Big Plans

Yeah buddy!  Thinkin like a big shot!  That's me!  Oh the PLANS that I have made for this break!  I had a post all mentally arranged called the "no break break."  Yeah... about that... Now that I have awakened at 1 p.m. after packing a ridiculous amount of stuff (almost as much as I had when I moved in... seriously) into my car yesterday, washing the dishes (no small task since I can't stand washing dishes... although it's really the idea of washing dishes that irritates me more than washing them... washing them is actually kind of therapeutic because of the monotony and yesterday I had a new Christmas cd!), taking a small break from packing and standing, then getting in the car for a 5 hour drive (with a stop en route for some BOJANGLES!!!!) to Atlanta.  

So that we have enough seating at the breakfast for 15-20, I brought my kitchen table and chairs.  I brought my Christmas decorations so we have something for the breakfast.  I also brought a portion of my kitchen including my big knife, cutting board, big pot, mixing bowl and on and on with various utensils.  We're also doing dinner (much smaller with just me, mom, sister & Rashan) though since I've taken on a large part of breakfast I am SO tempted to let mom handle dinner.  But I'm not!  I'm gonna be a good girl!  :)

Can I tell you I am no longer equipped for cold.  OMG!!!!!  It was 34 when I got here at 1 this morning and when I tell you I was FUH-REEEEZING I'm not kidding.  You would've thought I was originally from Florida and hadn't lived in Pittsburgh for 3 years where this time of year 34 is most certainly not the low and is closer to the high!  Right now?  29 in Pittsburgh.  I. CAN'T!!  The high is 32, low 27.  WHY EVEN HAVE A HIGH IF IT'S THAT CLOSE TO THE LOW!?!  I have totally blocked out the weather for my time there other than to know it's cold.  Do you understand that 25 hours before I got to ATL I was wearing flip flops & a tank top at midnight.  Yeah...  It was like 65 degrees and I was giddy about it!  Lol.  It was in the 80s twice this week.  IN DECEMBER.  That is still not normal to me but I told Rashan I won't complain about the winter warmth there anymore!  Now March, I make no guarantees.  Lol.

Four of my presents from Rashan are under the tree making me all giddy!  Lololol.  LOVE IT!!  I keep sneaking excited peeks at them around my computer.  Lol.  If you're not done shopping and like to do it online, today is generally the last day you can expect to get free shipping (yesterday for some retailers) so get busy!!

Oh yeah, the point of this post!  I don't know how much I'm going to get accomplished as far as work to prepare for next semester since I still have 46 films to watch by 11:59 p.m. on December 31st.  (And as far as motivation.  I deserve to relax!!!)  That's a little over 3 per day.  Very doable to me.  I want to see if I can watch at least 12 more by the end of Saturday.  4 a day!  Guess I better go start today's set!


Mrs Count said...

You brought your own kitchen table? I am cracking up at the thought of pulling up to your moms house and asking somebody to help with your bags and they have to grab a whole table and chairs set.

Go Jamiel go! Get those movies done.

Ginae said...

you ain't playing now are you? gone then wit yo bad self! take pics of the spread if you remember/wanna...i bet it's gonna be yummy!

Trish said...

Your plan is definitely feasible! I am still dreading the cold air that I'm going to face for the holidays.

DaniColoredGlasses said...

Did you acquire a "shaggin wagon?" What in the world are you driving that is big enough for an entire Christmas???

I'm impressed and exhausted by your holiday plans....however i think they will make for wonderful posts.

Jameil said...

tm... lol. it's really just a card table. you don't know my mom's house. my mom & sister DO NOT help w/bags. they claim to be scarred from all the heavy stuff i used to bring home when i came home from college Christmas break. that was FIVE YEARS AGO. get over it!

ginae... nope! i will! and it better! lol!

trish... thanks!! brrrr! they're getting snow today in Charlotte and that means everyone is FREAKING OUT!! lolol. just please get that gone before i get there! thx!

dani... nope but that joint is crazy packed. they shall make great posts!!