This has been the craziest 12-hour period in a while.  I originally had a shoot planned for tomorrow but found out at 3 this morning that we had to go shoot TODAY!!  I was like WHAT!?!?  But ready!  Let's make it happen!!  So I texted my thesis partner, tightened the craziest looking locks (my roots get fuzzy after 2 days), then went to sleep... at 4 a.m.  Then of course I couldn't immediately get to sleep.  Awake at 8 for no apparent reason, then 10 a.m. my alarm went off.  We got in the car and hit the road at 11:15.

We get to the appointed location for our shoot and guess what?  We get there in plenty of time, yay!  But long story short my thesis partner got bit my a dog and we had to immediately leave to take him to the emergency room.  NOT COOL.  They said it would be at least a 2 hour wait so we decided I should go back and shoot, then return for him.

Why was there a chick in the waiting room in her "satin" sleep bonnet, a too-tight t-shirt, and black tights through which you can see her multi-heart pattern undergarments?  And she's not small.  PUT. IT. AWAY!!!  And why did they just call for environmental services?  I don't even want to know.  Don't ask, don't tell.

Now that I went to shoot FIVE HOURS AGO, why has he still not been seen by a doctor?  I left, drove 30 minutes away, shot for about 3 hours, drove 30 minutes back.  Not. cool!!  That's what this day should be called: not cool.  EXCEPT!  We got an interview with our most illusive subject and as soon as my thesis partner gets done we get to go finish that interview, then interview two of them together tomorrow!  SCORE!!!  Now we just have to decide if we're staying tonight despite having NOTHING with us.  We had no idea this interview would be an option.  Can't wait though.

Chick, if you're at the emergency room, you should probably let the nicotine fit go... just fyi.  But your pink and blonde hair is... interesting.


Rashan Jamal said...

ER wait times are ridiculous. 2 hours for a dog bite? (Well, I know it was more than that.)

Glad you are getting some stuff done with your film.

Why were you looking at that girls booty so hard that you could see her undies? LOL

Ladynay said...

He may have had more luck at an urgent care! That wait at the ER is insane!

YAY! For getting ish done!

Miss Snarky Pants said...

Emergency Rooms suck!!!

Seems like if you're not half dead, you have zero chance of seeing a doc in a timely fashion.

Mad homegirl was up in the ER walkin' round like she was in the privacy of her own home...

A sleep bonnet...super tight tee, see through tights and heart printed undies.


Jameil said...

rj... seriously. and the total time was SEVEN MINUTES!! i'm glad, too! that girl's tights were so thin it took no hard staring unfortunately. if it had taken some hard staring i obviously wouldn't have seen them, brat!

lady... i know! i thought of that in retrospect and was SO not pleased. re: work-- YAY!!

ms. b... right!? i actually had a pleasant experience in a suburban one once. i was in and out in 2 hours and i was in far better condition than my thesis partner was so i imagine he would've been seen almost immediately. the chick was ridiculous and she ended up leaving shortly before we did. guess you could've taken the time to get dressed? YOU, HEART PANTIES. Huge shame. Ugh.

Adei von K said...

bit by a dog!?!??! how did that happen!?