Monday Mindspacing Vol. 27

1) I seriously have to stop reading this blog where the (male) author says ridiculous things and the (mostly female) commenters giggle and tell him how right it is.  THEN when one person dissents, everyone else jumps on that person.  Are you serious with that?  I can't.
2) I'm really tired of the celeb gossip all over twitter.  I work really hard to stay out of those people's business.  I don't know them and I don't want to know them or intimate details of their lives.  My tweeps are trying to drag me into it.  Sometimes I don't bother to read old tweets when I see crap like that in the first two.
3) At Quizno's the other day as a man orders a salad.
Worker: What kind of dressing would you like?
Man: No dressing.
Worker: So you don't want any caesar, honey mustard, italian or ranch?
Man: No.
Me (thinking): Why on earth would you run down the entire list when he said he didn't want dressing?
Worker: So you don't want any dressing?
Me(thinking): WHAT ON EARTH!??!
Man: I mean, it comes with dressing doesn't it?
Worker: Yes, but sometimes people don't like it so I ask.
Man: OHHH! Yeah, yeah I'll just take the dressing that comes with it.
Me (thinking):  See.  I was on your side.  NOT ANYMORE.  This is totally your fault.  People like you are the reason she asks the same question 3xs.  This is why I can't work in food service.  Just one of the many reasons.
4) I don't eat krab.  You know, imitation crab meat.  I don't want any fake meat!  That's gross!  So if you don't have crab, I'm going with something else.  Sushi or whatever.  Don't put krab in my food.
5) Why are pepperonis bunched together on frozen pizzas?  So annoying and yes I like frozen pizza.  Probably partly because I never had them as a kid.
6) Not to pull the black card or anything, but I'm seriously about to ask one of my classmates why he only asks me about black movies.  Really P.recious, G.ood Hair, and T.YLERPERRY!?!?!  You're a jerk.  And really, if you were going to bombard me with every black movie with wide release in the last 6 months, you could have at least asked me about "The Princess and the Frog."
6) Rashan's mom has said nothing to me since we became FB friends... That makes me ALMOST more nervous than I would be if she was commenting on everything I posted.  Like is she going to one day ambush me with a whole bunch of things I once said???  Lololol.
7)  Guess who's way too future-focused right now?  That would be the woman who has almost written 2010 for the date about 7xs (at least!!) in the last week.  Also known as me.  Uhhh.... what??
8) People who write 'congrads' are the e-equivalent of thousands of nails on chalkboards to me.  *shudder*
9) I love watching my reviewer rank rise on Netflix!  It's like watching my stock rise!  The more movies I rate & review, the higher Netflix ranks me.  Since Rashan has watched 900 more tv series & movies than me, yes you read that number right!!, he's significantly higher than me.  I'm doing my best to fix that!!
10) Wow... it's been a REALLY bad season for the Panthers.  They fall to 5-8 after their most recent loss.  Even w/o Jake Delhomme who seriously should've been gone at least 3 seasons ago.  Can you please tell me what other quarterback gets that many chances?
11) Guess who tried 0 new recipes last week?  That would be me.  I couldn't muster up the gusto to cook or subsequently wash dishes.
12) I like my ketchup cold.  Unless it comes in those little packets.  And then I need it to be room temperature.  It seems thicker and gloopier when it's cold in packets and that won't do.


Nerd Girl said...

I so feel you on "congrads!" That drives me bonkers. Do people really think the word is congradulations? Or are they excited because someone has graduated and they blended congratulations and graduation into one new, annyoying word??? Whew, must calm down....

Hah! It'll be 2011 before I remember to write 2010 ;)

Mrs Count said...

Nerd Girl- they do thinkk it's congradulations, because I've seen it typed way too many times on facebook.

LOL at you and the Quizno's man.

What the heck is krab made out of? My daddy cooked with some one time and I thought I was going to die.

I take all the pepperoni on the pizza and move it to one side while it's still frozen so TheCount can have them all and I can get just cheese.

Rashan Jamal said...

1. yeah, its a train wreck. like that ignorant blog that I can't stop reading every now and then.
2. true
3. the customer is wack for that. Probably didn't even want dressing, but couldn't handle the pressure.
4. I disagree on that one. It tastes similar, so I'll allow it.
5. i just rearrange them how I want them, its no big deal to me.
6. You should ask him all about all the independent movies that feature scruffy white guys..or jewish people...or hispanic people.. (I don't remember which classmate this is. LOL)
6. part 2. She doesn't say anything to me either most of the time. no need to worry.
7. future focused or absent minded.
8. J'accord
9. You shall never catch me!!!
10. Jake sucks. I'm in mourning over the falcons too. This was supposed to be our year, and its the same old falcons.
11. Well, you were busy. Its not an excuse, its a reason.
12. I never thought about it, but I think I'm the same way

Ladynay said...

1. co-sign
3. *smh*
5. Frozen pizza....yum
6. Because you are the black people expert! Duh! ROFL!
number whatever. nothing wrong with writing 2010 early. I'll be writing 2009 till mid January! LOL
a number after that. You and Rashan have seen too many darn movies!

Miss Snarky Pants said...

#1. Where can I find this blog that you speak of?!?!?! LOL

#2. I second that emotion!

#3. Yep...it's all dude's fault!!!

#4. Gag @ fake meat and double gag @ the thought of crab!!!

#6. I say you call him on it. THAT has got to stop!!!

#7. Nothing wrong with being future focused...NOPE...Nothing wrong at all!!

Jazzy said...

1 - do tell...name names!

2 - i like the celeb gossip but i'm really tired of hearing about that Cheetah...i mean Tiger! lol

3 - lolol...see!

4 - i can't with krab either. i tried it once...tastes like i would imagine rubber bands tasting.

6 - she's watching you yo!

12 - lol @ ketchup cold or room temp...did you have a bad moment when it was piping hot?

Jameil said...

nerd... i tried the graduation blend excuse too. lol. i think they are just dumb or lazy!!! for some reason the month of jan. i can write the new year but start slipping in feb/march. very bizarre.

tm... foolishness! it wasn't me & the quizno's man! idk abt krab but i can't do it man!! if you can't afford the crab, give me something made with ACTUAL meat. idk how you can eat just a cheese pizza! i need SOMETHING on it.

rj... i don't normally like to torture myself in such a manner, tho. like why keep reading/watching/listening if it makes you batty. the customer was also not born here based on his accent so it might've been also a ltd. understanding of english. still nutty!! 4. just don't eat it w/me. 5. i don't want to have to rearrange my food before i can even cook it! the point of frozen food is to be quick & no work. that's work! 6. LOL. except that would take too much work. what if i just go off. 6.2. i had no idea i had 2 no. 6s. so you say now! people have a way of coming up to me and spilling everything they saw me write (esp. w/those movie posts). 7. are you trying to tell me something? 9. *scowl* w/your 10 year head start you 45 yo man!!! 11. uber busy. the gloopy is not cool!!

lady... i can't be your negro tour guide!! at least not incessantly! geez. i'm a film student. there's no such thing as too many movies. tho there may be such a thing as too many movies in one year. *living witness*

ms. b... i ain't tellin! he doesn't need any more traffic. i need you to do a post on all the foods you do and do not eat. i'm endlessly intrigued!! i feel like you have the appetite of a 6 year old red headed child, PETULANTLY. you eat scrambled eggs, chicken fingers, fries, ketchup and rice. don't try to tell me any differently. this one is so irritating w/that kind of stuff i feel like telling him to stop will make it worse. i messed up a Christmas card w/this focus by writing 2010!!

diva... nope! i get irritated by all the celeb gossip. the rubber band taste!! UGHHHHHHH!! so gross. she's totally watching me! no, the hot ketchup is almost as bad, it gets kind of thin but not runny. so it's no. 2 to room temp but the cold is the worst. those little packets were clearly only designed for normal temps.

proacTiff said...

I almost spit my drink when I read the line, "I don't eat krab. You know, imitation crab meat." You are a clever one aren't you? Ha. I don't like "fake meat" either. And as a returning pescatarian, who once practiced abstaining totally from meat, but now only eat fish and certain seafood, I feel you on the "krab." Recently, I ordered a veggie sub from Publix and insisted the girl load the veggies (my words, make the veggies so packed you'd think meat was on it!). Her response, "Are you a vegetarian?" Me, "Yes." This is when she attempted to give me her "knowledge" on the subject. "Well, you know they make those vegetarian meats called Morning Star." Me, "Yes, I've heard of them, but I prefer to not eat any kind of processed "meat" regardless of tauting the vegetarian label." Her, "Nooo! It's for vegetarians." I kind of blew her off, not wanting to get into a debate over what I choose to put into my body.

Now that I've blogged in your box. Long time no read. You are still the hilarious overachiever. Keep going HAM for us! *wink*

Sha Boogie said...


OMG..you keep me laughing, you have like this weird black girl, OCD..haha!

Cold ketchup? Yuck! You and Rashan battling on netflix? Hilarious! Krab? Gross!

Jameil said...

tiff... welcome back! lol. why would the deli girl think that as a vegetarian you wouldn't have heard of morningstar!?!? of all the things?! not an obscure vegetarian brand... morningstar... wow... straight mess. i have no idea what going HAM means.

sha... i have very specific tastes!! lol. who doesn't like cold ketchup?? talk about a weird black girl! krab is an abomination! you know we can't not battle!