Mindspacing Vol. 3 Ep. 1

It's been a while, hasn't it? Let's go!

We all know I love a good competition! The Oscars give a bunch of film students an opportunity to compete again. Yeah! We're doing an Oscar party and Oscar pool. Good times. We're each putting in $5. 2nd place gets their money back, 1st place gets the rest. There are only 9 people in the program so the winner only takes $40 but that's more than (I) had at the beginning of the night. February 22nd!

But here's the thing. I hate awards shows. Can't stand 'em. They're too long. My favorite complaint in case you were wondering. Too long. There is no reason for any show to be 3+ hours. And that's WITH cutting out certain awards? Gimme a break. I'm much happier with a synopsis. I'll take the sound bite and the online list of awards, thanks. My favorite part of any awards show? The clothes. That was so obvious. If you didn't guess that, subtract 50 points* from yourself.

112. AHHHHH!! LOVE their first cd which Rashan replaced for me for Christmas. I had forgotten how much I love this cd!!!!!!! I'm going nuts!

I start teaching labs next week. 12 hours a week. Wednesdays I'm on campus from 935 am until 910 pm. Insanity and not cute. (I did NOT pick my hours.) I know I'm crazy for doing it but luckily it's not for very long and the pay is nice. Starting next week we have at least one assignment due each week. 2 due next week, not including a presentation and a pitch for our thesis idea. I'm SO glad I got my partner. We're a good team. We work really well together.

And now I'm back in the lab working on my latest production project. Wheeee!

*Point system determined at blog owner's discretion, not transferrable. There was this commercial on the other night and it had the LONGEST list of possible side effects. Just say your life WILL suck SOMEHOW if you take this product. Much quicker. I know they're usually long but this one had issues which took up a good 1/3 of the commercial. No mas.


the joy said...

You're expecting people to grade themselves? Not doing. Yeah, Jameil you are hard at work. Yay!

Adei von K said...

I'm glad you only have one day to get all your hours in. Excited too! yay, job!

NBC, can we just watch the red carpet show and the fashion team afterwards? I don't want to watch the whole thing.

What mdeication had the ill listof side effects? levitra? enbrel? I feel like I know which one you're talking about cause I was thinking, "dang! just stick to what ails you!"

Southerner in Suomi said...

LOL@ adei. so true. and I get uber pissed when they're talking super fast and low because you know they're saying crazy stuff like "anal fissures, random nose bleeds, this may cause cancer." I'd prefer the cough, thanks.

Yaay for the teaching position! It will be busy and prepare to not sleep, but the pay is good. So I guess I should have said yaaay for money!! Lol.

Organized Noise said...

112's first three CD's are priceless in my world. (I don't know what happened after they left Bad Boy).

Good luck with your pool.

Jameil said...

joy... what? i don't understand that first part. what's exciting abt work?

adei... i don't. that's just one day including class. i'm working tu-fr. i'm down w/the red carpet show. i think it was levitra. and yes!! please stick w/the ailments!!

v... HAHAHAAHAHA!! RIGHT!?!? prepare not to sleep? i'm not down for that! you sure should've said yay for money!!

ON... FOR REAL!! thanks!