National Champs!

As you well know by now, WE WON! WHEEEE!! I watched it at the apartment of one of the other Doc Instituters with about 5 other people. Afterward the victory, we drove up to campus to walk around where they had the streets blocked off so we could all celebrate together!! Of course some people looked CRAZY! So I'm bringing you the best!

No need to get a room. Just lie on the ground.
And get some work done. We're still students you know.
Glad I have another year to grow out my beard Salma Hayek style.
I can't believe I forgot my festive cloth flip flops!
And my Gator hard hat. Never know when you need to build a National Championship team!
I also forgot to dye my hair! I'm the worst. So unprepared.
Thanks for bringing the bongos, guys!
Don't bother to bring more than one car, just pack it in.


Ladynay said...

Ahhhhhh on campus undergrad life, glad I missed it! ROFL!

RunningMom said...

Last time I was on a college campus as a student was in 1992!

Back then no one had cell phones or lap tops. I'm old. Ha ha

Loved the flip flops, mostly because I am jealous they can still be worn IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER! Did I mention we got like 6 inches of snow today. Yeah. I'm a little bitter.

the joy said...

Yeah I wish I had some "lay on the ground" weather. Hate!

You go to a hippie school for real. Bongos?

Southerner in Suomi said...

That looks about right. gotta love that SEC madness.

Adei von K said...

PWIs are so interesting.

DRUM CIRCLE!!!! Did someone start a fire?
(I know about these from crossing the tracks to FSU)

The hard hat is funny. Yo, if you put ANYTHING orange and blue together, it is okay!

Liz Dwyer said...

LOL! Congratulations! I'll bet that place went nutso! :)

Jameil said...

lady... lolol. girl there's no replacing it. it's a hilarious experience.

runningmom... wow! lol. well we're getting revenge today and the rest of this week. lows in the 20s. bah.

joy... lol. ours has left. it's not really a hippie school, just permissive. it's so large that it's like its own community where everything is allowed and there's something for everyone.

v... i think excitement of a nat'l championship is probably the same everywhere.

adei... i know right?? lolol. girl no fires b/c there were HUGE fines for fires with the lack of rain lately. but at least 2 drum circles. so many funny things. lol

liz... did it?? lol. DEFINITELY!