TV Go Bye Bye

I finally got a tv.... but I only have 4 channels. AND the government has run out of money for digital converters. But I'm on the list. Luckily Barack (LESS THAN ONE WEEK UNTIL HIS INAUGURATION!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!) is trying to get the conversion pushed back. I'm not trying to spend $50 on a converter (I should've taken one of my mom's when she offered it... maybe she'll mail it to me.) and I'd like to be able to watch tv after February 19th without having to pay for cable. I really do miss cable though... Going to Rashan's doesn't help because he has digital cable and on demand. Sigh. That's like little cable torture right there coming back to 4 channels. But somebody's gotta do it! Too bad he didn't discover he had Style Network until TWO DAYS before I was about to leave. We had to have a pow wow over that. I questioned his love. I kid! Lol.

Anyway back to the 4 channels: ABC, Fox, My Network and PBS. That means I'm down to watching the news on the first 2 channels. Sigh. I hate local news in small markets. First of all, nothing happens. Stories like marking storm drains and some vote in the state house no one cares about, a hospital worker (allegedly) drunk driving to work. Turns out she was a computer person and not related to any patients. A story? Maybe but spending 1:00 on it? No. Give that woman :25 tops and let's move on. Anyway let's talk about Fox first. Because of Fox Charlotte being the joke that it is (search Fox Charlotte weather man and marvel at the videos-- not the current one, the former crazy one), I have a hard time watching the news on that station EVER, no matter the city. So I admit I haven't really given it a chance.

ABC? The morning girl has THE WORST delivery I have ever seen. Dry as I don't no what. No expression. SO BORING!!!!! It drives me insane. I want to write the station and everyone who knows her. No inflection AT ALL. Doesn't matter what the story is. So wack. Hate it. I don't even want to watch GMA in the a.m. for fear she'll be doing the local news cut-ins which she always is. And noon news? Forget it. UGH!! The. worst.

My Network doesn't work sometimes (signal error right in the middle of something good happening in whatever show I'm watching) and watching tv is almost more of a hassle than it's worth. I should go back to watching only movies. They have a tendency to make me mad, too, but they also make me understand why I'm in this business. We need more black directors to influence the images of us on television and in movies, fiction and non-fiction.

I have gotten introduced to the Bonnie Hunt Show, though. Hilarity.


T Dot said...

I got a coupon and forgot to use it before it expired. My mom, ever the opportunist, somehow got two coupons and had bought two converter boxes "just in case."

Mine is in the mail on it's way as I type. Good news for you? My expired coupon means there's one more coupon out there for you!

Rashan Jamal said...

If it helps, I'll disconnect the cable (and turn the lights out.) LOL

That ABC lady is horrible. I knew when I saw it, you would have an extreme reaction to it. But for real, its not Robin Roberts' fault. You can just turn when the cut it happens.

I hope you get your converter or we'll be back to square one.

Adei von K said...

Rah is too funny! Sorry Ms. [Hamilton]!

and why didn't you take one from your mom when she offered it to you????

mrs.tj said...

I think i am getting a little too stressed out about YOUR tv status...I can not sleep at night without something good on television. I feel for you.

Desy said...

I saw a comcast commercial for hookups with converters (but maybe that was just a tease... you never know with money grubbing cable companies).

I found out about Bonnie when I saw that youtube vid with that guy who knew the entire dance to 'single ladies'... then i youtubed her show and i digs it!

Anonymous said...

You and Cnel are always criticizing the tv personalities! Cut them some slack. I cannot really say much. I was a Comm minor and I critique how movies and tv shows are edited.

Unknown said...

Wow, I feel for you. Although I only have a few certain shows that I watch, I can't imagine being limited to 4 channels. That's some serious torture. I think it's time for you to pay your mom a visit. Lol

I know what you mean about local news. I HATE the local news here. It's like WHERE did they find these people????

DaniColoredGlasses said...

I'm assuming its the curse of taking any journalism class...ever. I can't take local news, so I feel your pain. Its yields some kind of adverse reaction and leaves me yelling at the tv. I digress. You mentioned Bonnie Hunt and I caught her show for the first time yesterday....can't say I was a fan of her interviewing techniques, but I think that's what I found most amusing. Good luck with the converter!

Sha Boogie said...

My Network is the BEST! Why, you ask? Because they play the BEST show --ever! 'Cheaters' lol!!