Sunday Special

Today Rah and I went to West Egg Cafe. I had the black bean cakes with egg over hard topped with salsa and sour cream and a side of roasted garlic grits. DELISH! I also had a Milky Way latte. Latte with chocolate and caramel. Basically coffee ice cream. Lol. Actually, coffee ice cream would have been much better. I would've loved it. Latte and coffee? Not so much. I try. It doesn't work. And I'm glad. I just try because I love the way coffee smells. Rashan had the pimento cheese and bacon omelette. I never liked pimento cheese growing up. My mom used to make pimento cheese sandwiches. That's what I call dis.gus.ting. But his omelette? Yummy!

Brunch is SO our thing. This was breakfast, just served at brunch hours. Breakfast is fabulous. I think we might have breakfast for dinner tonight. Chicken apple sausages sauteed with onion and fresh garlic topped with baby spinach leaves wilted in olive oil, an egg and brie baked in the oven. My version of this recipe Stace, Rah and I saw on Ask Aida. Mildly interesting show, annoying sidekick. I'll let you know how things go!


RunningMom said...

Your dish sounds delish! Not too sure about that pimento cheese... but I'd be willing to try it.

I love grits, especially when they are loaded with cheese, peppers and green onion.

Unknown said...

That sounds ever so Yummy. I'll have to try that recipe. I didn't think I was hungry until I read this and now is NOT the time to be trying to eat. Grrr!

Jazzy said...

never heard of pimento cheese...but everything takes good with BACON! lol...well almost everything.

Breakfast for dinner is my thing too.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

breakfast and brunch are definitely my fave meals!!! mmmmmmm, give me grits and i'm a happy gal!