Wanna Get Away?

Kids. (I LOVE calling people kids. No matter how old. Especially if they're clustered somewhere looking like they're keeping secrets from boring, nosy adults.)

I must disclose something.

You know how Facebookery is engagement anathema for Adei and regularly tortures her? It's marriage and baby anathema for me. It's not like I really want to get married and have babies right now. I mean come on. I like my figure and my independence right now. I absolutely would LOVE to have marriage and kids one day and I will. When I was in elementary school I'd decided I wanted to be a married mother by age 23. The closer I got to 23, the more I thought, "That child was crazy!" As long as I'm not a 35-year-old first time mother. Kudos to those of you who do it, that's not what I want my particular experience to be. Only God knows. He's preparing me regardless. Anyway that's not the point. I'm tired of reading about all these girls I went to high school with who are now married with children. First it was scary. Now it's like dude... ENOUGH!! Ugh. I didn't want to be the first to be married but I most certainly don't want to be the last. Of my friends, though, I'm certainly NOT in the back of the pack since I only have 2 married friends out of a gaggle of friends. And one more headed down the aisle Memorial Day. Yes, I know it's not a competition. I'm certainly not the one to rush down the aisle because divorce is not hot. I also don't want your offspring without a ring. AND to put a cherry on that cupcake, I'd rather not be the one at 40 wondering why I didn't spend more time with ME without a man when I was getting married at 22.

So kids that leaves me back where we started. Still annoyed with the 'book. But at least I'm not this girl.


Adei von K said...


It's so not a competition but still!! I wanna play!!

Yo, since the myspace days, you were finding people who were up and married with children. Cra.zy.

Rashan Jamal said...

You know I'm the only one of my peers that doesn't have children. Some of them have kids graduating high school now. It's crazy. On the bright side, none of them are married, so I feel better about myself. LOL

Hurray for divorce and baby mama-tude!!!

Momisodes said...

I know what you mean. I was second to last to get married among my college friends. When everyone was getting pregnant, like there was something in the water, I felt a bit of an underlying panic when I wasn't even married yet. Like you said, it's not a competition. But it's still hard to not compare...or revisit what's going on in your life.

Open Grove Claudia said...

I was sure I would be married with kids. Then sure I'd have kids but not married. Now, I'm happily married,no kids. It's the very best thing - and I'm happy.

I think life unfolds.

Sha Boogie said...

Right! When I was younger I swore I was going to be married with kids at 25 ::enter blank face here:: now that I'm going on 27, I shudder and wonder what the heck was I thinking! No ma'am. lol

RunningMom said...

When I was a young child of 12 in a home where two parent rarely spoke and next to never had fun, I said "forget the husband, yes to the kids"

Now as a 35 year old single mother of a 12-almost-13 year-old, I WANT MY HUSBAND!

I feel like I put a curse on myself at 12. I take it back, I take it back! lol

Still along the way, the older I get, I know that some of the people I would have married (ahem, my son's father) were not the right for me and I am so glad I didn't.

I think I would rather never be married than married and divorced.