12 How long are you supposed to wait? Ain't you getting up there in years? OW! Why'd you hit me?!?

Jameil said...

go... thx! he doesn't normally but sometimes when we haven't talked much he forces himself to stay up longer and passes out on the phone. lol. rashan either starts snoring or says some nonsensical sentence to let me know he's asleep. lol.

lady... i shouldn't do that? sleep must wrangle him! it's like, TAKE HIM NOW, TAKE HIM NOW!! yeah no. you can get that salad somewhere else. that sounds gross.

nerd... that's okay on your mission. i really have never had honeydew i liked-- the taste is weird to me & canteloupe doesn't really do it for me very much either tho i've had good ones. how do you know they won't like a garlic bath? why would you deprive my children of something they might like? BOLLOCKS!!

ginae... mess.

adei... mmm! i had it on burgers once and it just disappeared, you could hardly taste it. what about garlic in strawberry milkshakes? mango ice cream? lol @ except pancakes. i'm straight on both of those. they're used as fruit salad filler and I'VE HAD ENOUGH!!

ms. b... sure did! nope!! brie is an awesome cheese! you should try it! very mild!

diva... keep that hate over there. so unnecessary. every once in a while. i def. don't think that woman who said this to me was in the bitter category like that! that's a mess. geez.

rj... nope. 2. lol. whatever. 3. aww! so cute! 4. peach valley cafe. 5. mmmm. 6. dumb. 7. ew. that's drama & i'm straight. of course i don't know that song. 8. Caublinasian. eye roll. 9. lololol. totally forgot. well actually this is more about me than you! :P 10. well primarily mine for being so awesome but yours for finding me so irresistible you had to intro me to your mom. 11. so THAT'S why people were objecting! i forgot the EVOO! can't leave out important ingredients! 12. i didn't hit you. you're the old one, not me.

DaniColoredGlasses said...

I pass out in .5 secs too...so I understand how it happens. I would want cantaloupe and honeydew banned from all existence except for the fact that it keeps ppl off of my "real fruits(aka anything with real flavor)." Parents and fb....this is getting out of control. I thought I was the only person that loved garlic obsessively. So glad the b/f likes it too or I'd be a single, garlic scented chick.