Resolved: 2009

Better late than never. I couldn't come up with a list of resolutions until they just hit me today so here they are!

1) Run a 5k. I wanted to do this last year but the huge transitions made my life crazy! But earlier today I realized there probably really is no good time.

2) Get an internship. This will help me while working on my film AND post-graduation. I want to work with a black or female (or both) director/producer currently in production on a film. Or who will be in production during my internship.

3) Work on my film... a LOT. My thesis partner and I (I got my first choice!) will be presenting our first film next April. Of COURSE you're all invited! :) I can't wait. That requires a maximum of filming this year once we've locked in on an idea. As much as possible. The earlier we can be done shooting and begin post-production, the better.

4) Try new restaurants. This is a given but Rashan and I went CRAZY trying out restaurants in several Atlanta and Atlanta-area neighborhoods and Gainesville last year. I can't WAIT to keep the party going!

5) Give the ultimate gift. I want to give Rah something that will knock his socks off! Holes and all. Lol. I'm just kidding! You know I would throw holey socks away without a second thought.

6) Grow locks. As you know, I started in December. I keep getting comments like, "You can wash my hair." I know EVENTUALLY I can wash my hair but it's not going to lock in the beginning if I'm washing it. And the girl who started mine for me said it's going to take a long time to lock because my hair is soft. Sigh. At least this should help me with my patience... I hope. I'm so not used to washing my hair. Shaboogie gave me some of the concrete advice I had been looking for, FINALLY so that helped. If you still HAVE advice you have been holding onto. GIVE IT UP!

7) Watch more movies. Again, a given but I think I should set another goal like I did last year. (Watch 10 movies minimum per week.) I've decided to watch 750 nonfiction and fiction films this year. That's a little more than 2 each day. While we have class, that will help but only when we watch the entire film. Since I just made this goal today (and can't remember everything I've seen so far this year), I'm behind. I've seen the equivalent of one movie per day. (I saw 4 yesterday.) For a film student who hasn't seen nearly enough films this is not only a goal but a necessity. I have multiple sources to draw from: the school library, public library, my program's library, 2 of my classmates, and Rashan's getting me Netflix! He's so great. Some of the movies will be horrid, but some will be great. I will learn from all of them and keep a running list. Can't wait!

8) Workout more. I fell off the wagon hard last year after moving to Florida. I've started a plan with my mom, though, to get both of us walking. We'll call each other, then go walking. Can't wait! Yay!! We've already done it once and are supposed to go a 2nd time tonight then again tomorrow. Fab!

9) Procrastinate less. I did a good job with this last year when it comes to school work and I know I can do even better this year. My awesomeness astounds me.

10) Leave the country and/or go further west. I haven't been out of the country since 2000 and if we (whoever I go with) pick one of those places where the dollar is still strong (that means NOT Europe), we'll be able to have a great time and maybe it'll be cheaper than a domestic vacay! Also, I've never been further west than St. Louis. This year's as good a time as any to change that, right? Yes! :)


Adei von K said...

Lets go to Japan! Or Brazil! I really want to go to Brazil...

She said, "watch more movies"
I think i'd explode if I watched as many movies as you do.

let's go to Cali this summer! and work on South America for Christmas! It'll be summertime down there!

Unknown said...

Love the resolutions. I like the idea of the walking with your mom. That's such a cool idea.

"We" means you and Rashan, don't even play. Lol.

Momisodes said...

This is really an awesome list. I can't wait to read about your travels and food excursions :)
I made a list last year, and skipped this one. It really gives some level of direction I think, which I need.

Sha Boogie said...

Sign me up for # 8 & 9! I get winded walking my puppy, lol. And oh lawd if I put off doing laundry another day I am going to be washing out my panties in the shower!

Jameil said...

adei... let's go somewhere!! lol @ the movies. that's b/c you don't like movies. for christmas? i like being home for christmas. hmmm we'll see.

goddess... thanks! :) it could mean rah. it could mean stace or my mom or whoever. i have more people in my life than him.

momisodes... thanks! i can't wait to live them!! it does help w/direction!

sha... don't we all need those?? puppies wear everyone out! lol. girl laundry is horrid for me!