Maddy's Atlanta

I have a habit of choosing restaurants for myself and Rashan in Atlanta based on CitySearch. It gives me a list of the "best of" for multiple food categories and rarely has a misstep. It's how we found the Vortex-- DELISH burgers. I had a mushroom and swiss burger with a fried egg (I added the egg), Rah had the Spanish fly which had a chorizo chili on top. Soooo good. It's also how we found Pacific Kitchen for brunch, which is where we designed our own omelettes.

We've also found a couple of Mexican places like the one we ate at today, El Tesoro. The near-empty parking lot made me nervous. My dad told me I shouldn't eat at places with empty parking lots because 1) if their food is great, their parking lot would have more cars, 2) even if they DO have good food, it may have been sitting around all day because no one's been eating it. But we gave it a try. The limeade needed more sugar for my taste but Rah liked it. I had four tacos: pollo verde (chicken with tomatillo salsa), chorizo con papas (sausage and potatoes), pato y hongos (duck and mushrooms), and I gave the 4th, carne molida (ground beef and cheese) to Rashan. All were delish!! MMM! He also had a burrito and gave me his side of guac which was delicious!! I liked the chips but not the salsa. We didn't try the margaritas. (I know... bummer.) Overall a pretty good experience.

Now Maddy's on the other hand. On a Friday night this place had 2 people inside. They had answered the phone immediately to take our orders which I liked. But when we got there the guy at the cash register had no idea we had called our order in. I guess because they were so swamped... *face* We got a pint each of the rum baked beans and the mac and cheese. He had a 1/2 slab of ribs and I had a chopped pork sandwich. The chopped pork was good but I didn't like the vinegar-based sauce. I like a sweeter bbq sauce. The baked beans had too much mustard and were a bit over cooked. But the mac and cheese was by far the worst of the bunch. The "cheese" seemed like it came from a powder, was pale yellow and in no way resemebled actual cheese. The taste was similarly bland. NOT a fan of Maddy's. We won't be going back.


Open Grove Claudia said...

Wow, I've missed you. I check up on you sometimes in my Google reader. But fuck, I've been stupid distracted from my main purpose in life -->Cheering Jameil along! ;)

I'm so delighted things are going well. You inspire me.

Happy New Year

Southerner in Suomi said...

Girl you killing me with all this food talk. Lol.

Adei von K said...

My dog be GRUBBIN!