How Did You Say You Met?

*Averting eyes, nervous laughter*

About that... We didn't.

As Rashan and I meet more people in each others' lives, of course the inevitable question arises, "How did you guys meet?"

I don't really have an issue with this question, mostly because of the variety of responses. I say, "On the internet," *insert large smile and raised eyebrows as I await the response, "We both have blogs." Here is where people either say, "What's a blog?" or before I get to the fact that we both have blogs, people insert, "Eharmony?" "MySpace?" or my favorite, "Blackplanet?" For real? Blackplanet? That's so 2001! Lol.

Then sometimes they are appalled that I met someone on the internet. I thought my favorite aunt would be appalled but she said, "I don't think anything's wrong with that. Just as good as meeting someone in the club. That's where I met my husband." Hilarious. My mom thinks it's romantic and my sister isn't appalled either. Neither is my dad. Though when we met each other for the first time, my dad offered to do a background check. Love it. One of my sister's friends was definitely appalled. Whatev. I'm just glad we did meet.

Rashan doesn't have to deal with this because he doesn't bother to tell people how we met. And tells me not to tell people either. He hasn't provided an alternative so I think I'll come up with a few.

"We were brought together by a psychic. We were both standing in line. He heard my voice and had to know where that arresting sound was coming from. When he saw me, he knew he had to put aside his anti-social tendencies and make a move."

"He picked me up via the phone at work. I called his job, not knowing him, and he happened to be the one who was helping me. We immediately hit it off."

"We're cousins."

Hahahaha. See? It could be so much worse.


mrs.tj said...

LOL! So many people don't know how to have an open mind. I think as long as you are in a spot that makes you happy for a minute who cares how you two met. Just enjoy it. You could have met him in Jail or Court or a homeless shelter. God blessed you both and that is that. :)

the joy said...

What about: "we're not supposed to say, it has 'anonymous' in the title." ha! Lol.

Just Me said...

I met my husband on telnet. Telnet was even before chat rooms and before the internet was big *lol*

Unknown said...

You could tell people you met through a mutual "friend." That's not really being totally dishonest. Lol

So many people meet over the internet now days, it's becoming so common.

Monie said...

LOL! I was embarassed for a while to tell people that I met my ex via the internet but then I just stopped caring! How much time is spent on the net these days? It's becoming more and more common.

Desy said...

you could potentially say you met through a 'mutual friend'... named Blogger lol.... just a thought...

but the most important people already know, so the rest of the folk don't matter anyway lol... who cares what they think!

Rashan Jamal said...

I don't tell you not to tell people. I just ask what the cover story is going to be. I don't want people that I don't want to know about my blogging, knowing about my blog...

She was my parole officer, then we started dating.

I was her high school teacher

I went to the clinic to get a shot...and who do I see holding the needle.


Jameil said...

mrs. tj... LOVE your additions! hilarious!

joy... lolololol.

just me... throwback! lol.

goddess & desy... then i have to remember who i told what lie to. who has the time? pas moi! lol.

monie... right? lol. the internet mtgs are so ridiculously common it's weird to me when people react negatively!

rj... your reasons are HILARITY! i don't have a cover story!

CNEL said...

"He heard my voice and had to know where that arresting sound was coming from."

My fav LoL cause its so you.

1969 said...

Hmmm....I like "we're cousins".

How about "He was my parole officer"?

Not so Anonymous said...

LOL...I love the funny explanations. I like the one where he saw you and had to put aside his anti-social tendecies. I also like the clinic and shot one...lol. Both of you are funny.

Darius T. Williams said...


Adei von K said...

whoa. blackplanet? really? does that person know they are wack for bringing that up in 2008 or 9?

how bout "he was an internet lothario who had to wait till I turned 21. we really met when I was 15"

or "he's in the geek squad and my PC needed fixing"

or "speed dating"

oooh, "we were pen pals a long time ago and decided to give it a go as adults"

or "at an AA meeting. we connected over drinks afterwards"

or "at a McCain-Palin rally. i saw his brown skin in a field of white and was instantly attracted"

ok, i'm done!

shani-o said...

Hahaha! You are a nut. That is all.

Sparkling Red said...

You could say that the online venue where you met was the fan site for Rachel Ray. ;-)

Sha Boogie said...

I gotcha email (LOL!) i hope you enjoy my response :)

Organized Noise said...

I dated a blogger once. We didn't have that problem at all. It doesn't matter how people meet, as long as the two of you are happy, who cares what others think.

Jameil said...

cnel... hahahaha thx!

1969... me too! that's the one he coame up except i was the parole officer. lol.

aretha & dtw... hahahahaha.

adei... ashley said myspace, courtney said blackplanet. hahahahahaha. i liked internet lothario & AA mtg. mccain? really? are you done?

shani.. lol.

sr... fab!!


noisy... you never had that problem? i find that hard to believe unless you never told anyone but fellow bloggers. you had NO fam who thought it was weird?