Wait... What Happens on Wednesday?

This semester Wednesday was my busy day.  I was in class 9:30-12:30, 1:55- 3:45 and 5:10- 8:00 for the weeks until our independent studies began.  It then moved to just the 1:55 class, which is the one I assist as T.A.  Don't ask me why UF has such stupid start and end times because I don't know!  Anyway today is the last day of the semester!!!  YAY!!  I still have some grading to finish up and 2 HUGE assignments due next week but I don't have to attend class anymore!!!  SCORE!!!  Oh AND when the professor told the students I would be TAing with her in the spring and some of them are in the class, I heard a, "YAY!!"  LOL!  So cute!  And thanks!  That really makes me feel like I made a difference!

Anyway, the point of this post is to talk about my brattiness.  Yes, I'm admitting it and shut up Stace.  Rashan is off on Wednesdays and has been since August.  And yet... every Tuesday night I'm like, "Oh yeah... you don't have to work tomorrow."  And every Wednesday I wait for him to call me on his breaks like I do on other days of the week.  And then I realize... I'm the busy one today and I should all him... EVERY WEDNESDAY.

Now for most people this might not be that bad.  But we all know what would happen if the shoe was on the other foot, right?  HADES WOULD BE IN RASHAN'S LIVING ROOM!!  I would be so evil!  Like, "REALLY!??! EVERY WEEK you ask me my schedule???  What is the deal??"  "Write it down!  That's not that hard!"  Know how I know?  Because I've done it before.  As recently as last semester.  My schedule is crazier this semester so I've been way more lenient.  Lol.  And he has done nothing to shame me.  So generous, that one.  That's love!  Lololol.

For the record, today is also auspicious because it is the season finale of Top Chef and the last new episode of Glee until APRIL!!  AHHHHH!!  How will I live?!?!  Bravo is doing yet another fashion show...  I don't think I'll bother.


Ladynay said...

They like you, they really really like you! LOL!

Don't feel bad, Snookums' busy day is Monday but I still call from time to time cuz I forget! LOL

My word verification is bride...FYI. I think that msg is for you! :-D

Ginae said...

lol@ ladynay's word verification..

Oh say it isn't so...new eps of Glee won't be until April after this week's? I still haven't even watched last week's episode yet. I'm so behind on my recorded shows..i'm still fuming that they are taking Eastwick off...

i can't wait to see Top Chef and who wins...i'm hoping it's Brian for some reason..his evil twin is a jerk at times..and Kevin is cool, but I think Brian should win

1969 said...

Glee and Top Chef....I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!

Jazzy said...

lol @ LadyNay's word verification...hint hint hint!!!

mine is "eakeypec"...*drawing a blank* lol

I could not get into top chef this season at all...I need them to do better next season. Find more interesting people who cook more interesting dishes. Nothing really wow'd me or made me especially hungry.

I'm sad this is the finale for Glee...love that show!

Rashan Jamal said...

I love how you make it sound like I should be scared of you. Hades? the power of Christ compels you... to calm that down. LOL

Glad the student(s) is glad you'll be back.

Mrs Count said...

I do that on a regular basis too, I cannot remember his schedule. Even when I drop TheCount off at the airport my mom will ask where he went and half the time I don't remember and have to check the calendar. I must do better.

On a limb with Claudia said...

I can't believe how fast your school seems to be wizzing by! I'm certain it doesn't feel like that from your end, but over here? It seems like you just started - and now your TAing? YES!!

Great perspective on the relationship front - Good job!

Sparkling Red said...

It is definitely sweet when people who are forced to spend time with you (students, employees, and the like) truly enjoy your company. Yay you! :-)

True love accomodates a poor memory. I have a system with my husband. I tell him twice what my plans are for the next day. Then a little later I quiz him. "Where am I going tomorrow evening?" If he can't remember, I tell him again. Then he gets quizzed again when he wakes up in the morning. Eventually it sticks.

Nerd Girl said...

Hah! My husband drives trucks and faithfully gives me his weekly itinerary. I NEVER remember where he says he is. If I guess Texas? That was three days ago - he's now in LA. Oops!

This seems like the semester that will never end! One more paper to go for me and I can chill 'til January. Whoo hoo! Glad your students appreciate ya!

Jameil said...

lday... yay!! commiseration! score! lol. you're the one who got that word verification, must be for you! you and snookums sittin in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g!! first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes pooka pt. 2 in a baby carriage!

ginae... Glee is gone for months! *tear* Never watched Eastwick. I was cool w/Brian or Kevin win. I was originally a Jen fan until she kept sabotaging herself.


diva... your word means bloggersreallywanttogetmarriedthemselves. top chef was less interesting this season but i still wanted to eat! lol. Glee rocks!!

rj... you're not? ok... i think it was more than one student who was happy so there! :P

tm... lololol. hilarious.

claud... right!? it seems fast and slow at the same time! this is my 2nd semester TAing. thx!

red... yep! i couldn't do all that! i don't have that level of patience! i know that shocks you.

nerd... lolol. know where your husband is!! it feels like that to me, too!